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Almeria is situated in southeast of the country, 114 miles to the eastern side of Malaga. This magnificent city is renowned for getting the very best weather in most of Spain, because it is dry and warm virtually throughout the year. It's a fabulous spot to visit anytime, but Almeria is particularly enjoyable early in the year and fall, for tourists planning to soak up the best of the region. It features a mild climate that's perfect for traveling through the region on an adventure. Almeria encapsulates the best of the traditional and modern Spain.
Almeria is better referred to as capital of Spain's grape industry. The designed squares are extremely magnificent that you could spend hrs just sitting and watching. Taking pleasure in the Spanish language snack while relaxing within the squares is really a valuable pastime for local people and vacationers alike. All of the boulevards in Almeria are lined with gorgeous trees, creating shade along with a crisp, clean atmosphere.
Almeria has continued to be relatively unchanged within the decades. It's still composed of the maze of narrow, side-winding alleyways, which are laced with small, flat-roofed houses. Modern apartment structures happen to be put into the land surrounding suburbs due to a current rise in tourism. However the older architecture, composed of lovely whitened houses, produces a noticeably Andalusian ambiance inside the city. The structures and spiritual structures from the city are wonderfully-crafted, along with a walking tour of Almeria is excellent fun.
The Port of Almeria was built in the 19th century. It is a small port that receives cruise ships and boats from different countries (the Almeria cruise terminal is more of a ferry terminal). The Almeria Cruise Port also has regular links to the ports of Nador (Morocco), Melilla, and Ghazaouet (Algeria) in the Northern African coast.
Docking & Local Transportation
Cruise ships pier in the Port of Almeria Motril.The city is easy to reach by foot from the cruise port. The dock is only about one kilometer from town. The first step is to cross the parking at the docking pier to theAvenida Reina Regente. From this point the historic area is within walking distance.
Taxis are going to be waiting to consider you to definitely your destination. Almeria comes with an efficient bus system which takes you round the region without having to be an encumbrance in your wallet. If you want a far more personalized transportation option, consider going for a taxi. Contact Vera Taxi Rank or Turre to set up for any pickup.
Local Interests
The Alcazaba fortress rules Almeria using its grand size and imposing aura. This excellent structure was built by Caliph Abdar-Rhaman Ill, and also the bell tower was built by Carlos III. It was among the biggest bell towers in The country, and from the top fortress, the vista is unbelievable. You'll be treated to some breathtaking breathtaking look at the main harbour and also the entire city. In 1522, and on the other hand in 1560, the fortress was broken by a number of earthquakes. The tremors of 1560 left the fort in ruins, also it was made useless like a military base. It's been refurbished only enough to obtain a true feeling of how impressive an edifice it was previously.
The cathedral, that was made to resemble a castle by the existence of buttressed towers, stands right underneath the Alcazaba. Within the 16th century, Barbary pirates raided the region frequently, and also the city built many protections to assist in heading off burglars. The overall style of the cathedral is Medieval, accompanied by classical touches around the entrance doors.
Small Hollywood, an outrageous West town set left out through the movie industry and situated 15 miles north of Almeria around the N340, is a superb place to obtain the flavor and sense of Hollywood while going to the country. When filming isn't happening, a movie set is available to anybody who would like to peruse the region. Hold off lengthy enough and you will be hired being an extra within the next small budget western!
Cabo de Gata Nature Park / Tabernas Desert
The region of Almeria is one of the driest in Europe. In addition ancient volcanic activity has created a moonlike terrain which will appeal to many nature lovers. The Tabernas Desert became the wild west of America in many films and visitors can hike, bike or ride in air-conditioned buses to experience the flora and fauna of the area. The coastal Cabo de Gata-Nijar Nature Park is the site of geothermal and volcanic activity which has created a dramatically craggy terrain popular with hikers and beachgoers. Like the desert US Southwest, this area features dry river beds and rock formations of red, orange and yellow. Along the coast are saltpan marshes and a coastal reserve area. The Park was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve due to its unique natural features. Near the town of Sorbas are caves open to the public which feature some of the largest gypsum rocks in the world.
The popular urban beach areas at Aguadulce and the larger Roquetas de Mar are a short drive from Almeria and offer lovely beaches with all the amenities. However, the area is more famous for the undeveloped and scenic coast offered by the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Nature Park. The closest to Almeria is the long straight beach at San Miguel which offers limited amenities and views of the the salt lagoon where flamingos and other water bird stop during their summer migrations. For stunning scenery and isolation the beaches at El Monsul and Los Genoveses are great choices, but you will have to hike there as roads are intentionally lacking. Early arrival is recommended. Only slightly more accessible is the Playazo beach, which according to some sources attracts naturists. A little farther on is the famous Playa de los Muertos with its dramatic rock formations and long pebbled beach.
Outside Sports
Tennis is very popular in Almeria, and you will find numerous great courts inside the city. Hotel Eurotennis, situated in Villajoyosa is among the most widely used facilities. Club p Tenis p Almeria, that is situated in Huercal Almeria, is yet another hot place for many tennis action. This club is especially well-liked by doubles gamers. Additionally, you will find lots of seats for the family and buddies to cheer yourself on while you tempt fate against among the local pros.
Golf has become progressively popular in the country, and you will find several courses within the Almeria area, including La Envia a sensational course occur a valley amongst rugged Andalucian hillsides, and Playa Serena, a set course situated close to the coast south of Almeria.
The cuisine in Almeria has an Arabic influence. Almeria is also well-known for their great existing local produce. Fish and seafood comes from their own fishing ports.
The best place for cost effective bars and restaurants is just around the Puerta de Purchena, end of Paseo de Almeria.
Some of the best restaurants in Almeria are La Gruta which has a wonderful traditional cuisine and grilled meat. Bodega Bellavista also serves traditional regional cuisine. Bello Rincon has superb ocean views and have great regional and fish cuisine. Club de Mar serves splendid fish and seafood. Casa Sevilla offers traditional cuisine and also several inventive dishes.
The Tenor Irabarne area has a lot of good tapas bars such as Bodega Montenegro which is located near the cathedral. Tapas bars are great places to go if you want delicious food at reasonable prices.
Valentin is a superb place to locate areas from the region. The Cazuela p rape, monkfish baked inside a tasty sauce of pine nuts and walnuts, is really a favorite entrée. The décor of Valentin is noticeably Andalusian. The hands-crafted wood, well-designed glass and striking whitened walls give this restaurant a genuine Spanish flavor. This is actually the best sea food restaurant nearby, and also the delicious choices could be mixed and matched up to produce any meal you are able to think imagine.
Spain is one of the economical countries for traveling as weighed against other European destinations. Prices depend of the season – peak season is summer and the low season is winter.
Major handicrafts made in Almeria are textiles, ceramics, carpentry, and basket-making. Baskets, pottery, or wood works are great souvenirs of your journey to Almeria. Ceramic stores where you can purchase plates, masks, and other ceramics are found all over Almeria.
Almeria’s main street has lots of shops that sell a wide variety of items. In the back streets and alleyways have smaller shops.
One of the shopping centers in Almeria is the Mediterraneo Center located in Mediterraneo Avenue. This shopping center has several boutiques, cafes, and supermarket. It’s closed on Sundays except on some bank holidays. There’s another shopping mall called Gran Plaza situated on the road between Almeria and Roquetas. It has a wide variety of Spanish stores and international restaurants.

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