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Found on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia, Opatija is situated in the feet from the Ucka Mountain around the Gulf of Kvarner. The town has a striking natural landscape and a number of fabulous attraction including historic structures and monuments, idyllic parks and gardens in addition to a picturesque shoreline. The town was built on the hill, which enables fantastic sights out within the coast and surrounding areas from almost any place in the regions. Opatija’s abundant culture and heritage is well known through the city, at numerous religious shrines and places of worship, a few of which display beautiful historic architecture and inviting design. The town handles to keep a peaceful evening atmosphere but during the night the region comes alive, changing right into a vibrant hub of activity boasting a range of chic stores, bars and restaurants. This scenic and historic city is definitely a memorable destination having a charming and friendly atmosphere. The place is filled with amiable locals, heritage structures, and a warm vibe.
Where You are Dock
The gateway to the Kvarner region of Croatia. Opatija is a well-known port which holds a great number of small cruise ships for cruises along the Adriatic
Sightseeing in Opatija
Opatija’s pristine shoreline includes the sandy beaches of Lovran, Tomasevac and Brsec among several others. An accumulation of museums, statues and historic sites will also be situated over the city, offering site visitors a larger understanding of Opatija’s wonderful culture and intriguing history. A few of the region’s most widely used tourist points of interest include:
St. Jakov’s Chapel
St. Jakov’s Chapel is thought to possess been built-in 1420 like a colony for Benedictine refugees. Within the centuries the chapel continues to be through many makeovers and nowadays maintains hardly any of their original appearance. The chapel does however contain fascinating artefacts, together with a replica of 1 of Mestrovic’s relief. Through the years, the dwelling continues to be passed between religious orders, from Benedictines to Augustinians and from Paulists to Jesuits. In modern occasions, the dwelling can be used for chamber concerts, hopes and public.
The Park of St. Jakov
The park of St. Jakov, situated close to St. Jakov Chapel, was created between 1845 and 1860 and consists of plants from the 3 continents including South Usa, Australia and also the China. The park covers a place well over 3.5 hectares and it is split into 60 fields, each with a variety of beautiful flora and plant existence.
Croatian Walk of Fame
Customer will discover the Croatian Walk of Fame on Opatija’s Slatina. Like the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, this attraction remembers a number of Croatia’s most well-known sons including Nikola Tesla, Kresimir Crosic, Miroslav Radman and Janica Kostelic.
Villa Angiolina
Villa AngiolinaBuilt in 1844 by Iginio Scarpa, a rich merchant from nearby Rijeka, Villa Angiolina was one of the first tourist resorts in Opatija. This building marked the beginning of tourism in Opatija and it was fully renovated in 2000. Tourists can view the richly decorated hall with its painted ceiling, where numerous social events, concerts and romantic weddings are held. Today it also serves as the museum of Croatian tourism.
Maiden with the Seagull
Maiden with the SeagullErected in 1956, the Maiden with the Seagull has become a symbol of Opatija. It is located on the bank of the sea along the popular “Lungomare” promenade. It is the work of the academic sculptor Zvonko Car. The sculpture’s connection with the sea originates in Opatija’s Austro-Hungarian past. Even by night the Nymph stands in an aura of light coming from the reflectors built into the rocks. Its silhouette lives in photo albums around the world and lures visitors to the Opatija Riviera.
Fountain of Helios and Selena
The Fountain of Helios and Selena is located across the street from Hotel Imperial near the church of St. Jacob. Sculptor Hans Rathausky of Graz created the fountain.
Fountain Slatina
Fountain Slatina is centrally located on Opatija's main street in a charming park next to the Palace-Bellevue hotel, right across the street from the popular Slatina beach.
Madonna del Mare
Madonna del MareThe Madonna del Mare originally stood where the Maiden with the Seagull is located today. A replica of Madonna can be seen at St. Jacob's Church. The original statue of the sorrowful Mother of God, the work of the master Rathausky from Graz, once stood on the rock by the sea in memory of Arthur Kesselstadt, who died at sea in 1891. The lone statue stood against years of waves and wind. After the sea damaged the sculpture in 1951, it was removed and restored to be permanently stored in 1996. A gold-plated replica of the Madonnina was put up next to the parish church of St. Jacob. In the place of the Madonna sculpture the Maiden with the seagull ascends to the landmark throne of Opatija
Church of the Annunciation of Mary
At the urging of Austria's Franz Joseph I, the Church of the Annunciation of Mary began construction in 1906. The construction was begun by the Austrians according to the project by Karl Seidl, and was continued and completed by the Italians. It has interesting neo-Romanesque triple nave structure with its recognizable green dome.
Casino Admiral and the casino at the hotel Palace-Bellevue are located in the town center, while more experienced players will probably hit the tables and try their luck at the live games in casino Adriatic.
Eating At Restaurants in Opatija
Like a seaside town, affected through the ocean, a lot of Opatija’s great eateries specialize in local sea food dishes, carefully made by expert chefs while using finest elements. The location is also renowned for its production of fine quality wine, which is offered in nearly all restaurants alongside a range of both local and global cuisine
This is the point where it all starts being really fun! It’s past midnight and the party is heating up with each passing minute. You are about to learn what the nightlife in Opatija is all about! The Galija, Hemingway and Tantra are popular nightclubs located next to the Opatija harbor, where the cool sea breeze freshens up the hot summer night while a hundred colors are mixed into cocktails and the DJ is getting louder with each new song.
Or maybe you’d like to stay closer to the town centre? Disco club Colosseum is only a few steps from the main town beach of Slatina and the Lungomare promenade, with popular hits and house music playing non-stop from dusk till dawn. Those who seek a more elegant surrounding will probably opt for the Lord Byron nightclub, one of the oldest clubs in Opatija, located in the bottom floor of the famous hotel Imperial.
On the other hand if your cruise ship stay overnight, maybe you’d like to get out of the town for a night? Don’t worry because Medveja is only a few kilometers away. The Hemingway beach bar is situated at the very seafront and it is one of the most popular summer spots in the region, especially among the younger crowd. Just hop into a taxi and you’re there in a couple of minutes!
Shopping in Opatija
The primary roads of downtown Opatija are lined with fantastic shops and stores selling a number of authentic local souvenirs in addition to provisions and general amenities. Among the city’s most widely used large shops may be the excessively designed Operetta Retail Center, which houses an array of shop selling well-known brands at reasonable prices.

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