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Paros is considered as one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades. It is characterized by the many beaches and also the charming villages: Parikia (the main town), Naoussa, Lefkes, Marpissa, Piso Livadi and other. Naoussa is a old fishing village turned into a cosmopolitan top holiday destination.
The Greek island of Paros is a well-liked Greek place to go for vacationers. Paros belongs to the area group referred to as Cyclades, and it is very well-known for its attractive, traditional towns and gorgeous beaches. Paros’ primary port, Parikia, is a well-liked place that’s categorized by small stores, cobblestone paths and places of worship. If you are thinking about kite boarding, try Pounda. For some beautiful beaches, a nice range of adventure activities, fishing, quaint coffee shops, and a warm, buzzing vibe; head straight to Paros.
Where You are Dock
Situated on the bay around the island’s north-west side, Parikia may be the chief gathering ground for catamarans and ferries. The Paros port can also be situated near to town and within easy reach to lots of breathtaking beaches, marketplaces and cafés. Cruise companies that go to the port of Paros include SeaDream Yacht Club, Azamara Club CruiseLine, and Swan Hellenic Cruises. The first impression after docking in the primary port and capital Parikia is going to be from the kitschy windmill around the quay, travel specialists, coffee shops, bookstores, and also the fast-food joints lining the harbor front. Have a couple of steps inland, and you will find it. Parikia comes with an energetic marketplace and also the Ekatondapiliani, the 100-doored chapel developed in the sixth century through the famous architect Isodore of Miletus. Winding roads, the paving gemstones thoroughly marked served by whitewash, lead removed from the primary square. One street meanders up or more, passing marble fountains and modest houses with elaborate door frames, towards the remains of the medieval castle, constructed with portions pillaged from various local ancient temples.
Things to see
Paros has lots of activities and fun things you can do, from stunning beaches to historic and cultural points of interest. Fully immerse yourself within the good reputation for the Panayia Ekatondapiliani Cathedral by viewing spectacular architecture, decorative interior and much more. If you are thinking about exploring a lot of island’s history, make sure to look into the Historical Museum or Byzantine Museum. For individuals that are looking to remain near by the main harbor, wander around Parikia town and study the neighborhood shops, wine bars, restaurants and nearby beaches. A couple of beaches which are worth looking at are Santa Maria Beach and Krios Beach. Admire the very obvious, shallow waters while relaxing around the sand together with your favorite cocktail or brew. Since Paros remains a well known Greek paradise, there’s always something to achieve that will surprise all sorts of visitor.
The Frankish Castle 
The amazing Frankish castle is one of the most important monuments on the island of Paros. It is located upon the hill of Agios Konstantinos in the main town of Paroikia. It was built in the 1200s by the Venetians who then had occupied Paros and had made Paros a part of the Duchy of Naxos (See history of Paros). Scholars have said that the castle must have been built from the vestiges of an assortment of ancient sanctuaries that were found scattered here and there upon Paros. The castle stands out for its amazing architecture and its intricate stonework and the hundred footer Hekatompedon that has been engraved into its walls. The elongated tower integrates all the elements of a 4th century globular edifice, built during the Frankish era. The Frankish castle is located at the highest point of Parikia and guarantees an amazing view from its surrounding areas..
Don't miss the church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani which means the church of 100 doors , in Parikia (very close to the harbour) a 4th century monument, rebuilt after the earthquake of 1773. The original church was built by St. Helen , the mother of St. Constantine, according to the legend . The old town of Parikia is considered to be the biggest in the Cyclades island. You will find alleys untouched from the touristic wave that reduces the beauty of these settlements. Lefkes village is in the middle of the island with many nice tavernas, and beautiful alleys. From Lefkes you can take a very nice walk at the old stones of the Byzantine Route down to Prodromos.
