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Eilat is Israel's southernmost city, an active port along with a popular resort city. It's situated in the northern tip from the Red-colored Ocean, around the Gulf of Aqaba. The city's idyllic beaches, buzzing night life and expansive desert landscapes turn it into a popular place to go for domestic and worldwide tourism. Those looking for an off-beat vacation spot with varied landscapes may take to this place quickly.
The city of Eilat may be the southernmost town of Israel and it is gateway towards the Red-colored Ocean. Its beaches and resorts attract vacationers from around the globe, attracted towards the possibilities for scuba and skin diving, swimming with whales, or camel around the Southern Negev Desert searching for traces of Eilat’s 10,000 many years of settled history. The Barrier Beach Character Reserve and Barrier World Underwater Observatory each give site visitors an up-close view of the local ocean existence, and Eilat is on the major migration route for wild birds traveling between Africa and Europe, which makes it a birdwatchers paradise.
The Tayelet promenade stretches the size of the shore front and hosts numerous stalls, street artists, restaurants, and trendy shops. The promenade has great sights from the bay, and every evening it is filled with walking vacationers. The southern beach, that has barrier reefs, remains safe and secure through the Israel Character Reserve Authority. Its many public beaches and ideal diving centers.
Where You are Dock
Eilat Cruise Terminal very close to city center,  cruise lines provide a free shuttle bus from the port entrance to town and back every hour, if you want A taxi should not cost more than 5-10$USD for a ride to the north beach hotels area.

Things to do & see

Snorkel or Dive at Aqua Beach
If you’re looking for the best spot to dive or snorkel in Israel, this is the beach for you. Aqua Beach has all the facilities you’ll ever need for diving and snorkeling in Eilat. It also has a great beach, free to enter, where you can snorkel to your heart’s desire in the Red Sea (head to the right along the coast for the best snorkeling). Check out the Aqua Sport website for more details about the various dive courses available.
Visit the Underwater Observatory Marine Park
A must see attraction in Eilat is the Underwater Observatory Marine Park, which gives you an amazing view of the underwater world of the Red Sea. It has an amazing array of aquariums, including a shark tank, turtle and stingray pools, plus, of course, underwater observatories that enable us to take a peek at life beneath the waves.
And don’t forget to pop up to the Peace Terrace of the Observatory Tower for an amazing view of the Red Sea. This is the Golden Triangle of the Red Sea; you can see four countries from here – Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and, of course, Israel Check their official website for more details. And here’s a nice little video of what to expect at the Marine Park. http://www.coralworld.co.il/en/Default
Swim with the Dolphins at Dolphin Reef
Another great fam ily spot in Eilat, at the Dolphin Reef you can enjoy all the pleasures of a typical Red Sea beach, with the opportunity of meeting and observing dolphins in their natural habitat. You can get to see the dolphins from floating piers and observation points or during a guided swim or dive, which is open to all over 10 years old. A half-hour swim with the dolphins will set you back approximately 300 shekels ($75). Check their official website for more details http://www.dolphinreef.co.il/
Take a Trek in the Red Canyon
If you’re feeling a little adventurous and fancy some hiking in amazing desert scenery, head out of Eilat to the Red Canyon (head out west on Road 12). You’ll probably want to book a tour just to be on the safe side, and the tour will likely include a number of other sites, depending on what you want, but of course, you can always go solo (but please take lots of water with you!).
The Red Canyon itself is approximately 150 meters long and 2-3 meters wide, reaching a height of some 30 meters. And why is it the Red Canyon? Well, the canyon is mostly deep red sandstone, with additional shades of red, purple and white. Any tour of the Red Canyon takes about two hours, possibly more if you’re out of shape!
Take a Tour Boat out into the Red Sea
For a boat trip out into the magical Red Sea, head to Eilat Marina (at the Eastern end of Eilat), which hosts a few glass-bottomed boats for tourists wanting to check out the Red Sea up close and personal. And you don’t even have to get your feet wet!
These trips usually last for around two hours, and you’ll be taken along the coast towards Egypt. You can chill out on deck, catching some sun and some amazing views across Eilat and Jordan, or watch the ocean and coral reefs, complete with shoals of amazingly-colored fish, passing below the boat. Some boats even stop off and let you snorkel in the beautifully refreshing Red Sea…
Perfect way for families and especially kids to enjoy Eilat’s amazing coral reef. Prices range wildly due to the types of cruise available, but check your hotel/hostel for the latest deals. Or just “window-shop” at the Marina until you find the right boat for you.
Go on a Jeep Safari
As Eilat stands at the edge of the Southern Negev desert, you’re in the perfect place to take a jeep safari out into the desert and experience some amazing scenery and hospitality!
The scenery comes courtesy of some amazing desert locations, such as Wadi Solomon, Wadi Rehav’am, Darb el Hadge (the old Muslim road to Mecca), and Mount Yoash (where you’ll get a great view of the area!). Alternatively, you can take a night safari with the stars above and search for nocturnal wildlife, including wolves and hyenas! The hospitality comes courtesy of some Bedouin-style tea, pita and cookies, at night round an open fire!
