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Lori A
Lori A

Cruise Single?

Not to post a sob story but recently broke up with my long-term girlfriend. Went to Las Vegas last week to blow off some steam. Kind of have those post-vacation blues and I'd like to get back out to the open seas. I still have two vacation weeks to play with at work this year and have some flexibility to move them around to suit my cruising style/budget. I also work for an airline so airfare shouldn't be too big an issue for me.

I am in my mid-twenties and have a couple different cruising styles in mind. One part of me wants to do a trip across the Atlantic on the Queen Mary 2, but I'm not sure of the dynamic on the ship. Don't get me wrong, not intending to knock someone up but some people generally around my age category to interact with say for a dinner or two onboard or to go see a show would be appreciated.

Another cruise I have my eye on is the NCL Epic trans Atlantic from Barcelona to Orlando in November. This might conflict with my school schedule a little, but I've always wanted to sail on Epic (I think she looks great, call me blind if you must). I also think the dynamic onboard might be a little closer to my age category.

Alternatively, should I just look into a Caribbean cruise? When I search I see some lines wanting big $$$ for solo travelers, which I understand but am wanting to avoid. I know Harmony has solo cabins and I'd love to sail on her to keep earning Crown & Anchor points.

Should I wait to book a solo cruise hoping for a better deal? Has anyone been on NCL Escape in the solo cabins? Experiences with having a few people to dine with or meeting some people by the pool or in the nightclub?

Might have a few other questions but that's probably it for now.

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