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Lanzarote is a small volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Morocco. Lanzarote may be the northernmost from the Canary Islands, situated just 70 miles from the coast of Africa. The area is 37 miles (60km) lengthy and 12 miles (20 km) wide, which makes it the 4th biggest island within the Canaries. Since it is just four levels north from the Tropic of Cancer, it likes a sub-tropical climate that continues to be fairly stable year-round with average daytime temps varying from about 21°C in The month of January to 29°C in August. Annual rain fall is simply 5.5 inches. Although the area receives nearly all its site visitors by plane cruise ships to Lanzarote have become an progressively popular holiday option. Especially throughout the wintertime several weeks - as although Northern Europe is laboring with this wonderful mixture of cloud rain and cold the area of Eternal Spring continues to be taking pleasure in some excellent weather and temps which rarely fall below 21 levels Celsius. Lanzarote is known for its pleasant weather, volcanoes, spectacular landscape, and a fairly relaxed untouristy vibe. 
The island, part of the Canary Islands archipelago, is a popular holiday destination for Europeans who come here to bask in the sun and explore the extraordinary volcanic landscapes. From the air, Lanzarote looks like a chain of volcanic cones, an inhospitable island composed of endless fields of lava rocks but look closer and you’ll find charming white-washed villages, verdant valleys, towering cliffs, beautiful beaches and deserted coves. To help you discover the wonders of Lanzarote, I’ve created a list of ten things to see and do, which I can recommend to anyone visiting the island.
Lanzarote is volcanic in origin. Because of eruptions throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, many areas of the area seem to be from another world, frequently referred to as "lunar" or "Martian," a lot to ensure that areas of the 1970's sci-fi series Planet from the Apes was shot around the island. The dry climate and insufficient erosion implies that the volcanic landscape seems almost as much ast it did soon after the eruptions the neighborhood tourist industry capitalizes about this fact.

Among the numerous volcanic options that come with Lanzarote may be the longest volcanic tunnel on the planet known as the Atlantida Tunnel, that is over 7 km lengthy and includes the La Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua. Today, the volcano park at Timanfaya may be the islands number 1 tourist attraction. But 270 years back it had been the scene from the world's longest ever volcanic eruption. Father Lorenzo Curbelo, the priest from the nearby village of Yaiza, observed the way the occasions began to unfold: "On the very first day of September, 1730 between nine and ten o'clock during the night, our planet all of a sudden opened up near Timanfaya, two miles from Yaiza. A massive mountain emerged in the ground with flames originating from its summit. It ongoing burning for 19 days. At times later, a brand new abyss developed as well as an avalanche of lava rushed lower over Timanfaya, Rodeo and a part of Mancha Blanca.

"The lava extended to the northern areas to start with, running as quickly as water, although it soon slowed down lower and went like honey. On September seventh an excellent rock burst upwards having a thunderous seem and also the pressure from the explosion forced the lava going northwards to alter direction, flowing then towards the north west and west north west. The lava torrent showed up, instantly wrecking Maretas and Santa Catalina within the valley. On September eleventh the eruption grew to become more powerful." The problem had clearly irritated within the first week because it began, however the ordeal from the islanders had only begun also it would take six years prior to the eruptions finally found an finish.

Regardless of the history rocked by eruptions, there has been lots of earlier site visitors around the island. Included in this are a Genoese sailor man through the title of Lancelotto Malocello, who showed up within 1312 because the first European. Many people the island took its title from him, but other stories co-exist by its side. A different one indicates that whenever overcoming the native occupants, Jean de Bethencourt, a Norman dark night who showed up in 1402, celebrated his victory within the natives by tossing his damaged lance in to the air and shouting "lanza rota," meaning damaged spear.

The islanders finally surrendered on Feb 27, 1404, and tomorrow, their king Guardafia was baptized and christened Luis. Bethencourt was granted the title of king from the Canary Islands by Pope Innocent VII.

Bethencourt died in Normandy in 1422 and it was been successful by his nephew Maciot, who later switched to be considered a tyrant. He established Teguise because the capital and chair of governor, but he was suspected of selling the Canaries towards the Portuguese, who'd also laid claim that they can the hawaiian islands, but at arbitration the pope made the decision towards the Castille. The metabolic rate of Cadiz of 1812 eliminated feudal system, and also the Canaries grew to become a province of The country with Santa Cruz, Tenerife because the capital. In 1852, what the law states of free ports granted the hawaiian islands immunity from customs and excise responsibilities. They hold this status to this day.

Luxury cruise ships pier at Arrecife, that is capital from the island with 50,000 occupants. The area has lots of resorts, for example Puerto del Carmen, that is situated some 20 km towards the south from Arrecife, or Costa Teguise 7 km towards the

Cruise people pier at Puerto Marmoles - that is situated about 2 miles outdoors from the capital of Arrecife in addition to round the same distance in the nearest location of Costa Teguise.

