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Hydra is perhaps the most beautiful port village in all of Greece. A tiny harbor ringed with cafes, restaurants and gold shops is surrounded by a village of stone houses and villas that rise up the hills like an ampitheatre. But one of the best things about Hydra is that there are no cars. Everything is moved by donkey, including groceries, building supplies, people and their luggage. Hydra is the former home of Leonard Cohen and stomping grounds of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Pink Floyd and many other famous and not so famous people. Hydra is a little expensive, but not as much as Mykonos and there are still bargains to be found on the backstreets in the way of food, hotels and entertainment.
Hydra is among a number of vacation spots in Greece that cannot be spoiled. Together with Mykonos, it was among the first Greek islands to become "discovered" through the gorgeous people in the '50s and '60s. Today, you will find frequently more day-trippers here than the original gorgeous people, although when elegant Athenians flee their stuffy flats for their Hydriote getaway every summer time, the harbor front becomes an impromptu fashion display. If you're able to, arrive at night, when the majority of the day site visitors have remaining, and rejoice within the awesome from the evening. Anything you do, make sure to perform when of the ship while you arrive, so that you can see Hydra's bleak and steep hillsides all of a sudden reveal its perfect horseshoe harbor overlooked through the 18th-century clock tower from the Chapel from the Dormition. However the best is not yet been whenever you step ashore. This is as chic as it gets in summers, and as unruffled, and laidback as it gets during the rest of the year. Hydra is a perfect amalgam of everything tourists loom for, and there’s truly something for everyone here.
Let us begin with the cars -- or, more precisely, their absence. Except for a number of municipal automobiles, you will find no cars on Hydra. You'll most likely encounter a minimum of one type of local transportation: the donkey. If you notice Hydra's splendid 18th- and 19th-century stone archontika (mansions) across the waterfront as well as on the steep roads above, you will not be amazed to understand the island continues to be declared a nationwide treasure through the Greek government and also the Council of Europe. You'll most likely find Hydra town so charming that you will forgive its one serious flaw: no top-notch beach. Do because the Hydriots do, and go swimming in the rocks at Spilia and Hydronetta, just past the primary harbor, or visit among the caiques that ply from Hydra town towards the relatively quiet island
Where You are Dock
Hydra cruise Port is located center of town, a holiday in Greece situated within the Aegean Sea. The traditional Greeks gave the area its title, meaning “spring around the island”.
The city has continued to be unspoiled and modern developments are prevented whenever possible. Cars and automobiles are forbidden within the island aside from sanitation and construction automobiles. The city could be investigated by feet, bicycles, horses and donkeys. Greek VIPs and worldwide celebs are often spotted in Hydra. Throughout summer time, the main harbour works as a meeting point for sailboats and splendid yachts. The area hosts the most popular Kamini Yacht Club.
The main characteristic of Hydra is that vehicles are not allowed within the town and transport is only done by boat or on foot. At the port of Hydra, there are boats to transfer tourists to beaches around the island, including Mandraki, Kaminia, Vlichos, Bitsi and Agios Nikolaos.
There are also taxi boats to get visitors around the island, which are faster than regular boats Water Taxis are a bit expensive but the will take you to the beaches around the island. They have fix prices depending on the destination and the number of people inside, if you want to take a private one you’ll pay more so relax and wait for some more passengers.  The locals widely use donkeys to move around or carry things. At the port, there are also few companies that rent bicycles for bike tours in Hydra.
Points of interest in Hydra Town
Why did all individuals "beautiful people" begin arrive at Hydra within the '50s and '60s, why is the area very popular today? Just like the hill cities of Italia, the primary attraction this is actually the architecture and setting from the town itself -- and all sorts of chic shops, restaurants, hotels, and bars which have adopted quarters within the handsome old stone structures. Within the 18th and 19th centuries, ships from Hydra moved cargo all over the world making the region  very wealthy indeed. Like ship captains around the American island of Nantucket, Hydra's ship captains shown their wealth because they build the coolest houses money could buy. The captains' lasting legacy: the handsome stone archontika (mansions) looking over the harbor that provide Hydra town its distinctive character. If you wish to learn more about Hydra's history, stay in in the harbor side Historic Archives and Museum, which has old works of art, created and colored ship figureheads, and costumes. You will find sometimes exhibits of labor by local artists inside a gallery here.
