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Yalta, spread out on the southern coast of the Crimea, is the most popular city of the peninsula, and it proudly carries the epithet “capital of Crimean resorts.” The unique combination of natural beauty, endless sea, splendid beaches, and abundance of tremendous architectural and historical sights, have all played a part in elevating this city to such heights.
But Yalta is best known as a splendid resort with many first-rate sanatoriums. The mountain air is filled with the scent of conifers and the sea, making a visit to this city a rejuvenating sojourn. It is not by mere chance that in the 19th and early 20th centuries, Yalta was a coveted resort town for Russia’s aristocrats and emperors. The numerous villas of royal family in Yalta’s suburbs are a testament to this fact. The three most famous summer residences, the Vorontsov, Livadia and Massandra Palaces, adorn the South Coast of Crimea.
Yalta is definitely a remarkable destination that's ideal for a cruising vacation. If you're searching for just a little relaxation and pure enjoyment, beaches across the Crimean coast of Yalta are perfect. If you want to sightsee and gather understanding of the culture and history from the Ukraine, you will find few better places than Yalta. The museums are fantastic, and also the places of worship and cathedrals are wonderful historic gems you'll certainly be interested in.
The amount of dining facilities and shopping areas in Yalta are restricted, but individuals who do exist are top-notch. You're sure to uncover some main courses you have never heard about before, and in the end, you are well on vacation, so try something exotic and unusual. You might like to question the elements inside a particular meal that you're ordering however, because individuals Ukrainians sure could possibly get creative! It's most likely a positive thing that you're remaining around the cruise ship, since the lodging and hotels in Yalta are second rate. Lucky for you personally, there's you don't need to depend around the local domiciles, which means you can possess a splendid amount of time in this land of beauty.
Set from the Black Sea, Yalta was settled 100s of years back, and also the region is, actually, so old that people cannot pinpoint exactly once the first occupants from the land resided here. The modernization of Yalta started in early 1800s, and also the official town has been around since in 1883. Within the last handful of decades, the location has witnessed a lift in tourism, as well as in the summer season, beaches are incredible, that will without doubt result in a growing quantity of site visitors throughout this year. Probably the most desirable spots to understand more about in Yalta would be the Uchan Su Waterfall and also the Fairy-Tale Field. Both of these areas are amazing, and also the scenery may have you in awe for several days. If you're considering going to the Ukraine, then certainly plan a vacation to Yalta. If little else, you've got the chance to see hiking and exploration across the coast that provides you with spectacular swimming locations, picturesque shots of coves and mountain tops, and beautiful sun baked beaches.
Docking & Local Transportation
Cruise ships pier in the Port of Yalta situated at 5 Leader Roosevelt St. Yalta includes a limited bus system that will give you to most of the popular tourist spots, from Naberezhna Lenia to Yalta Bay.  The port is situated on the main promenade but, unlike other Black Sea destinations, most of the main sights, such as Livadia, Alupka Palace and the Crow's Nest, are not accessible on foot from the port. Visitors need to sign up for shore excursions or travel independently by taxi. In 2012, plans were announced to modernize the port and extend the berthing facilities to accommodate up to four ships simultaneously.
Hanging Around
The passenger terminal features a tourist information office and facilities, including toilets and refreshment vendors. There are ATM's on the pedestrian-only waterfront area and plenty of shops, restaurants, open-air cafes, fairground rides, street entertainers and pebble beaches, making it easy to enjoy a day close to the port. Historic sights include the statue of Lenin standing in front of a modern fast food chain. A case of the old East meeting the new West?
Getting Around
On Foot: Away from the bustling Naberezhnaya Lenina, or Lenin Promenade, the main city center is a 15-minute walk away -- where a top attraction is Alexander Nevsky cathedral. Independent travelers armed with a map can enjoy a stroll from the port to soak up some of the sights, but for the main attractions, you need to take a tour bus out of town.
Public Transport: Inexpensive trolley buses travel in town, and a good bus network runs to outlying areas that are home to attractions such as Alupka Palace and the Crow's Nest. Tell the driver where you want to get off because the stops are a short walk away. Bear in mind that language can also be an issue.
By Taxi: Taxis are plentiful, and drivers waiting outside the port terminal invariably speak English, and they know all the top sights and how to dodge the peak-season traffic jams.
By Ferry: During the cruise season, up to 20 ferries a day run from the pier on the promenade to the Swallow's Nest and Livadia Palace. Tickets are cheap, but be prepared for the climb up to the castle and palace from the landing points. Cruise ships typically arrive at breakfast time and sail late afternoon, so there is plenty of time for travelers to go sightseeing on their own
The Yalta Historic Museum is among the best sites in Yalta, situated at Pushkinskaya 9. The Roman bust displayed is magnificent, and you will find several postcards along with other items in the 1800s. A brief history and heritage of Yalta are chronicled here, and you may get a true feeling of the culture of the united states of Ukraine, too. The led tours are outstanding and supply a lot of understanding of Yalta and also the area.
The Museum of Lesya Ukraina is available at Yekaterininskaya 8 and is an excellent literature and humanities museum. Ornate furniture and artwork which belonged to prominent Russian nobles are displayed here, too.
The Story Book Field hosts the Uchan Su Waterfall, possibly probably the most scenic locale near Yalta. Natural miracles listed here are abundant and remarkable, and these two sights are close to the Polyana Skazok Campground. They may be somewhat difficult to find, so make sure to request among the local people for directions. The waterfall and also the coves are breathtaking, and getting the digital camera is mandatory. Water trickles from the rocks towards the top of the waterfall and progressively builds up right into a full stream of cascading down miracle. The hike to get at the bottom of the falls is really a magnificent one.