Cruise ships to Lanzarote usually reach the island on the Thursday - although as the amount of inserts going to the area increases the same is true the amount of arrival days.

Most inserts are here included in a larger cruise from the Canary Islands, maybe also consuming Madeira in their itinerary too. Many inserts offer organised led tours - but lots of people would rather just disembark and do their very own factor.

Where You are Docked
Your ship will pier at Puerto p Naos, that also handles cargo ships. However, there's often a passenger bus plan to Charco de San Gines, near to the town center. Your way takes about 12 minutes based on traffic. It's almost not a scenic ride and includes some busy streets and roundabouts, so travelling to town is not so enjoyable.

Hanging Out
If you think under energetic, have a passenger bus out of your shipped to the city. You are able to drop the anchor in the coffee shops, bookstores and restaurants looking over the Charco, an inlet water with houses colored in whitened and blue around it. In the event you feel a little more active, walk within the bridge across the waterfront to Calle de Leon la Castilia this is when all of the primary shops of Arrecife are situated. You will find lots of coffee shops, bookstores too and contains palms to shelter you from the sun's rays. Nice awesome -- literally.

Making Your Way Around
The drop-off reason for shuttle buses, Charco p San Gines, isn't exactly attractive, only a couple of hundred yards towards the west lies Charco, an inlet water with bars, restaurants and clean, tidy whitened structures looking over it. Mix the bridge and walk some 75 % of the mile and also you arrived at Calle Leon y Castilia, the primary shopping street from the town. A little greater than a mile further and you'll achieve a seaside at Reducto. In the town center, a bus runs every twenty minutes to Puerto del Carmen. Schedules of the along with other services can be found in a tourist information office around the Avenida p Coll street around the seafront. The city of Arrecife itself follows the shoreline and there's little of great interest to determine once you come a couple of blocks in the waterfront. The businesses, coffee shops, bookstores and restaurants congregate close to the water and thus do people.

Transport Connections
Independent people should observe that Puerto Marmoles does not have the finest transport connections with either Arrecife or Costa Teguise - frequently the thing is people walking in the inserts along an active stretch of road that slices an easy industrial area - which isn't probably the most impressive summary of Lanzarote. So it's sensible to reserve taxis or perhaps request a hire vehicle prior to your arrival.

As time passes frequently restricted to only one day most site visitors either choose to mind for among the primary island points of interest - like the Timanfaya Volcano Park or even the Jameos del Agua. Or else decide to spend some time either in Costa Teguise or Arrecife.

Points of interest in Arrecife
Although Arrecife isn´t fortunate with much when it comes to colonial architecture still it has lots of points of interest worth going to - like the Museum of contemporary Art or even the El Charco area - where one can have a enjoyable stroll around an inland lagoon, with lots of bars and restauiarants available offering refreshment.

The town is developing constantly - with new points of interest like a waterpark planned for that small island situated just behind the primary landmark from the Gran Hotel. Among the couple of structures on Lanzarote to slide with the planning limitations which dictate that structures should not be a greater than the usual Canarian palm tree and among the best HOTELS in Lanzarote.

Cesar Manrique Foundation
Cesar Manrique was accountable for making certain that development around the island has continued to be relatively restrained. Which famous artist and architect built an amazing house within the 1970´s into five lava bubbles, that is a real must see. Especially because it is situated in Tahiche - that is just 10 mins drive in the Port.

Teguise - Historic Former Capital
Another 5 minutes in the road from Tahiche lies Teguise - Lanzarote´s original capital. Teguise was the very first ever official The spanish language settlement within the Canry Islands and boasts an abundance of original architecture, set amongst cobbled roads, most of which goes back so far as the 1450´s.

Site visitors can also enjoy a stroll with the towns’ historic roads and go to the Palacio Spinola- that is a lovingly restored house museum right in the middle of Teguise. You will find several top quality restaurants in Teguise, which makes it a great spot to stop off for supper.

For something much more high-impact though mind back in the future from Teguise to Tahiche contributing to midway lower stick to the turning for LagOmar- Omars Lake - the former residence from the famous stars Omar Sharif.

As he was filming in Lanzarote Sharif visited Manrique´s volcanic bubble home and it was so amazed he commissioned Cesar to construct him a vacation property along similar lines. It makes sense an amazing house and grounds included in along side it of the disused quarry -now the place to find a high finish restaurant.

That is equally well because the Hollywood actor lost LagOmar in a game title of bridge soon after relocating. And it was apparently so troubled he never came back to Lanzarote again.

