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Sean Keiran
Sean Keiran
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Years in the industry: 37 years Favourite places I have visited: Muscat and Abu Dhabi in the Gulf region, Hong Kong, Chicago, Hawaii, the Panama Canal, and crossing the Atlantic aboard a Cunard ocean liner. Personal life or travel experiences: Visiting the Shwedago Temple in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), experiencing the luxurious Blue Train from Capetown to Pretoria, South Africa. Travelling on safari in Zambia, Botswana and South Africa My personal holidays involve a lot of ocean travel as I have a passion for cruising. Seeing different ports every day, unpacking once and returning to the sanctuary of a beautiful ship at the end of day exploring to enjoy wonderful food and good company, it doesn’t get much better! Places I love to sell: Cruising holidays to any destination, they offer great value for money, you can do as much or as little as you like and they take the stress out of travel. Memorable Meals: Dinner at the wonderful Buddha Bar in Paris listening to my favourite music. Christmas day luncheon at The Chedi Hotel in Muscat, Oman and afternoon tea in the Palm Court of the Ritz Hotel in London. Recently Visited: London, Paris and Abu Dhabi
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  • Agency Name: Sean Keiran
  • Address: Ohio
  • Tel: 02 9932 4003 / Fax:
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  • Association Name (ECTAA) OCTA24

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