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Sharyn Kitchener
Sharyn Kitchener
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Sharyn Kitchener started working in the travel industry in 1983 and has never looked back. From a young age, her passion for travel was clear and it was one she just had to share. Starting as a Junior Consultant at one of Sydney’s leading travel agencies, Sharyn has gone above and beyond to be one of the most well known figures in travel while developing her deep knowledge of the industry and holiday destinations. During her 30-year career Sharyn has worked at some of Australia’s most prestigious travel organisations. Living for five years in Asia allowed Sharyn to manage and escort several tours to Hong Kong, Korea, Hawaii and Hamilton Island, taking groups of over 100 people on each occasion. Sharyn is proud to have been an inaugural member of Young AFTA (Australian Federation of Travel Agents) and has been named Best Travel Consultant in New South Wales several times at the annual AFTA awards. Sharyn’s favourite destinations include Italy, Vietnam and Turkey and she considers Rafting down the ‘Rio Grande’ in Jamaica with a group of Jamaican locals & expats – soaking up the experience and adventure with a little rum punch as one of her most memorable travel moments. Since taking over Travel Specialists Mosman in 2015, Sharyn is looking forward to growing the business and providing TSM’s clients with an outstanding and personalised holiday that they will be recounting with friends for years to come.
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  • Agency Name: Sharyn Kitchener
  • Address: 42 VinCom Street
  • Tel: 02 9932 4005 / Fax:
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  • Association Name (ACTA) A54K7JJ2

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