Don't Miss
In Arrecife itself, you can go to Castillo San Gabriel, a fort dating back 1590 and today the place to find the hawaiian islands Ethnographic Museum. Castillo San Jose, by Puerto Marmolesat, the outer fringes the city, was created to repel pirates and alleviate poverty around the island within the wake from the major volcanic eruptions. Consequently it grew to become referred to as "Fortress of Hunger." It now houses a cafe or restaurant, created by Cesar Manrique, in addition to Museum of Worldwide and Contemporary Art.

The primary natural attraction from the island may be the Timanfaya National Park and Montanas de Fuego (Fire Mountain tops). The streams of lava that covered 200 sq km possess a striking appearance of scared rivers. When you ascend in to the mountain tops, you will find greater than 300 volcanic craters. Islote p Hilario is among the most popular parts the hawaiian islands, with ground temperature of 140C and just 20 centimetres underneath the surface. You'll be proven how cold water put in to the ground turns at the same time into steam. Likewise, branches or hay put on a warm place first smoulder after which burst into flames. You may even ride a camel here -- but fortunately, wicker basket chairs are thrown over both sides from the animal. The park is open every day from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Further south around the west coat is Janubio, a sizable circular lake situated near to the shoreline. For any very long time, it had been utilized as a resource for salt, that was acquired by evaporation. Today, only brine is created, and also the area has turned into a favorite search for bird viewers.

A lagoon known as El Golfo is renowned for its yellow eco-friendly color, and researchers are unsure why water has that color. Some lead this to algae, while some claim that the eco-friendly olivine, a semi-stone present in large amounts here, 's the reason. Caves and art galleries of Jameos del Agua lay in the feet of Monte p la Corona, one of the numerous volcanoes around the island. Cesar Manrique, the artist, switched the caves into art galleries now they have a 600-chair auditorium, plus restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores along with a museum of volcanoes. The Cesar Manrique Foundation, situated in Tachice, honors the existence from the artist (1919 - 1992) featuring work through the artist themselves, plus his assortment of functions by Picasso, Miro and Klee.
Get into the water – your visit shouldn’t be limited to land-based attractions. There is a great variety of things to do in the ocean, from water-sports to scuba diving, game fishing, whale watching and other marine excursions. Lanzarote is widely recognised as one of the best surfing spots in Europe – Caleta de Famara (at the foot of the spectacular cliffs of Famara) and Caleto Caballo are popular surfing spots. If you’re into windsurfing, head for the Los Cucharas beach in Costa Teguise. Game fishing enthusiasts should check with the harbour at Puerto del Carmen or Playa Blanca for excursion possibilities. For something more subdued, go on a sailing trip or book a cruise from Orzola to the islands of La Graciosa or Alegranza, or join a submarine excursion from Puerto Calero for a chance to view Lanzarote’s beautiful underwater world.
Visit the Cactus garden (Jardin de Cactus) – built in an old quarry in the north of the island, the Jardin de Cactus is another Cesar Manrique creation. The garden, designed in the shape of an amphitheatre, houses more than 10,000 cacti from around the world as well as a multitude of beautiful volcanic stone sculptures. Go in the morning to avoid the busloads of tourists.
Discover Lanzarote wines – Lanzarote has a vine-growing tradition that began in the 15th century. Despite the very little rainfall, vine cultivation flourished and the island today produces excellent wines. Visit the surreal La Geria wine-producing region, at the foot of several volcanoes and learn about the unique methods used to cultivate and protect the vines at the El Grifo Wine Museum. Then try the local favourite, Malvasia, or the Moscatel at any of the nearby wineries.
El Mirador – located in the far northwestern corner of Lanzarote, El Mirador is a visitor centre built atop towering cliffs. The observation deck, 479m above sea level, features breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, the nearby island of La Graciosa and the ancient salt plains of Las Salinas del Rio.
Jameos del Agua – the Jameos del Agua, is for me, one of the island’s most fascinating attractions. The Jameos is a striking combination of geology, architecture and design. The island’s most famous architect, Cesar Manrique, built a visitor centre complete with a restaurant, bar, one of the most amazing auditoriums I’ve ever seen and a museum inside what used to be a gigantic lava tube. Plan a visit in the morning to avoid the crowds. Look for the little white crabs in the cave.
Timanfaya – the Timanfaya National Park is another of the island’s prime attractions. The national park consists of a series of volcanoes and massive lava fields. It’s a surreal experience driving through the park. You’ll pass volcanic cones in a multitude of red-orange-yellow-blue tints and intriguing rock formations; the scenery is simply mind-blowing! Head up to the visitor centre and watch the guide ‘create’ a geyser and other cool stunts.
El Golfo – this is a little lagoon on the island’s west coast. The lagoon is a short walk past the rocky lava coast and you’ll be greeted by the striking jade colour of the lagoon against a backdrop of red cliffs
Local Experiences 
If volcanoes and caves aren't for you personally, then an apparent choice would be to mind for one of the numerous beaches. Playa del Reducto is situated in Arrecife about two miles towards the west in the shuttle buses' drop-off point. Avenida Fred. Olsen, the seafront street, is busy with traffic, however the beach is wide enough so that you can escape the noise. Coffee shops, bookstores and restaurants across the street will prove useful when you begin feeling peckish. Playa Honda is situated just south from the town Playa Papagayo and Playa Blanca in the southernmost tip from the island provide both sand and rocky headlands. Your listing of options likewise incorporate peak report regions of Playa del Carmen and Costa Teguise.

