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In a protected cove with many tiny, sandy beaches, situated inside the gorgeous Gulf of Valinco, the town of Propriano mixes substantially sloping land with a barren, rocky hillside; natural and pastoral fields are situated beyond, peering into densely forested, rough slopes. This sleepy fishing community is fast climbing the tourism popularity charts for its quaint charm, pleasant beaches and relaxed eateries.
Since tourism took over from fishing inside the seventies, the first village "core" of severe grey-granite structures arranged around a dominant chapel has extended in to a narrow, scimitar-created stretch, ¼ ml from N to S and 1 ml E to W. The town boasts 3,500 residents which is mainly made up of discordant, pastel-washed apartment blocks, gaudy shops, coffee houses, book stores and restaurants and intimate, curving, sandy beaches. Quite touristy while not without charm, it handles to help keep an unhurried atmosphere despite its active little ports (yachting, fishing and commercial) and busy, narrow streets.
The main tourist hub can be a modest seafront strip of grass with stout palms, overlooked by cafe and restaurant balconies to sit watching the yachts and fishing boats for sale available. The couple of primary shopping streets, which run parallel to each other, are clogged by cars during your day. Driving is generally difficult as well as the customer unnecessary it's more tempting to motor across the Gulf along with other romantic, unspoiled beaches.
Sightseeing in Propriano
The Chiavari Forest
The hilltop village of Coti-Chiavari can be a sleepy locale that's easily showed up at the Port of Propriano, however the positive thing about these funds are within the surroundings - a eco-friendly swathe of trees, shrubberies and wild flowers stretching within the very peak in the slopes, completely lower for the turquoise waters in the Med. Laid out by row upon row of eucalyptus trees, the pass roads through this peaceful forest are an essential stop for individuals who've the littlest fascination with natural splendor of Corsica.
Filitosa Megalithic Site
Round the hill overlooking the verdant expanse in the Taravo Valley, you'll find five stone figures that have guarded a classic plateau which has adorned the land for many thousands of years. These crude human figures are mentioned to own been erected around 1500 B.C, and stand 3 meters tall, occurrences where getting armor and weapons etched onto their facades. Today, site visitors will get an amazing have a look at these monuments. Approaching the main site of Filitosa using a centuries-old Olive Grove, you will see enigmatic temples as well as the quarry where the Torrean civilization initially removed their stone from.
Alta Rocca
This striking quantity of hills and slopes is fortunate with oak forests, vineyards and rows of pines stretching for that horizon. On a single hike, you're going to get to find out Genoese bridges, mountain cities, in addition to secluded chateaus, extended left dormant, but nevertheless magnificent inside their antiquity. In the heart of the valleys and peaks that permeate the Alta Rocca, you'll find even pleateaus thriving with flowers, perfect spots out of which to admire an amazing Corsican coast.
Going out to restaurants in Propriano
For just about any lavish multi-course meal, ensure to visit Terra Cotta, where you can find a scrumptious and varied sea food menu, in addition to the exceptional service. Just go with the delicious filet mignon en croute if you're unsure about what to order.
Shopping in Propriano
The central square of Propriano is a superb place to look, considering you will find luxury clothing, jewelry and antiques, all while experiencing the sun's sun rays in the Corsican coast.

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