The church of Panayia Ekatontapyliani is the finest and most impressive religious complex in the Aegean and the third most important early Christian monument in size, after the Saint Dimitrios and Achiropoito in Thessaloniki. It consists of a large central church of the Virgin Mary, the Baptistery, the Chapel of St. Nicholas that exsists from the early Christian period, the chapel of St. Theodosia (1619), the chapel of Agios Dimitrios (1666) and the cells (17th century) that assist the above temples. The church was known by two names, each is equally correct from a historical and linguistic perspective. Katapoliani The name first appeared in 1562 in response to the Dukes of the Archipelago. associated with the position of the church, which was built toward the ancient city (Katapola), which was certified from the discovery of the ancient gymansiou beneath the floor of the church. The other name, Ekatontapyliani, was first mentioned in 1586, in a letter from the patriarch of Constantinople Theoliptos B and epomenos not construct the scholars of the 18th century, but almost in line with another name.THE
The Ancient Cemetery is located about 300 meters to the left of the main port of Parikia and is spread out over a large area. According to archeologists and scholars, the ancient cemetery was functional from the 8th to the 2rd century AD. The cemetery includes a variety of graves of many different in types and from different archaic eras. The main attraction of the cemetery is a mass grave that dates back to the Geometric Period and is the only one of its kind in the Aegean Sea region.
The Ancient Pottery Wokshop in Parokia
Extensive establishment of a pottery workshop, dated to the 3rd century B.C.It has two cisterns, auxiliary rooms, two spacious kilns (diameter 2m.) and four smaller ones, in the construction of which Archaic pithoi with impressed decoration were used:
a) a Geometric grave
b) and a wall of a large Archaic building were uncovered in the deeper strata.
The excavation started in 1986 in private land and was extended in the area of the street in 1990. The monument is now preserved in the basement of the modern building.
The Sanctuary of Asklipios
The German archeologist, Rubensohn found two sanctuaries in the south of Paroikia, positioned in Agia Anna. The one was The sanctuary of Asklipios, the ancient Greek God of medicine and the second one is the remains of the temple of Pythios Apollo ( See Greek mythology ). From the temple of Pythios Apollon, unfortunately very little remains, the rest of the temple was probably destroyed in 202/201 B.C.
From the temple of Asklipios, only the columns remain. It was built in the 4th century B.C. close to a spring as water was necessary for the God's ceremonies.
The Archeological Museum on Paros
The museum was founded in 1960, when a large room was built next to the main High School in Paroikia, to house the antiquities which were until then kept in the cells of the Katapoliani monastery. A second room was built at the end of the 1960's and further extension work of the museum began only recently, in 1995.
The museum contains the following collections:
- Room A: Archaic and Classical sculpture.
- Room B: Pottery, sculpture and small finds dating from the Neolithic to the Roman period.
- Atrium: Sculptures, architectural parts, urns, and a mosaic floor dating from the Roman period.
The Butterfly Valley (petaloudes)
A short distance (about 8 km), towards the south of Parikia (Aliki), is the Butterfly Valley, or as the Greeks say The Petaloudes.In the summer months, from May to August, the trees in the lush green valley are covered by clouds of Jersey Tiger moths.The trees look like they are dancing and the fragrance, which attracts the butterflies (well, moths really), is lovely. It is a relaxing and a peaceful nature park.
Organized tours can be arranged from Naoussa or Paroikia, or you can take the bus or get there on your own. The entrance fee is 3 Euros and you will be asked to keep your children quiet as to not scare the butterflies away. There is a quaint little coffee shop inside the valley, where you can have a refreshment or coffee.
Paros Points of interest
So far as beautiful beaches go, Santa Maria Beach, Krios Beach, Kolymbithres Beach and Monastiri Beach are worth looking at. Paros also offers a lot of fun water sports for example windsurfing, water skiing, kite boarding and kite surfing. If you are a devoted wine-lover, you cannot lose out on going to the Moraitis Vineyard. Furthermore visitors reach taste a number of different wines, but they’ll also have the ability to explore stone cellars and find out how wines are made.
Another attraction is Frankish Kastro, a fortress built with gemstones that holds remains in the temple of Athena. Whether it doesn’t slip you out of trouble an excessive amount of, in addition, there's a close graveyard situated in Parikia that’s as old because the seventh century BC. Once you’ve upset a hunger, some Paros points of interest with authentic Greek and Mediterranean cuisine include Levantis and Glafkos. Try delectable dishes at Levantis for example tasty lamb and roasting veggies or enjoy fresh mussels and calamari right out the sea at Glafkos.
