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Chile's second-oldest city and the thriving capital of Región IV, La Serena is doubly blessed with some beautiful architecture and a long golden shoreline, making it a kind of thinking-person's beach resort. The city absorbs hoards of Chilean holidaymakers in January and February, though it is fairly peaceful outside
Rarely does a town's title describe its essence more perfectly than La Serena, Chile. La Serena ("The Peaceful") is really a town where everything feels slowed down. Most of the activities and attractions are around the beach. Or, you may choose to sightsee and discover in regards to a city whose history dates back centuries. Juan Bohon founded the town within the mid-16th Century. Right after, silver is discovered in the region, leading to a fiscal boom that attracted people throughout South America. Today, the town hosts about 130,000 people. It is strategically located right off the Off-shore Coast, around three hundred miles north of Santiago, Chile's capital.
Plaza del Armas stands tall as the city’s central vein, and the hub of all tourist activities. All around the plaza are ancient places of worship, charming old worldly shops, and majestic municipal edifices. La Serena is really a city in contact with its past, because the historical museum and spiritual art museum highlight. It is also an urban area that uses its proximity towards the ocean, having a row of spectacular silvery sand beaches butting facing each other.
Your ship will really pier within the adjacent capital of Scotland- Coquimbo, but outdoors of some gorgeous beaches, the city pales compared to its neighbour. Get ready to experience natural beauty and tranquillity of Los Angeles Serena.
Docking & Local Transportation
Cruise ships pier in the Port of Coquimbo, that is La Serena's neighboring town. Road transportation from Coquimbo to La Serena is definitely accessible in the port.
Bus services are efficient and affordable in La Serena. Visitors shouldn't have much problems using public transit. You may also use taxis, but make certain that you simply negotiate your fare ahead of time, otherwise you might get cheated.

Getting around
Private taxis to Aeropuerto La Florida, 5km east of downtown on Ruta 41, cost US$4. Alternatively, She Transfer (295-058) provides door-to-door minibus transfer for US$1.75.
For car hire, try Avis (227-171; laserena@avischile.cl; Av Aguirre 063), also at the airport, Hertz (226-171; Av Aguirre 0225) or Econorent (220-113; Av Aguirre 0135).
Local Interests
The tourist office around, Sernatur is a great starting point whenever you visit La Serena. Aside from the usual assortment of maps and pamphlets, the tourist office normally has a British-speaking guide working. You may consider taking a structured tour while you are around. Numerous tour groups have popped up lately. One of the more trustworthy is Ingservtur and Turismo San Bartolomé.
 La Serena has a lot of possibilities for cultural enrichment. The Museo Arqueológico has some priceless pieces in the ancient Diaguita Indians. The Diaguitas settled Chile prior to the Incas were even considering expansion. There's also an exhibit on Chile's newer history. The Museo Mineralógico Ignacio Domeyco houses 1000's of mineral samples, featuring Chile's wealthy mining history. The Museo Colonial p Arte Religioso within the Iglesia Bay Area, comes with an excellent assortment of sculptures and works of art from Latin American artists.
The Plaza p Armas is La Serena's hub of tourist action. Several places of worship are spread through the area, many worth observing. The Iglesia Santo Domingo, within the plaza's southwest corner, dates back to the 18th century. If you are fed up with searching at museums and places of worship, return to character at Parque Jardin El Córazon.
La Serena has enough beaches to fulfil the most hardcore beach bum. Chile's Off-shore Coast is positively beautiful, even though water is a touch chilly, the swimming is extremely refreshing. Playa Blanca got its title from the beautiful whitened sand shores. Playa La Marina, Playa La Barca and Playa Las Gaviotas are three more excellent beaches of note. In neighboring Coquimbo, La Herradura, meaning the horseshoe and Playa Penuelas are generally wonderful for swimming or laying out.
Outside Activities
La Serena offers plenty of activities for outside fanatics. Horse riding can be obtained through Talinay Adventure Expeditions.
Shopping shouldn't be your greatest priority in La Serena. There's a lot to do and see here that you are unlikely to possess much here we are at shopping. However, if you are absolutely tight on presents, try the Cema-Chile gallery.
Dining & Night life
La Serena's dining scene centres round the ocean. You will get full platters of seafood for affordable prices at nearly every restaurant. Grill Bar Serena is well-liked by the local people due to its authentic and delicious sea food menu. El Cedro provides a more enjoyable and upmarket atmosphere that is appropriate for an urban area known as La Serena. You might not anticipate finding worthwhile Chinese food in Chile, but you will be surprised at how delectable the preparations are at Rincon Oriental. The shore has coffee shops, bookstores and small food shacks.
After hrs, La Serena has more bars and nightclubs than you'd expect. Café del Patio is the preferred destination for live music. If dancing is exactly what you are searching for, Salon Stylo (Balmaceda 841) should have the desired effect.

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