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Puerto Ordaz sticks out as the odd one out in Venezuela. Its surrounding cities, such as San Felix, were established centuries ago. Puerto Ordaz is a fairly recent town that came into being only in the 60’s. The town features a modern vibe, but the aura of history that characterizes its neighbouring cities is conspicuously missing here. 

The town is nestled close to the merging spot of two primary rivers - the Caroní River and the Orinoco River. The forest is brimming with greenery, caused by fertile land. The inhabitants of Puerto Ordaz have taken painstaking care to preserve the natural beauty around them. Three parks, Parque Cachamay, Parque Loefling, and Parque La Llovizna, exibit the bet of the area's plants and creatures.

Puerto Ordaz has witnessed a fairly recent tourism boom, and Venezuelans from all over are moving here to benefit from the growing economic possibilities. Visitors will find lots of tour companies, shops, and trendy restaurants to cater to the tourist boom.
Puerto Ordaz stands out as a bit of an anomaly in Venezuela. The neighboring towns, such as San Felix, were founded centuries ago. Puerto Ordaz was only founded in the 1960s. As a result, the city has a very modern feel, but you may find yourself missing that air of history that permeates the atmosphere of most towns.
Puerto Ordaz was named for the Spanish explorer Diego de Ordaz. De Ordaz arrived in the area in 1531, while searching for gold. While he never found the treasure he was seeking, he stumbled upon an area that was rich in many other ways. The city lays near the confluence of two major rivers, the Caroní River and the Orinoco River. The river delta is full of greenery, the result of fertile, well-nourished land. The people of Puerto Ordaz have taken good care to preserve and savor the natural beauty around them. Three parks, Parque Cachamay, Parque Loefling, and Parque La Llovizna, showcase the area's flora and fauna.
Puerto Ordaz has enjoyed a tourism boom, and Venezuelans are moving here to take advantage of the burgeoning economic opportunities. There are plenty of tour organizers, retail shops, and upscale restaurants to cater to the influx of visitors. Some have argued that this commercialization has detracted from the charm of Puerto Ordaz. On the contrary; as the city grows and attracts more and more people, the diversity of the city and its people has become one of the highlights of Puerto Ordaz.
Docking & Local Transportation
Cruise ships pier at Puerto Ordaz is located on the left bank of the River Caroni, just south of the confluence with the River Orinoco. Though there's bus service in Puerto Ordaz, the routes don't cover all the primary tourist points of interest. Taxis are the best choice to get around the city. Go by the guideline that you should not need to pay greater than $10 to visit any point in Puerto Ordaz.
Local Attractions
Things to see and do
Angel Falls
Canaima National Park
La Llovizna park & water museum
Cachamay park
Puerto Ordaz draws in enthusiastic tourists from all over the earth. There are no museums and galleries in town; but abundant natural reserves. The Caroní River is a star attraction for nature lovers. Visitors will find fascinating waterfalls in addition to a variety of wildlife species.  Other than the small zoo that's located on the premises, visitors are able to communicate with free-roaming apes and capybaras while they enjoy an adventure packed hike round the park.
Probably the most spectacular from the three parks might be Parque La Llovizna. The park consists of about thirty small islands around the Caroni River. The Hawaiian Islands are packed together carefully, and a number of bridges connect all of them. There's a waterfall here, the 60-five feet high Salto La Llovizna.
Los Castillos de Guayana are an intriguing set of forts looking over the Orinoco River. The forts offer a spectacular sunset vista.
Beaches aren't the only attraction in Puerto Ordaz. You will find a couple of places to relax at the Caroní River. There are also some secluded spots within the Parque La Llovizna. Since the park consists of islands, you will find lots of spots to trap a couple of sun rays.
In keeping up with its image as the Venezuela’s ultimate tourist hotspot, on the left bank of the River Caroní, about a mile south of the confluence with the Orinoco River, the main water passageway. There is road access directly from the port. Ordaz has more and more shops popping up throughout town. Zuila Shopping Mall has existed for more than two decades and it is still the greatest retail area around. Perfumería Las Villas (Ciudad Comercial Alta Vista) is the site to visit for several excellent deals on designer fragrances.
Dining & Night life
Puerto Ordaz is replete with trendy dining institutions. Some delectable cusine awaits guests at Asado Unare. After hrs, Club Privado Ercole normally has long lines outside.

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