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Blair Leslie
Blair Leslie
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With over 40 years of travel consulting in Mosman I have seen many changes in the products we sell and the way we sell them. The early seventies saw the introduction of cheap and fast airline services to Europe and international travel became accessible to all. Airlines schedules were to be found in phone book size directories which came out monthly and bookings were made by phone or telex. Today the changes in technology make it much easier to access information and services but the challenge is still there to create the right travel experience for each individual client. Places I love to sell, talk about: Europe, Africa and Asia (particularly Myanmar and Vietnam) are high on the list but I also love selling places closer to home such as Tasmania and New Zealand where there are so many opportunities to experience the natural scenic beauty along with fine food and wine. In recent years there has been a boom in Cruising holiday options and I enjoy assisting clients in choosing between the grand ocean liners such as Cunard or the smaller luxury lines such as Silverseas and Seabourn. The expansion of expeditionary cruises to remote destinations has also added to the variety of cruising options available. I also enjoy arranging specialised group travel and get great satisfaction out from arranging regular trips to Asia and the Pacific for teams of medical volunteers who donate their time to provide urgent medical care and ongoing training in countries with limited medical facilities.
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  • Address: Cunard
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  • Association Name (ACTA) IN3JKT6

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