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Within the 16th century, the Spanish set about capturing the locals from the beautiful seaside town of Guayaquil. The legend of the exciting town has is the fact that, prior to being defeated, the prince and princess of the close-knit clan killed themselves to avert being forced into a life of slavery. The prince was known as Guayas, and also the girl's title was Quil, and Guayaquil acquired is rather wordy name from this tragic couple. Greater than 2 million people reside in the town, which makes it probably the most populous city in Ecuador. It's the economic and social capital of the nation, and also the port continues to be bustling with activity since Francisco p Orellana showed up within 1537.
Industry and commerce rule the seaside part of Guayaquil, while the interiors are more peaceful and uninhibited. The unflinching buzz of the busy town remains very contagious. The more you set about exploring Guayaquil, the more you will need to stay. The region can be quite unique and the place to look out for some of the finest museums in Ecuador. The Museo Municipal showcases incredibly stunning pieces of art and sculptures. The Museo Arqueológico del Banco del Pacífico features a range of exquisite artefacts, some that date completely to 3000 BC. The Metropolitan Cathedral is an elegantly appointed and decorated site boasting of awe-inspiring stained glass home windows, and La Merced is yet another magnificent religious monument.
Where Your are Cruise Ship Dock
Guayaquil´s port is the largest in Ecuador. You can travel to Galápagos Islands from here. Cruise liners pier in the Port of Guayaquil, a contemporary facility that's touted to be Ecuador's biggest port.
Bus services are quite prevalent through the city, and when you head to Malecón Avenue, you are able to visit one of many routes that will give you out and about and also to the nearby areas.
Things To see and Do
The Museo Arqueológico del Banco del Pacífico is situated at Icaza 113 and consists of from modern art to historical finds throughout Ecuador. This spectacular establishment is partners with Banco del Pacífico, and also the exhibits are continually being transformed and up-to-date. The gathering of artefacts and ancient items is amazing, and you will find fascinating detailed accounts from the lives of occupants of Ecuador since 3000 BC.
La Merced is really a fascinating chapel which was built in 1938, and the architecture is aso magnificent. Available on Rocafuerte, this Catholic Chapel is completely gorgeous.The stained glass home windows from the Metropolitan Cathedral look nothing short of spectacular. This astonishing edifice is situated on Chimborazo, between 10 p Agosto and Ballén. The Cathedral overlooks Parque Bolívar, an amazing park with sculpted ivy and delightful grass.
The Museo Nahim Isaias Barquet, at Pichincha and Ballén, shows religious sculptures and works of art, in addition to products utilized by ancient Ecuadorians. The gathering is very extensive, and also the soft regional music playing without anyone's knowledge increases the allure of Nahim Isaias Barquet.
Museo Municipal, situated at Sucre and Chile, consists of an area filled with works of art famous past Ecuadorian presidents. Whenever a brand new one makes office, another authentic, well crafted painting is brought to the gathering.
Other interesting places near Guayaquil: "Crucero Discovery", rides up and down the Rio Guayas. You can catch it at Malecon Simón Bolivar. Crazy parties at night.
Traditionally, Salinas has been the main beach, but since 2008 General Villamil Playas has attracted a big part of the local and international tourism. Fishing, surfing, and other water sports. Many modern hotels and delicious sea food. Interesting night life. Wonderful whale-watching during June to September.
Guayaquil was not always a place where tourists were likely to linger; the port city was more interested in trade than in tourists, and it was also dangerous. However, recent redevelopment projects in Ecuador’s largest city have yielded some bonafide tourist attractions. Note that the U.S. Embassy still urges visitors to exercise “extreme caution” in the city; while the main tourist attractions are well-policed, thieves are still present and you should not stray from the major sights. Plan your transportation in advance.
Malecon 2000
The centerpiece of Guayaquil’s redevelopment initiative has been the Malecon 2000, an esplanade that stretches along the bank of the Guayas River. It is a popular place to stroll, with good reason. A string of manicured gardens and ponds makes for an appealing break from the city. You can’t miss the Rotunda, a large sculpture depicting Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin, the two men who liberated South America. Several appealing architectural elements along the Malecon 2000 include the Mercado Sur, an impressive glass building, and the city’s clock tower, which reflects the Arab influence on Guayaquil.
Cerro Santa Ana
Once part of a rough and rowdy slum, Cerro Santa Ana has been refurbished and is now one of Gauyaquil’s most compelling attractions. Rising above one end of the Malecon, this hill is covered with old 19th century homes, many painted in tropical shades. The 465 steps up the hill lead to a dramatic overlook, which also houses a restored lighthouse. If you need a break during the ascent or descent, bars, restaurants and art galleries line the steps. As appealing as the side streets look, be careful, as they are not as well guarded as the main staircase.