A Monastery, Convent & Beaches
If you wish to have an energetic uphill walk (without any shade), mind up Miaouli past Kala Pigadia (Go Wells), still the town's best local supply of water. A stroll of a couple of hours, based on your pace, will take you towards the Convent of Ayia Efpraxia and Monastery from the Prophet Elijah (Profitis Elias). Have superb sights, both of them are still active, and also the nuns sell their hands-woven materials. (Note: Both nuns and monks take notice of the midday siesta from 1-5pm. Dress properly -- no shorts or tank tops.)
Regrettably, the majority of Hydra's best beach, at Mandraki, a 20-minute walk east of town, may be the private preserve from the Miramare Hotel. If you are on Hydra briefly, your best choice would be to go swimming from the rocks just west of Hydra town at Spilia or Hydronetta, or mind to sandier (and trendy) Kaminia. Still farther west would be the pine-lined coves of Molos, Palamida, and Bisti (the 3 as sandy because it will get on Hydra), best arrived at by water taxi in the primary harbor. The Kallianos Dive Center offers PADI scuba training and activities off Kapari island, near Hydra.
The area of Dokos, northwest from the tip of Hydra, an hour's boat ride from town, includes a good beach and ideal diving conditions it had been here that Jacques Cousteau found a sunken ship with cargo still aboard, thought to become 3,000 years of age. You might want to have a have a picnic along with you, because the taverna here keeps unpredictable hrs.
Hydra boasts it has 365 places of worship, one for each day of the season. Probably the most impressive, the mid-18th-century Monastery from the Dormition from the Virgin Mary (E Kimisis ienc Panagias) is as simple as the time tower around the harbor front. This is actually the monastery built from the marble blocks compromised from the (for now) well-maintained Temple of Poseidon around the island of Poros. The structures here no more be the monastery, and also the cells are actually municipal offices. The chapel has rather undistinguished 19th-century frescoes, however the 18th-century marble iconostasis (altar screen) is terrific. Such as the marble from Poros, this altar screen was "lent" from another chapel and introduced here. Seeing it's worth the recommended donation.
Things to See
Your visit in Hydra could be begin by enjoying a dip within the Spilia Beach or Hydronetta Beach situated close to the town center.
The Kala Pigadia (Good Wells) is an extremely old but functional well dating back 17th century. You’ll think it is in the heart of a sizable courtyard found towards the top of Miaoulis Street.
You may also visit watching the pottery makers in Kamini Harbor, a 15-minute walk towards the west in the town center.Find out more of Hydra’s history in the Historic Museum of Hydra. You should check out shows of local costumes, works of art of worldwide Greek artists, weapons and 1700s documents.
You will find around 6 Orthodox monasteries in Hydra, 2 which are often visited by vacationers the Agia Efpraxia and Profitis Ilias. Both monasteries take presctiption a hilltop looking over the primary port.
Bars and Restaurants
An intimate getaway in the Sunset Restaurant in Antonis Rabas Street is ideal for couples. The Ydronetta Bar is known for their Full Moon Parties with breathtaking scenery as background. For wedding ceremonies and receptions, the Enalion Restaurant Vlichos is the perfect place, from the superb menu to exotic location.
Popular Greek dishes such as the Kapama Lamb with whitened sauce and quail egg with pilau grain are regarded as offered very best in Xeri Elia. District has existed for 180 years. Fresh sea food dishes are offered in the Tavern Lulus, 10 meters from the port. The Psaropoula Restaurant is situated on the main harbor and serves delectable Mediterranean cuisine at its finest complemented by relaxing Greek music. The Sailing Bar is much sought after by the local people and holidaymakers who wish to dance the evening away with buddies and cocktail drinks at sundown.
Hydra results in searching for gold jewelry and gemstones. Concerning lots of worldwide artists residing in the area, there are also great artworks offered in most galleries.
A store known as Siblings on Hydra Island shows a multitude of clothes and add-ons for males and ladies. The Karoto clothing shop is an expert in clothes for babies and kids as much as 14 years of age. The famous “Peter’s Collection” by jewelry designer Kritikos Peter will also be displayed in the frequent the city center.

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