Don’t allow the sun setting within the sea finish your entire day. Vacationers that are looking to party up late in to the evening will find plenty of Paros points of interest regarding night life and entertainment. Pebbles Jazz Bar is easily situated through the sea featuring soothing music throughout your day and awesome jazz amounts during the night. Despite the fact that it might be small, Koukoutoi is really a hidden treasure where vacationers can loosen off on cushions and order their most favorite drinks.
Never allow the party finish by striking up Punda Beach Club, a location that’s open all day long featuring live music, pools and endless fun. Another fun factor to complete while you’re in Paros is to go to the Kokou Equine Riding Center. Go through the amazing chance to ride horses across the shoreline too as with the ocean. In addition, there's a Eurodiver’s Club where vacationers can learn diving courses to organize them look around the dark blue ocean. A household-friendly activity may be the Octopus Ocean Trip, offering fun items like diving and scuba diving for the entire family.
Paros has some mud beaches. If you are really tight on time, you are able to walk in under fifteen minutes where the Cruise ship docks past in which the fishing boats for sale and small pleasure motorboats are moored to sandy Livadia beach, which has coffee shops, bookstores and umbrellas. If you're able to visit a few out-on-the-island beaches, here are a few suggestions. Have the ability to chairs and umbrellas to book and a lot of tavernas and coffee shops, bookstores. Chrissi Akti (Golden Beach), around the island's southeast coast, is 1km (1/2 mile) of proper golden sand (with umbrellas and chairs to book, tavernas, and coffee shops, bookstores), is usually considered the very best beach around the island. It is also the windiest, even though the wind is generally offshore. Aegean Diving College and also the Aegean Diving School offer scuba instruction and led dives. There's frequent bus service here from both Parikia and Naoussa.
Among the island's best and many famous, attractive Kolimbithres can also be offered by bus from Parikia and Naoussa. Its smooth giant rocks that divide the gold-sand beach into several small coves -- and appearance on plenty of island postcards. As at Golden Beach, you will find umbrellas and chairs to book and a lot of places to possess a bite.
Paros has lots of transportation choices to circumvent the area. Among the most secure and many practical methods for traveling round the island is as simple as using the bus. A couple of advantages of using the bus services are that it is relatively inexpensively and also the buses will collect you or drop you off in the center of nowhere. Also, bus stations in Naoussa and Parikia are open mostly all day long. Another port of Paros parking and transportation technique is taxi services.
Since awaiting public transit usually takes from a number of your trip time, hopping on the taxi is an easy and quick method to begin to see the island. Should you intend on employing taxis, you will find several things you should know of before getting in. Flagging lower taxis is simple because all you need to do is wave. Make sure that the taximeter is on which means you don’t get cheated when you get to your destination. A traveling rule that virtually all vacationers live and eat is you must always agree with a cost prior to starting the ride.
Paros is big enough that even when you are just for each day, leasing a vehicle is sensible. If you are within May or June, you may make an around-the-island tour which includes a morning trip to Petaloudes, a trip to Lefkes, an end for supper in Naoussa, a go swimming at the beach of preference, along with a evening in Parikia, in which you go to the Byzantine Ekatondapiliana Cathedral after which shop and stroll the night away. Other several weeks, once the seeing stars are this is not on Paros, you might want to take more time going to the cathedral, and consuming the historical museum, coupled with a ship trip from Parikia or Pounta towards the little island of Andiparos.
Eating Out
In Parikia's sea front you will find many nice tavernas with excellent food,exacly behind in the old town wander along the narrow streets with the many kind of shops, and the unique cycladic atmospfere.
Don't forget to seat in one of the many "Ouzeri" in Naoussa and taste Gouna fish and octopus in vinegar.
Market Street in Parikia may be the shopping hub from the island, with a lot of tempting jewelry, leather, and pottery and a holiday in Greece. It isn't really a country of feet fetishists, but it definitely is a country of shoe enthusiasts. The Jewelry Workshop is strictly that, using the work of countless local designers. If you want to brighten your house, take a look at Yria Inside and Yvonne von der Decken's shop Palaio Poleio both on Market Street, both with pottery, furniture, plus some old pieces from Greece and Europe. Audiophile comes with an extensive assortment of Compact disks of Greek and worldwide music, at prices a little greater than you may pay in Athens. Around the harbor, InterNews sells worldwide newspapers, guidebooks, maps, plus some books.

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