Things to do & see
Points of Interest View excursions that include these sights and activities
Livadia Palace
The former residence of the Romanov family with 116 rooms, the Palace is also world-renowned as the site of the Yalta Conference in 1945.
Alupka Palace
A splendid combination of Scottish Baronial, Gothic Revival and Moorish Revival architectural styles, the Palace was designed by noted 19th century architect Edward Blore.
Massandra Palace
An architectural gem designed to look like a 19th century French chateau, the Palace was just one of the summer homes built for Russia's Romanov family and later used by Stalin.
Other famous attractions in Yalta Ukraine are the two castles, Massandra Castle located in the outskirts of Yalta, and Livadia Palace, also located in the suburbs. Massandra Castle was built by a Russian prince in a luxurious Louis XIII style. The chateau is nestled in the surrounding mountains and commands a beautiful view. Tourists can see the grounds and the interior. Livadia Palace is perhaps even more interesting, as it houses a museum and was the meeting place for the three so-called Great Powers, Great Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union, during the Second World War. The white granite columned palace is a beauty, with porticoed courtyards, an Italian terrace, a chapel, and landscaped gardens.
Located in the southwestern part of the Crimean Peninsula, starting with Panorama museum and ending with the former top-secret submarine base nearby, Sevastopol is a vivid illustration of the glorious military past of the region.
Swallows Nest Observation platform
Built in 1911 to resemble a medieval castle, Swallow's Nest is perched high on a cliff; its observation deck offers spectacular views of the shoreline and castle.
Cross-Exaltation Church
Family Church of the Romanovs, built in neo-Byzantine style by architect Monighetti in 1866, is famous for being the church where Princess Alice of Hessen (future Russian Empress) recognized Russian Orthodox religion.
St. Michael Church
St. Michael church is built on the slope of the mountain over the Tsar's Path in the area of Livadia and famous for picturesque view of the South Coastline unfolding from the nearby observation platform.
Submarine Base Museum
This former submarine repair plant in Balaklava was built into a massive carved-out hillside. At over 161,000 square feet, the plant was big enough to hold seven submarines, some of which could even carry nuclear weapon and 3,000 people. Dismantled after the Soviet Union's collapse in 1991, this once-secret base is now an operational museum.
Best for First-Timers: A scenic coach tour provides an excellent overview of Yalta's highlights. On many cruises, the four-hour tour is offered as a morning or afternoon option. Sit back and take in Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, St. Michael the Archangel Church and panoramic coastal views before ending up at the Swallow's Nest. This tour is good for passengers who want to take it easy because only a small amount of walking is involved, and there's time for a coffee break and souvenir shopping.
Best for Culture Vultures: The czars built grand summer palaces on the Crimean coast, and these wonderful retreats can be admired on a combined coach and walking tour (4.5 hours). Alexander III's Massandra Palace, now a museum of fine arts, and Nicholas II's Livadia Palace form the mainstay of this tour, which ends on Livadia's Italian patio with a glass of port, the czar's favorite tipple, and a classical concert performed by members of the local philharmonic orchestra.
Best for a Day Out: Make the most of a day in port with a leisurely extended excursion (seven hours) and head along the coast to take in Alupka Palace, the Swallow's Nest and Livadia Palace. The trip includes lunch at a restaurant in Yalta to savor Ukrainian specialities and watch the colorful folk music and dance group Tauria, who also hop onboard some cruise ships for an early evening performance.
Across the Crimean coast in Yalta, you will find some truly fabulous beaches. Individuals from throughout flock within the summer season for that warmth and splendor of those sandy delights. Make sure to visit Naberezhna Lenia, an automobile-free waterfront area with scenic beaches. These beaches are available to the general public, but there's typically a charge equivalent to a few dollars to go in.
Dining and Night life
Russkye Bliny is the greatest spot for a fast meal or perhaps a snack, which is reasonable priced, too. A contemporary dining facility it's not, but it's charming, nevertheless. Bliny with jam is tasty and excellent to have an morning hours pick-me-up or perhaps a late evening treat. Café Siren serves scrumptious Russian food. The main courses are authentic and eager wonderfully, having a perfect mixture of spices or herbs and seasonings. The cooks listed here are experts in their trade, and you'll be delighted whenever you bring your first bite of dinner. The host of the offbeat restaurant sings through the evening, even though it may seem alarming in the beginning, it might be progressively appealing, by the finish from the evening you'll certainly be singing along. 1 by 1, all of us become a victim of the incessant chanting of Café Siren's host.
There are several very nice little cafes at the main market (Ovoshnoi Rynok). They are not expensive, and are cleaner and serve fresher food than many in other areas. They have quite a good selection of food and it is well prepared. Food hygiene is rarely an issue in Crimea as they are a meticulously clean people. As long as you use commons sense you should have no issues.Try shopping in the many markets for local produce. There are great bargains to be had on meat and vegetables. Ukraine also has a wide variety of unique sweets, cakes and bakery which cost little and taste great!
The businesses on Lenin Street vary from souvenir stands to small stores with great items and local crafts. Vodka is very cheap and plentiful - you will be amazed at the many varieties available. Take a trip down to the souvenir shops located on the far side of the harbor (the other side from McDonalds), for numerous trinkets and other interesting reminders of Yalta. Beware if you speak English that the prices tend to go up! Honey It is the best honey from Ukraine! In this region you can buy almost everywhere fresh honey from apiaries. The best prices are during the summer time.

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