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The Dominican Republic occupies about two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, shared with Haiti on the western side. Catalina Island lies 1.5 miles from the southeastern shore of the mainland, in the Caribbean Sea, near the slightly larger islands of La Altagracia and La Romana. There are several well-known caves and reefs in the area, as well as famous shipwrecks. You can view the wreck of 17th-century pirate Captain William Kidd at less than 20 feet below the surface.
Where You're Cruise Ship Dock
Catalina Island or Isla Catalina is a tropical island located 1.5 miles from the mainland on the south-east corner of the Dominican Republic, near La Altagracia and La Romana. It is an occasional destination for cruise ships on Caribbean routes. In particular, Costa Cruises has a private beach on the island. Their ships anchor offshore and transport passengers to shore via tender. The area is not inhabited. Travel is mainly by foot here.
Things To See and Do
Costa Cruises is a major Italian cruise liner that stops in Catalina Island as a port of call for passengers on larger Caribbean Island vacations. If you are onboard a Costa vessel that stops in Catalina Island, a variety of day tours are available for exploring the island. Some excursions combine trips to shore destinations in the Dominican Republic, but others focus primarily on Catalina itself. A catamaran offers guests a chance to cruise the waters around the island, sipping rum or dancing the merengue to island music. The catamaran also stops for snorkeling or swimming in the coves and lagoons before returning to the main vessel. Land expeditions are also available on Catalina, which has a tropical forest in the middle of the island.
Passengers on Costa's eastern Caribbean itineraries spend 1 day at Catalina Island, off the coast of the Dominican Republic. This relaxing patch of paradise has a long beach fringed by palm trees, with activities such as volleyball, beach Olympics, and snorkeling. The area adjacent to the tender dock is the busiest spot, as is to be expected, but if you walk down the beach a bit, you'll get a quieter, more private experience (though the coastline gets a little rocky when you get farther away from the dock). Costa provides cruisers with floating beach mats free of charge (most lines charge for them), so you can find your quiet nirvana by paddling out to sea. A local island vendor rents jet skis and offers banana-boat rides, the ship's spa staff sets up a cabana to do massages on the beach, and locals roam around offering them, too. (For a fraction of the cost on ship, a local woman gave Heidi a great foot and shoulder massage.) Locals also sell coconuts for a couple of bucks apiece, first hacking off the end and plunking in a straw or two so you can drink the milk. After you're finished, take the coconut back and they'll whack the thing to pieces with a machete and scrape out the tender coconut meat for you to eat. Music and barbecues round out the day, and there's also a strip of shops hawking jewelry, beachwear, and other souvenirs. Note: On some itineraries, passengers must pay to hang out here for the day.
If you're searching for a tropical island which will truly be a lush and interesting getaway, then Isla Catalina is your manna from heaven. It located at a forty-five-minute boat ride from Casa de Campo. Discovered by Christopher Columbus, it's continued to be not sparsely populated even today. The island upkeeps the Caribbean eco-systems including sand dunes, mangroves, and reefs. Isla Catalina is ideal for each day of swimming, walking and exploring. The entire island is created from barrier stone and it has three overlapping leveling off. The greatest elevation is 60 ft above ocean level. Actually, there's simply no fresh water around the island. There's just one water source the creatures drink from.
Enjoy the island that continues to be pristine through the fast-paced society. Amaze yourself while feasting on the sights of the exotic wild birds, wild apes and rattlesnakes. Relax, breathe deeply, and cleanse your soul while located on the silver whitened sands. At sunset, be mesmerized at just how the colours of flames set fire towards the sky and become moved to a different world.
In Catalina, it's forbidden for almost anything to be built that will upset the eco-system. Although you will find no local people, it's ready for its site visitors. There is an plethora of marine animals, and the sightseer won't go back home unhappy.
The waters are extremely pristine for this island that scuba diving is definitely an activity that is applicable to the beginner along with the professional. You'll have the ability to see marine existence everywhere. Lobsters, ocean fans, ocean rods, large barrel sponges, and black barrier thrive.
A brief boat ride to Casa Campo around the landmass can provide you with shops and restaurants. The cruise ships, however, will provide you with food while going to Isla Catalina, so there's you don't need to be worried about in which you will have the ability to eat.
Isla Catalina is filled with natural splendor that can make for any wonderful day's pristine exploration. A self-led walking tour for this island will give out glimpses of a scenic plant life, connected with plenty of types of wild birds, in addition to wild pigs and bunnies. Make certain to maintain your cameras and video cameras with you, for you may certainly wish to record these stunning pictures to marvel at later on.
Catalina Island Full-Day Snorkeling Tour from La Romana
Since Catalina Island Beach West is located close to La Romana, you'll be among thousands of other travelers on one of the most social parts of the coast. This city is about five and a half miles (9 km) from this beach.
Punta Cana
Enjoy many activities in one day trip from Punta Cana. A visit to Altos de Chavon in La Romana and a catamaran sail to Catalina Island which is a protected area. Enjoy great animation and activities such as fishing, banana boat, snorkeling and mega wing.
Scuba Diving
Enjoy scuba diving off Catalina Island and experience the ultimate underwater adventure and the most beautiful underwater ecosystems of the Dominican Republic. Later head to the island’s beach for a feast, exotic drinks, and cool ocean breezes.
Catalina Island Fieston
Relax on a sunbed or be energetic with a ride on a banana boat with fishing and snorkeling all included for you. Your day starts with a visit to Altos de Chavon and a tour around the cobblestone walkways and magnificent views. Next it's on to La Romana where your cruise boat awaits to sail past the millionaires houses and yachts at Casa del Campo, before your arrival to Catalina island. There is a stunning beach area where you will enjoy a delicious buffet lunch and take your pick from the activities there are too offer. A great alternative for those travelers that have been to Saona Island before.

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