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Portsmouth Dominica will be a dream destination for travelers who are looking to escape other tourists. Smaller than Roseau, with only about 3,000 inhabitants, Portsmouth is a laid-back and non-touristy town with excellent opportunities to explore the nearby wilderness. Set on the shores of quiet Prince Rupert Bay, staying at a lodge or cabin in Portsmouth is a great way to enjoy some peace and quiet, as well as sample the excellent seafood fresh from the Bay. Portsmouth is also the location from which many travelers start to explore Dominica's network of rivers, including Indian River Dominica, one of the most popular river trips on the island.
Portsmouth is the erstwhile capital and also the second biggest town of Dominica. It is located on the Indian River in northern the area of the beautiful island. Cabrits National Park is located on the peninsula within the city. Portsmouth has its own ocean port. In the mid 18th century, it stopped being the capital of the nation owing to a malaria outbreak was replaced by Roseau. Cruise visitors will be moored at about half a mile from Portsmouth.
It's different in the sense that this is one of the least developed Caribbean islands. Consequently, it's the cheapest island to live on, and sports a lot of character spots and hiking spots. Christopher Columbus named the area Dominica the following the day on which he discovered it - a Sunday (‘Doménica’ in Italian).
Dominica cruises are a great option if you’re dreaming of a Caribbean island getaway. Some travelers have an unfair prejudice against cruises, but once they begin to investigate, many of the benefits of this type of travel are revealed. A Caribbean cruise to Dominica is an affordable option, as many cruises are all inclusive, and combine the cost of accommodation and meals. By arriving in a Dominica cruise port you will also avoid the potential difficulties of traveling to this island by air. Instead of changing planes in nearby islands and dealing with layovers, your travel between Caribbean Islands will be pleasurable and relaxed.
Dominica cruises are offered by a number of cruise lines. Carnival, Princess, Royal Caribbean, Silversea, Celebrity Cruises, and more all offer itineraries that include a visit to Dominica. Itineraries for a Caribbean cruise to Dominica range in length as well, from seven days to 75 days. Nearby locations that are often seen on this cruise include Barbados, St Lucia, St Kitts, and St Maarten. If you want to visit Dominica as part of a more ambitious itinerary, possible choices include crossing the Atlantic and sailing to see some of the most popular spots in the Mediterranean including Barcelona and Mallorca.
Where You're Cruise Ship Dock
 Dominica It's frequently referred to as "The Character Island from the Caribbean" because of its spectacular, verdant, and varied plants and creatures, which are paid by a comprehensive natural park system. Probably the lushest island from the Lesser Antilles, its volcanic peaks are cones of lava craters and can include Boiling Lake, the 2nd-biggest, thermally active lake in the world. Portsmouth is located at about 48km (30 miles) Northwest of Roseau, with a travel time of an hour. The city center does not boast of many activities other than some local souvenir shopping.
Docking in Portsmouth provides closeness to a few of the only whitened sandy beaches around the island, in addition to Cabrits National Park. Portsmouth was the website of the famous fight between your French and British competing for occupation from the island.
Here are a few ideas you may decide to select from.You will find a lot of things to complete, nevertheless it is dependent on your height of interest. Also you will find both land and water activities.
Those activities involve hiking in which you may decide to hike a segment from the recently built Waitukubli National trail.
Visit one of the leading waterfalls the Trafalgar falls. Have a soak within the warm pools at Enjoy activities such as river tubing, canyoning, scuba diving and whale watching. Go to the Kalinago Territory or just have a boat ride in the Indian River at Portsmouth.
Cabrits National Park is situated on the peninsula north of Portsmouth Dominica. It is most famous for its eighteenth-century British fort, Fort Shirley, which once housed the 600 soldiers of the British garrison. Today, the partially restored stone ruins of the fort make for a fun excursion, with beautiful views of Prince Rupert Bay from the top of the fort. A small museum at the fort displays archaeological artifacts unearthed in the ruins. Cabrits National Park also has many excellent hiking trails in varying levels of difficulty, including some very easy ones, perfect for an afternoon walk. It contains the largest swamp on Dominica, and some excellent areas for snorkeling and diving along the coast and coral reef.
Cabrits National Park also contains a cruise ship terminal at the wooden pier, the only national park in the Caribbean that allows cruises to dock. If you are fortunate enough to land at the pavilion there, it is just a short walk to many good hiking trails in the park.
You can easily circumvent Dominica. Taxi run is instantly available, much like small buses or vans that travel the freeways, obtaining and shedding off people on request. Official taxi costs are published in the international airports bear in mind that figures are indexed by Eastern Caribbean dollars.
If you choose to visit the waterfalls you'll have to do a great deal of hiking. It's roughly 180 steps up and 180 to the doorway (you spend a $5 entrance fee towards the park). You will find breaks between your steps, but may you need to increase inclines or mix a bridge or something like that to that particular extent. It's worthwhile though, because the waterfalls are wonderful. The new springs are another site you can't miss! You can observe water boiling from far, but when you continue upwards, you can observe the steam rising in the water too.
Things To See and Do
Portsmouth's major attraction is the nearby Cabrit's National Forest.  This allows the town to draw in a crowd of visitors who prefer to spend their days outdoors seeking out adventure and learning about the local environment.  Those who would rather spend their time learning about history and culture will find a fort and museum in town, while the attractions that appeals to the most broad array of visitors are the beaches.
Fort Shirley
