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Founded within the first century BC, Portovenere's proper location has defined its background and its architecture. The Chapel of St. Peter was consecrated in 1198 around the rocky outcropping where is still exists. The strategic location causes it to be typically the most popular attraction within the port. Even older may be the Chapel of St. Lawrence, a breathtaking Romanesque structure built at the site of a temple dedicated to the Roman god Jupiter. Exotic looking medieval alleyways snake through several areas of the main harbor.
In modernity, this attractive village continues to be notoriously well-liked by authors for example Byron, Shelley and DH Lawerence, and it is remarkably easy to understand why. An legendary waterfront results in a numerous number of stone steps, and cobbled street, leading uphill towards the township proper, that is an attractive mixture of ornate terraced gardens and incomparable sights.
This small town around the Italian Riviera was smartly planned in the tip of the rocky peninsula looking over the Gulf of los angeles Spezia. Its twelfth-century tall and narrow houses climb precipitously in the hillside in the ocean. Most of them were previously attached to the walls of the old citadel, which managed to get simple for the populace to find shelter throughout occasions of attack. Portovenere is made on several levels site visitors enjoy walking with the narrow roads, delighting within the town's unique ambiance.
From Portovenere you'll be able to explore the ruggedly beautiful towns of Cinque Terre, composed of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Using their steep-walled seaside coves, the towns of those "Five Lands" are perched high over the ocean, commanding spectacular sights. Accessible by boat, railway or by walking, Cinque Terre has continued to be relatively isolated in the relaxation around the globe for hundreds of years, that has assisted to support the medieval appearance of the "Five Lands."
The almighty Byron is stated to possess written his famous Childe Harold in Portovenere. A grotto situated at the bottom of the high cliff was named after Byron, following his effective go swimming over the Gulf of los angeles Spezia to achieve San Terenzo, where he visited visit uncle and famous fellow poet, Shelley.
Pier Information
Cruise ships dock at the new Molo Garibaldi. During a cruise vacation to Italy, La Spezia is sometimes on the program. La Spezia is the port where you make excursions to places like Florence, Pisa, Lucca or Cinque Terre. After Livorno it's an important gateway to Tuscany
The cruise port of La Spezia , your starting point for great excursions. La Spezia has a large and busy natural harbor. It plays a prominent role in the international freight and it is the main naval port of Italy. In the past cruise ships used to anchor in bay, but recently are able to dock at the new Molo Garibaldi. From there you can easily discover the city center on foot or go to the train station (for excursions outside La Spezia).
Sightseeing in Portovenere
Historic, spectacular, multi-colored borgoes overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, nestled between rocky reliefs and steep cliffs that are a sheer drop away from the coast, terraced hillsides where world-famous vineyards triumph – this is the Cinque Terre, in Liguria: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore.

Seaside villages surrounded by agricultural terrain, they are rich in color, charm and simplicity, and make up part of the protected area of the Cinque Terre National Park.
Chapel of San Pietro
Initially consecrated in 1198, among the first things you will see approaching Portovenere would be the towers from the Chapel of St. Peter pending majestically within the piazza Lazzaro Spallanzani. You’d be pardoned for mistaking this incredible monument to have an island stronghold initially - the walls from the chapel merge using the sheer face of the rocky outcrop, providing them with the look of imposing medieval battlements.
An enormous wooden gate pads the inside, but this is where the military comparison finishes. The primary hall from the chapel is superbly embellished with archways and black and whitened stripes throughout, developing a unique décor that's unlike every other chapel in Italia. To face beneath its giant timber beams will be completely awestruck, which makes it a worthy trip for just about any cruiser.
Cinque Terre
The cities from the "Five Lands" could be arrived at via regular local boat service departing in the Portovenere harbour front.  Additionally, train service and walking pathways connect the person towns.
Both north and south of the Cinque Terre, you have a wide choice to make a day trip? You will find nature (Parco Regionale di Portofino, Marble Mines Carrarra, the beaches of the Tuscan coast), cities (Pisa, Lucca, Genova) and picturesque villages (Portovenere, Tellaro, Lerici, Portofino, Sestri Levante, Levanto).
Chapel of San Pietro
This thirteenth-century chapel stands over a grotto named after The almighty Byron. Area of the structure goes back towards the sixth century. Vibrantly colored with black and whitened stripes, this striking landmark could be spotted from wild at ocean. The church's terrace provides a spectacular panorama from the Gulf of los angeles Spezia and also the hillsides of Cinque Terre.
Grotta Arpaia
Natural landscape surrounding Portovenere is inspiring to check out, but it isn't just there to become observed. Lots of island tours leave Portovenere and explore the great selection of ocean caves and hidden coves upon the shoreline, most of which happen to be untouched by modern guy. The Grotta Arpaia is simply minutes from the chapel of St. Peter, and it was a popular haunt of The almighty Byron, who accustomed to go swimming there each time he summered in Portovenere. Throughout the mid-day, the vibrant light from the sunshine fires up the waters from the cove, which makes it a transcendent experience in the event you made the decision to go to.
Palmaria Island
Palmaria may be the biggest island from the Liguria region, and is simply a short ferry ride in the center of Portovenere. The area is revered because of its trails, that have numerous scenic routes which go through rock faces, mountain sides, and ancient structures. Try going to early in the day to be able to benefit from the breathtaking sights in complete tranquility.
Eating at restaurants in Portovenere
Ristorante Della Baia has incomparable sights within the seafront, but it’s the new sea food that will take you to lunch here again and again. A stylish décor and exceptional service complement an ideal menu of scintillating crab, shrimp and prawn dishes, which makes it important sport for foodies
Typical local preparations here include fresh sea food along with a popular seafood soup referred to as zuppa di pesce. Make sure to try signature regional fare such as the focaccia and pickled anchovies complemented with a glass of local wine.
Shopping in Portovenere
Close to the primary marina, you will find a small market which sells the finest local produce, in addition to not really a couple of curios for the delectation.The primary street of Portovenere has numerous shops offering souvenir products and also the famous wines and essential olive oil from Cinque Terre. Some shops close for supper from 1:30 p.m. until 3:30 p.m. The neighborhood currency may be the euro.

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