If golf is the game, then mind to Teguise Club (tel: 928-590512) on Costa Teguise, while windsurfers can also enjoy their sport at Playa Matadora and Playa Cucharas. Just in case you want to have a game title of tennis, then Centro Deportivo los Fariones at Puerto del Carmen, that provides five courts, is definitely an option. 
Shoreline Activities
Mountain of fireside goes via a barren landscape of lava. Guides will throw grass in to the holes in the earth also it soon catches fire in the warmth. The volcano that when destroyed existence and property around the island is basically dormant today. Wineries, encircled by stone walls, us dot the landscape. Roughly 4 hrs.

Camel Ride and Fire Mountain combines the prior with one-half hour's journey over volcanic dunes close to the Timanfaya National Park. You will be sitting inside a chair, one on every side of every animal no previous experience is needed here. Roughly 4.5 hours.
Jameos del Agua will give you to some volcanic cavern and undercover water garden around the northern side from the island. A "concert cave" with seats for 600 along with a cactus garden with 1,400 types around the spiky theme are featured here, all because of the artist Cesar Manrique that produced the spectacle. Requires walking, duration about 4 hours. 
Dining Out
Lanzarote is famous for its fresh seafood and peculiar potatoes. The volcanic earth churns out humongous potatoes and these are included in almost every type of Lanzarote specialties. Don’t miss the wonderfully fresh tuna, swordfish or monk fish. Restaurants I can highly recommend include La Puntilla (on the edge of Arrecife’s lovely inner harbour) and the restaurant at the Stratus winery.
Since Arrecife isn't the center of tourism around the island, the largest selection of restaurants is away from the town itself either. Puerto del Carmen again steals the show, with El Tomate (Calle los Jameos), open daily, 7.00 p.m. - 10.30 p.m. Nearby, Tomatissimo with worldwide cuisine has become well into its third decade (open daily from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.). El Cangrejo Rojo (Calle Roque Nublo open daily at noon until 11.30 p.m) is an expert both in local and worldwide dishes, along with Casa Roja (Avenida Varadero).

If the thought of a glass or two or meal right before heading to the ship seems like advisable, return over the bridge over Charco and appearance the choices of bars and restaurants around the eastern side from the inlet. You'll probably encounter fellow people out of your ship here. As you will find no animal shelters from the sun in the stop in which the passenger bus ranges from, re-charging the batteries before what could be a stand in searing warmth may indeed be advisable.
In Lanzarote you will find several shopping and leisure centres as well as an array of stores and boutiques selling all kinds of goods: from perfumes, cloths, jewellery and electrical equipments that can be purchased at very reasonable prices to local produce and handmade crafts.
The shopping districts are located in the main resorts (Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca), in Arrecife, capital of the island and in Playa Honda that hosts one of the largest shopping centre of Lanzarote.

The most colourful shopping opportunities are provided by Teguise Sunday Market where you can buy many interesting craft items, souvenirs and local produce (wine, cheese and mojo sauces) which make tasty reminders of your stay.
If shopping is what you would like to pay attention to, just go to Arrecife's Calle Leon y Castila and you may start utilizing your charge card. In Arrecife, the political and commercial capital of Lanzarote, you will find a galore of shops selling all kind of goods: international brand names, duty free goods and electronic equipments (best prices and service) and much more.
Lanzarote, along with the relaxation from the Canary Islands, are duty free, meaning cigarettes, alcohol and electrical merchandise is offered by attractive prices. Traditional crafts like embroidery and wood carving focus on individuals with a classical taste. Footwear and clothing will also be offered in lots of shops, varying from more compact brand-specific boutiques to large stores like Zara.
The shopping district of Costa Teguise is gathered along Playa de las Cucharas (see photos) where you can find endless shops selling brand names sportswear (from bathing suits to surf boards), souvenirs and accessories; many shops as well are clustered together in Las Cucharas Commercial Centre, mainly dealing with electrical goods. Playa Blanca is a booming resort almost always basked in warm sunshine with wonderful shops and cafes.
This really is The country, so people enjoy having their siesta. In Arrecife, shops are open from 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. and re-open from 4:30 p.m. - 10 p.m. In Puerto del Carmen, tourism, instead of local existence, sets the interest rate. Its shops' hrs are 9:30 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Also, please be aware that shops aren't open every sunday in Arrecife, though that doesn't always affect Playa del Carmen.

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