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Varna is most likely probably the most attractive city in Bulgaria and its wide shores and crowded ports are the place to find an enormous diversity of individuals and cultures. Featuring the very best weather in the region, Varna is becoming a progressively popular place to go to recently. Vacationers have found the pleasures from the Black Sea Coast are aplenty, while the beautiful museums and hot nightspots are extremely enjoyable to not be experienced. Varna is definitely an outstanding location to have a cruise to due to its convenient docking site and also the compact character from the city. Situated directly on the shoreline, Varna is loaded with existence and excitement. The populace of the lively city is really a mere 300,000, but don't permit this to fool you. Throughout the summer season, the particular number of people increases, and all year round the main harbor is really a major commercial and cultural center. Varna features a fine weather, a great location, and some really nice shopping and dining options.
The Varna Museum is an excellent institute filled with fascinating exhibits. The Historical Museum is yet another incredible establishment, and hopefully you'll have time for you to enjoy all the shows inside these spectacular educational venues. The weather in Varna is very enjoyable. You will find some nice shopping spots, and a few top quality eateries too.
As soon as 600 BC, Varna had been swarming with individuals searching for riches. This region was put into the spotlight because the town of Odessos, a port location full of Greek mariners. Within the second century, the Romans showed up searching to bask under the sun of the glorious city through the ocean. Varna includes a wealthy heritage that's introduced to existence within the museums and architectural landmarks from the area. Historians, archaeologists, and also the government of Varna have been very careful in ensuring all the items and artifacts which have been uncovered stay within Varna. Consequently, if you take an excursion from the city, you'll really have the ability to obtain the whole picture of the items makes Varna stand out.
Docking & Local Transportation
Varna is Bulgaria's only cruise destination. The Cruise ships pier in the Port of Varna, situated at 1 Slavejkov Square. Varna, the 3rd biggest city in Bulgaria, features a competent trolley-bus service that will give you round the city.  Passenger cruise terminal is located near the city centre which is close to the train station and walking distance to the Sea Garden and beaches. There are bus and taxi connections to the city centre, the bus stations, airport, and resorts. Additionally, taxis are available through the city, or request taxis pickup by visiting the leading desk of one of many ocean-side resorts and hotels.
 If you would prefer to rent a car, contact Hertz (52/500-210) or Avis (52/500-282), both of which have offices in the airport, or, for a better deal, get in touch with Vender (52/605-111).
Hanging Around
It's about a 500-yard walk from the port terminal to the start of the Sea Garden Park area and beaches -- and because it's hot and unshaded, that walk feels long. You can climb a rusty ladder up to the top of the sea wall to get a better view and a bit of a sea breeze. On the main drag, you'll see some beautiful embroidery and lacework draped on the walls, as local women offer it for sale. Tip: Only buy on the way back, when you know how much local currency you want to get rid of and are more likely to barter for a last-minute bargain.
For lunch and a bit of shopping, walk right along the waterfront through the Sea Gardens, past an Olympic-scale swimming pool (used by the locals for competitions, so not a tourist facility) and Gossip and Atmosphere Beaches. You'll soon see market stalls on a shady path to your left. Take the path and, straight ahead, you'll find a broad plaza with the Hotel and Cafe Odessos on the left and a large shopping, leisure and restaurant complex on the right -- with lots of open-air restaurant tables.
Local Interests
The Varna Historical Museum may be the premier establishment for learning by pointing out city and it is ancestry. Magnificent objects are displayed, a few of which chronicle the culture and heritage of Varna. Nearly two 1000 gold items were uncovered from underneath the Varna Necropolis in 1972, most of which go as far back to 4000 BC. Its objects like these which make the Varna Museum a really fabulous spot to spend a mid-day. Another exhibit shows an old leader of Varna, together with his bones put together to create a complete skeleton, and the original jewelry hanging out his neck. A lot of these outstanding showcases are enveloped in giant magnification glasses, revealing for each minute detail from the objects inside. The architecture and craftsmanship from the building is dazzling, finishing the elegance of the wonderful institute.
The Dolphinarium is really a lovely place that's situated through the seaside gardens that provides you the opportunity to go through the miracles from the sea, marine existence, and plant existence in Varna. The region is completely attractive, and also the associated gardens are magnificent. The Dolphinarium offers mysterious implies that continues for half an hour at any given time and therefore is spectacular.
Glorious white-sand beaches -- with evocative names like Gossip Beach and Atmosphere Beach -- lie a mere 400 yards from the dockside. Beach restaurants will have clean toilets you can change in (though they charge a half-leva entrance fee).
Alternatively, there are a few blue-painted, tin changing cubicles on stilts, scattered along the beach to preserve your modesty. Even if you just plan on sightseeing and shopping, take your swim wear along. Varna gets extremely hot in summer, and a refreshing dip en route to the ship will seem like an excellent idea after a steamy walk.