Iguana Park
From afar, Parque Seminario looks like any small urban park; it’s a small, green oasis, with trees and an old statue of Simon Bolivar. Once you set foot in the park, however, you will note something different: It is full of giant iguanas. The large reptiles are protected and cared for by the city, and they are accustomed to interacting with humans. If you want to become fast friends, buy some mango slices and present them to the resident lizards.
Nearby Beaches
Guayaquil itself does not have any beaches, as it sits along the Guayas River rather than the nearby Pacific Ocean. Nevertheless, local residents love to head to the beach, especially from November to March, when the weather is sunny and warm. One popular option is the beach town of Playas, 60 miles away, which offers good surf breaks and surfer hangouts. Farther along the coast, Salinas is a more established resort town, which can feel a bit like Miami during high season. It is a great destination for partying and water sports, and is located about 100 miles from Guayaquil.
Eating Out
The dining options at Guayaquil are nothing short of fantastic, and there's a multitude of restaurants that you can select from. Visitors will find tons of great shopping facilities, and also the night life here is throbbing with spirited party energy.
Uni Deli at Clemente Ballén 406 serves huge sandwiches as well as an incredible choice of tasty desserts. The ambiance is cozy and the service is also good. Salud Photo voltaic are available at Pedro Moncayo 1015 and is an upmarket health food destination, as well as is actually a good option in Guayaquil for vegetarian cuisine. The freshly made juices are a complete delight. Chifa Amoi is situated on Sucre featuring piquantly flavoured Chinese preparations with a South American twist. The chicken, beef, and seafood main courses are superb. Among the premier nightclubs in Guayaquil is La Crème, on Avenida Carlos Julio Arosemena. This club comes with an active party area and live Spanish language music every Friday, and also the homemade sangria is unbelievable. The very best eatery around is Artur's Café at Numa Pompilio Llona 127, and in addition it is actually among the best late evening hangouts within the city.
The Policentro Shopping Mall is housed inside the Ciudadela Kennedy and hosts a multitude of shops and boutiques. It's lately been up-to-date, and you may find from fine jewellery to souvenirs within this modern facility. Among the best local boutiques is Boutique Adams, situated at Chimborazo 424 (04/253-1550).
Based on the architectural style of North America, Guayaquil has a plethora of great shopping malls. The most recently built shopping center in Guayaquil, as well as the largest of the country and most modern in Latin America is Mall del Sol, with over 250 stores, 2 restaurants, 25 fast food restaurants, 5 banks, an Hiper-Market (Megamaxi), Parks, auto clean car services, parking lot for 2.000 vehicles, souvenir shops, cyber cafés, discos and 9 cinemas.Address: Ave. Juan Tanca Marengo and Joaquín Orrantia. (close to the airport).
The latest Malecón 2000 shopping center (Centro Comercial Malecon) project was inaugurated the 25th of July, 2000. This Mall goes from Villamil Street on the south side up to 10 de Agosto street on the north.
Malecón 2000 shopping center, is one of the most visited by tourists and locals, at the low level you'll find the parking lot for 230 vehicles. On the first floor, there are 4 galleries with 238 stores, and 8 cafeterias with a beautiful front view of the Guayas River. On the terrace, there are 17 restaurants and wide walking areas.
The 238 stores have competitive prices and they are constantly offering promotions and discounts. The wide selection of Restaurants offer a variety of typical food, fast food, Chinese, Colombian and many more.
All these places have great views. It is also very important to mention the security and the internal surveillance system inside the Malecón, which is carried out by specialized personnel for security and protection duties. Address: Malecón and Junín Street. Open from 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.
A third major Mall is Policentro, located at the Kennedy residential area, close to Periodista Avenue and Dr. Juan Bautista Arzube Street. Policentro, has over a hundred modern stores including 5 banks, 5 restaurants, cinemas and a Supermarket. Enjoying a cappuccino and a delicious treat, or just sitting down and relaxing is a costume among young Ecuadorians, who frequently visit the modern shopping malls of the city.
Plaza Triángulo Shopping Center, is located in the heart of Urdesa, on Ave. Víctor Emilio Estrada, a nice residential and commercial area of Guayaquil. It is one of the main shopping centers of the city. With over 75 stores, banks, cafeterias, security, private parking, boutiques, jewelry stores, beauty salons, flower shops, etc.
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