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Sharon Viotto
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Please take a few moments to browse our ever-changing web pages! You will find out that they are full of information and details on the latest cruises departing from ports around the world. I am Sharon Viotto, your cruise and tour specialist! My goal is to work extremely hard to ensure that your cruise experience meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. I am the one who will answer the phone when you call and the one who will help you choose the right vacation retreat! Our friendly and well-trained corporate staff, whose leadership has over 90 years experience in the travel business, will go out of their way to insure that your cruise vacation is a memorable and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Cruise Planners, Inc. is an American Express Travel Services company that has established itself as one of the most highly professional, reputable, and well known companies in the cruise industry. But don't be fooled by the name! Cruise Planners offers more than just cruising! All-Inclusive resorts, golf vacations, and personalized tours anywhere in the world are just a small portion of the travel services we provide. Best of all we offer peace of mind for you, your family or your group! Join our mailing list located next to "Travel Deals" on the "Home Page" and look for our weekly specials sponsored by our cruise partners in travel. We really promise that your email address will not be shared with other companies. Now is the perfect time to book that dream vacation you deserve. Give me a call today... I look forward to assisting you in finding the perfect cruise or land vacation you deserve! Sharon R. Viotto An American Express Travel Insider - River Cruise Specialist - Alaskan Cruise & Tour Expert - Hawaii Cruise & Tour Expert - Scotland Tour Expert - Group Cruise Specialist PS. I love river cruising and want to share my passion and experience with others! As a River Cruise Expert I have extensive knowledge and firsthand experience regarding the different river cruise lines, and routinely sail on different lines with varying itineraries in order to give my clients the best possible advice. I tailor each vacation to suit my client's individual tastes and preferences. I have also traveled throughout Europe and Asia extensively, and am very familiar with cities of embarkation and debarkation (a good cruiser knows their ports, after all!), which allows me to provide assistance and insight when arranging pre- and post-cruise hotel, air and sightseeing details.
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NEW YORK --- http://www.designacruise.com/
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  • Agency Name: Sharon Viotto
  • Address: Rockville Centre, NY 11570
  • Tel: 888-799-7447 / Fax:
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Sara Reed
Sara Reed
Curious (June 3, 2018)
5 out of 5
Can you do payments toward a cruise
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