The Archaeological Museum ( www.amvarna.com), a 25-minute cab ride from the dock, has more than 55,000 exhibits dating from the Stone Age. The vast collection includes ancient tombs, golden treasures more than 6,000 years old and some examples of the oldest processed gold in the world. It's open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
 The Roman Baths are another close-to-the-ship attraction. The ruins of the Roman thermal baths, once the largest Roman public building in Bulgaria. Enough of the complex has been excavated to make it an impressive sight. From the ship, turn left as you enter the Sea Gardens. The baths are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The Golden Sands Resort ( www.goldensands.bg), roughly an hour's ride from the port, is a great place to take youngsters, as it's the largest beach resort in Bulgaria. It has all the ingredients for a great day at the seaside, including miles of beautiful sand beaches, a lively promenade that's lined with cafes and restaurants, fairground booths and even donkey rides. It's open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. in summer and is free to explore, though (obviously) rides and booth offerings cost extra.
The Aladja Monastery, near the Golden Sands Resort, is made up of a series of caves, set 120 feet up on a cliff face; it was home to early Christian hermits in the sixth century. The monastery consists of the monks' cells and a small church, in which you can still see some of the colored wall paintings.
The Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, a 25-minute cab ride from the dock, is worth seeing for its ornate bishop's throne and icons; its fine, stained-glass windows and distinctive, onion-shaped domes; and the wonderful views over the city from its 133-stepped bell tower. It's open 8 a.m. to 8p.m. When you've finished, check out the nearby flea market.
For a bit of history -- or to escape the hot sun with an indoor activity -- Varna offers several other interesting museums. Walkable from the Sea Gardens is the National Maritime Museum (open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Or, take a taxi to the center of Varna to visit the Museum of Art and History, which has artifacts and jewellery that date back to 5,000 B.C., as well as the Ethnographical Museum, a period house that recreates life as it was lived in the city in the 1800's. A good place to start a city walking tour is Nezavisimost Square. Take a short cab ride from the pier to the square, and from there, you can walk to the Roman fortress wall, Round Tower and Opera House.
Dining and Night life
Sofia may be the cuisine capital of Bulgaria, but when it comes to informal dining, Varna blows the socks off its big sister. Cafes and snack bars line the evening korso that stretches from Nezavisimost Square to the Slivnitsa before it spills onto the beach. Here, sandwiched between the city's Sea Gardens and the long curve of its sandy beach, is a wide ribbon of makeshift beach restaurants and bars that curve out from the harbor, finally petering out some 5 to 8km (3-5 miles) north. You can wander along and simply stop at the first place that takes your fancy: The backdrop -- a deep sandy beach, lapped by the gentle waters of the Black Sea -- is hard to beat. Rated the best fish restaurant by locals, BM Zaliva marks the southern tip of the beach. It's a great informal dive (plastic chairs; toes in the sand) where you could opt for a simple sesame-encrusted hake, a hunk of breaded shark, a meaty pan-fried red mullet, or the pricey turbot, fried in garlic and olive oil. But if you've had enough of the thumping beachfront scene, make sure you sample one of the following.
Mexican Club Rico is situated where Simeon meets Nezavisimost St., and is a superb restaurant that serves authentic Mexican food. You would not believe you could get such outstanding Mexican cuisine in Bulgaria, but it is the reality! During the night, Rico wears interesting shows composed of flashing cacti and upbeat music. This can be a fun place for anybody visiting Varna, which is a genuine change of pace in the relaxation from the city. The Varna Community House of Art are available at Lyuben Karavelov 1 and hosts numerous outstanding occasions. This operation conducts the Worldwide Jazz Festival, and also the Love is Folly film festival, along with the popular Varna Summer time, that is a celebration of music that's wonderfully enjoyable and runs from June through This summer.
The city of Varna Bulgaria has a couple of small shopping malls like Pfohe Mall and Picadilly Mall, but Mall Varna is the main shopping center as it boasts a great variety of department stores and boutiques.Apart from shopping, Mall Varna is an excellent place to hang out during a rainy day, as it features amenities like kid’s playgrounds, entertainment areas, a food court and a couple of cinemas. If you want to grab a bargain and purchase hand-made goods, the city center is home to a few open-air markets like Kolhozen Pazar Market, located along Georgi Benkovski street.
A popular shopping place for vacationers and local people is Bambukita, available at 6 Baba Rada Street. Recognized for their exotic gifts, Bambukita will certainly possess some unique and crazy souvenirs that you should buy for your family and family members. If you're looking for very difficult-to-find paperback or books unique to Bulgaria, you need to certainly browse the Penguin Book Shop.

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