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Opinions for MSC Cruise

I have cruised quite a bit but never on MSC. I have had the same travel agent for 20 years and when I mentioned this cruise company she said that she had never booked anyone on this cruise in her entire career, so she couldn't give an opinion on it. Well, the reason I want to go on it as opposed to others is that they have some unique itineraries in the Caribbean. One specially is a 7-day cruise that goes to Guadalupe, Trinidad, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada. I cant find those 4 islands on one of the mainstream cruise lines unless I go a cruise that's 40+ days! (which I could never do). The boast looks great and people say great things about the boats and cabins. But that seems where the praise ends. There seemed to be a lot of negativity on the customer service and things like embarking and debarking. But I would say that a majority of the negative comments were from European itineraries. I was thinking about going on the MSC Preziosa in March oh 2019. Has anyone cruised on this boat or on MSC and can give me any of your thoughts? Thanks

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