In case you like to immerse yourself in the history of foreign countries, you might enjoy visiting a historical site while on vacation in Portsmouth.
An interesting landmark worth visiting is Fort Shirley. It is located in western Portsmouth. Today, much of the fort is intact or rebuilt, allowing visitors to see what the area must have looked like back when the fort was operational. Those who climb the walls will be able to look out into the bay past a row of canons, just as they would be waiting for a ship to come into range.
The Area's Beaches
Dublanc Beach: Access this beach by heading north from Roseau on Leblanc Highway and enjoy the stunning coastal sightseeing on the way.
A second alternative worth considering is Douglas Bay. The expanse of clear blue ocean and sky stands is stark contrast to the lush green hills that surround this area. Featuring underwater rock formations with abundant marine fauna, this beach's real treat is the snorkeling.
You'll find a small variety of beaches to consider in the area. If you are hoping to have a long stretch of sand to yourself, you are likely to be rewarded, since several of these beaches are relatively secluded and quiet. You can click on each beach name to get additional information concerning that particular location.
Purple Beach: On the north end of Prince Rupert Bay, just south of Cabrits National Park, Purple Beach is in a region well known for it's excellent diving and snorkeling. This beach is a popular weekend spot. It's easy to find and does not require four wheel drive for access.
A second alternative that beach-goers can consider is Picard Beach. Adjacent to Ross University Medical School, Picard beach is just a little strip of shoreline south of Portsmouth where visitors or students take a quick dip.
West Ross Beach: This beach has a long patch of gray sand, which is fairly smooth. It has some shade and warm Caribbean waters.
Nearby Places
Aerial Tram Have a ride with the rainforest canopy. Nearly 300 miles of footpaths speak in confidence to a number of Dominica's most spectacular sceneries making maui a haven for walkers and character-enthusiasts. In nearly every area of the country, trails weave their distance to gorges and across valleys, climbing as much as 4,000 feet mountain tops. Whatever your height of fitness there's a trail just made for you, each having a spectacular attraction at its conclusion.
Novice walkers will uncover that the relaxing 15 minute stroll towards the Trafalgar Falls discloses photo taking vistas of the dense rainforest, twin cascades, warm pools, and hurrying streams.
Dominica offers many options if this involve aquatic sports and diving. KAYAK on awesome mountain ponds, go swimming in secluded river pools within the rainforest, river-tube lower the forest in to the calm waters around the West Coast, or snorkel on pristine reefs... there is really something for everybody in Dominica. The place is good for scuba diving, having a nice number of marine creatures and barriers.
Featuring the only white sand beaches on an island where rocky, black shores prevail, Portsmouth is where you go for a day at the beach.  Although the town that surrounds this coast is busy as far as Dominica goes, the beaches remain uncrowded, allowing you the space you need to stretch out, relax, and explore.
Fort Shirley Welcome Center and Museum
In case you enjoy learning about other places and cultures, you might want to visit a museum during your time in Portsmouth.
A landmark worth visiting is Fort Shirley Welcome Center and Museum. It is found within Fort Shirley and located within Portsmouth. The historic fort stands as a showcase to the past; allowing visitors to experience a time on Dominica that has long since passed. While the fort is mostly in ruins today, attentive visitors will realize and learn of the strategic importance it played on the island.
Natural Attractions
One of the more frequently visited outdoor tourist attractions is Brandy Falls. Brandy Falls is an inland flow that appears to clear its own path down a steep slope through the forest. This exciting waterfall is great for the whole family.
Cabrits Historical and Marine Park is another place that provides a nice way to spend some time outdoors. This nature preserve is a mixture of forest and swampland that today is the location of choice for both tourists and migratory birds. In addition, the site is also home to a large fort built by the British in the latter part of the eighteenth century that included around 50 different building.
Fortunately, you will find a nice selection of choices too. Navigate here to check out our discussion of natural attractions in and around the area.
Eating Out
Roseau, with famous names like Guiyave and the Crystal Terrace all boasting delicious seafood, a fusion of flavors, and local flair. One of the most famous restaurants is eco-friendly Rainforest Restaurant, located at the Papillote Wilderness Retreat, a Roseau Dominica hotel located minutes from Roseau in a secluded wilderness setting.
Portsmouth, which was once the capital of Dominica, is only about a 20 minute walk/5 minute taxi ride from campus. You can do lots of shopping there if you know where to go. One advantage to shopping in Portsmouth is that when you shop where the locals shop, the prices tend to be lower. The best way to familiarize yourself with Portsmouth is just to walk up and down the main road that goes through town (Michael Douglas Blvd/Bay Street).
The main attraction for most of us is the open air market where fruits and vegetables are sold early Saturday mornings. Along with all your greens, you can also get some fresh coconut water, bread, and spices.
Blue Sky Home Center-Chinese store across the street from the market area. They sell household items, fans, musical instruments, and electronics. 767-615-5055

There is a small grocery called Duverney’s on the left hand side of the main road (Bay St.) in town.  They carry grocery items, toiletries, diapers/wipes, cleaning products etc. Their prices are good. If you are walking through town and need to take a break, you can always stop there to get something cold to drink. They are cash only. 767-445-5967

There are several clothing boutiques and a couple of shoe stores (UM’s is my favorite).There are a couple of seamstresses in town. You can get clothes altered at a very reasonable price. So, when you get a chance spend a couple of hours cruising the strip. You can get some great buys for good prices.

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