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Parga is really a town situated within the northwest of Greece around Epirus. Parga rests on the Ionian coast between your metropolitan areas of Preveza and Igoumenitsa. Tourism is quite new here and the amount of foreign vacationers is small so individuals are friendly and also the town still feels truly Greek. This is one of those less traveled locations where you can find the peace and friendly locals that the more touristy destinations are devoid of.
It's a resort town noted for its scenic beauty, the most popular destination using the Greeks themselves, which is being a popular site for people from other countries. Parga is encircled by mountainous countryside, which is rocky and hairy within the east even though it is forested and grassy towards the northwest.
The islands of Paxoi and areas of southern Corfu is visible and often Lefkada too. The 14th century Venetian castle separates Parga's bay and harbor in the lengthy sandy crescent formed Valtos beach. You will find excellent sights of both bays in the now destroyed fortress.
Where You are Dock
Cruise Ships anchore and tender to center of town.The main harbor of Parga is a touch town with large charms. Although you will find lots of charming ports upon the Greek Coast, Parga has some features which distinguish it in the crowd. While you glide in to the primary bay, you will be certain to spot the unique sprawl from the town’s colorful variety of structures- put down such as the amphitheatres that have located epic tragedies throughout Greece.
Probably the most beautiful resorts within the entire country, the attractive bay isn't not even close to the luxurious island of Panagia and tranquil power ideal for flyfishing. Bookending this gorgeous curve are coves jutting out for the ocean, full of eco-friendly trees and rocky outcrops, framework the center of town perfectly. The a large number of sails that may be seen inside the harbour throughout the year is definitely an long lasting proof of the enchanting allure this port continues to be fortunate with for many years.
Getting around
Parga is a very small town, so there is really no need for transportation to get around, except from the boats leaving every now and then to the nearby beaches Lichnos and Valtos. It is possible to walk, though the trip can be very warm during the day. To get to the surrounding areas, there is a car and scooter rental in town.
Things to See
The Necromanteion of Parga
Though an incredible beach place Parga may be, it isn't all yachts and sun tanning. A high among the highest peaks for miles around, the Necromanteion of Parga overlooks the whole bay. Necromanteion literally means “Oracle of Death”, a shrine towards the gods of Hades and Persephone. The stone walls of the ziggurat temple have represented 100s of years, a location that the faithful will make pilgrimage to speak with their dead forefathers. Today you can go to the romantic catacombs beneath the temple, look around the altars and caves in which the ancient Greeks would conduct events and traditions commemorating the dead, and then leave tributes for their forefathers.
The Archeron River
Regardless of whether you tour this unique river by boat or by walking lower its banks, it will be a superbly surreal experience. The aquamarine waters from the Archeron weave with the hillsides surrounding Parga right to the Ionian Ocean, in which the very waters satisfy the inky blue from the open sea. Sailing lower the forest is the easiest method to begin to see the shades blend and alter while you go by banks full of flowering trees, colorful bushes, and native anglers casting their lines in to the languid waters.
The Castle of Parga
Such as the Necromanteion, the ruins from the primary castle of Parga disregard the entire bay atop a hill. Centuries of storied history give this website an intriguing atmosphere which has never abated throughout Parga’s tenure like a tourist hub. The castle was built-in the eleventh century to safeguard the city from being ravaged by pirates, today, the ruins of the building continue to be remarkably huge, that contains archway, gun emplacement rooms, and stone bastions that have made it nearly a millennia of conflict.
Eating Out
You may have to go towards the borders to reach Perivoli, among the finest restaurants in Parga, but your meals are worth the trip. A favorite of the local people, every dish is cooked perfectly, particularly the veal stew and the scrumptious stifrado.
Castello Restaurant International cuisine in a very romantic atmosphere, a must see. Great food and service.
Zorba's Restaurant Affordable local restaurant situated close to the harbor. Traditional food as well as pizza.
Kastro Expensive restaurant up on the hills, very close to the fortress. Good food, with many international dishes. Usually very full in the evenings, waiting may be required.
Sakis Restaurant One family restaurant with traditional Greek kitchen, very good prices and one family atmosphere that makes you feel like home. Located near the gate of the Venecian Castle of Parga.
Bachos. Excellent food, caring and nice servers. May be a bit crowded on the evenings and you might have to wait in a line to get in. They usually serve you some ouzo, beer or soda while you wait. The wait is well worth it. It is in the southern part of the pier, close to the krioneri beach.  There are other restaurants, including a Chinese, on the beachside
The Greek Islands are revered for his or her jewelry, and Parga isn't any exception. Go to Babylonia and GC for vintage pieces that have been embellished with 18 carat gold and gems, providing you with old-style with modern touches.

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