Hi to everyone,

I am looking for male or female who would like to share cabin with me aboard great ocean liner Queen Mary 2 between NYC and Southampton (or Hamburg).
Cruise starts on Oct 7th 2018 and finishes on Oct 14th (16th).

After one month traveling in US I want to experience something what I have been dreaming since I was a kid.
Transatlantic crossing aboard Queen Mary 2!

I always have been huge fan of ocean liners like Titanic and Queen Mary, now.. Queen Mary 2

When I was a kid I was collecting all articles about QM2, also I was building skale models of Titanic and QM2.
Just ask my about Queen Mary 2, I will tell You everything
After 15 years wait... I am making my dream come true!

If You love people like me, You will not be bored Happy

My email contact:

All the best,
Maciej Bernacki