Prices range due to the types of jeep safari available, but will probably start at around $30 per person. But check your hotel/hostel for the latest deals.
Visit the Timna National Park
Located approximately 25km north of Eilat, Timna Park offers more family attractions and a great opportunity to check out the geology of the region amidst amazing mushroom-shaped pillars of rock, more red sandstone cliffs (Solomon’s Pillars) and the world’s oldest copper mine (dating back some 6000 years).
Check out the multimedia presentation to get a great taste of what the area is all about, historically and geologically. Entrance fee of 69 shekels for adults, 59 shekels for children. During Sukkot, the park is also host to an amazing hot air balloon festival.
Visit King’s City
The King’s City is a fairly new addition to the list of attractions in Eilat. It’s basically a big park based around stories from the bible and is aimed at all the family. Located at the Eastern end of Eilat, next to the Dan and Herod’s hotels, among other things you get to learn about the Pharoah in Egypt, Bible scenes in the Bible cave, plus a cruise down the King Solomon waterfall (you’re likely to get wet!). Tickets will set you back 118 shekels (adult) and 95 shekels for kids (aged 4-13). Check their official website for more details.
Take a Day Trip to Sinai or Petra
Once in Eilat, you are of course only a step away from the magnificent Petra in Jordan and also the Sinai Peninsula. It’s fairly easy to arrange a day trip to either of these destinations, you’ll find plenty of tour operators in Eilat, perhaps even in the lobby of your hotel or hostel. The Sinai tour will probably include St Catherine’s monastery and Mount Sinai, so expect to walk hard! Day trips to Petra might be a little pricier, but seeing those amazing rock monuments is certainly worth the price – in fact, you might prefer a 2-day trip to really appreciate the amazing scenery.
Note that you can also make your own way to Sinai or Petra, just make sure your passport meets the visa requirements. Once through immigration you’ll find many tour guides willing to take you to your chosen destination.
Masada  Fortress & Dead Ocean
This trip will give you in the port of Eillat to Masada, that is still symbolic of Jewish national identity today regardless of the forced emigration the Jews have experienced within the millennia because the diaspora of 66 BC. Following arrival at Masada, a brief cable vehicle ride will give you to the top mountain from which you'll admire a breathtakingly beautiful view within the surrounding rocky desert and also the Dead Ocean. Your best guide will give you to the top mountain, in which you will have the ability to go to the ruins from the ancient fortress built by Herod the truly amazing in 42 BC like a potential refuge within the situation from the revolt from the Jews or riots incited by Mark Antony and Nefertiti. Once the Romans stormed the fortress the Jews preferred mass suicide to slavery. Following this fascinating and dramatic lesson ever you may enjoy the relaxing and magical salty waters from the Dead Ocean, which created over two million years back inside a depression 400 meters below ocean level. You've got the opportunity to relax and refresh yourself having a scrumptious cold buffet inside a modern hotel before taking pleasure in the initial experience with floating within the therapeutic waters from the Dead Ocean
Hai-Bar Safari and Underwater Observatory
The Yotvata Hai-Bar Character Reserve is based on the Arava Valley, roughly 25 miles north of Eilat. Within the ’50s the valley’s farming sector saw intensive growth and also the area’s special weather conditions allowed an excellent number of fruit and veggies to become grown, that have been then released throughout Europe. The character reserve was produced in 1961 using the goal of safeguarding the country’s ancient fauna: of all of the animal species pointed out within the Bible twelve have disappeared, quite a few the making it through ones happen to be introduced here in which the fertile pastures and favorable climate offer an ideal habitat. Throughout your tour you'll have the ability to see various creatures roaming free, a number of them unusual and all sorts of pointed out within the Old Testament, for example gazelles, wild asses, wild goat's and whitened oryx, which based on legend are descendents from the unicorn. You'll then go back to Eilat for a vacation to the underwater observatory, of the question towards the Red-colored Ocean. This beautiful and amazing observatory provides you with the opportunity to view a multitude of colorful tropical seafood, barrier colonies and special types of shark and giant turtles through large glass home windows in a depth of 3-4meters
Timna Park and Underwater Observatory
Timna Park, roughly 15 miles from Eilat in the middle of the Red-colored Canyon, is among the most well-known mining centers of Mediterranean cultures. Its copper reserves were found in the 15th century BC through the Egyptian pharaohs, although its title previously continues to be linked first and foremost to King Solomon. Throughout your tour you'll have the ability to admire some spectacular scenery including ancient mines and 37-metre deep wells, along with the rock formations known as Solomon’s Support beams, which are over fifty meters high and also have been formed by many years of wind and water erosion. You will keep your tour towards to witness proof of age the pharaohs firsthand within the hieroglyphics available in 2 temples devoted towards the Egyptian goddess Hathor, the protector of mines. You'll then go back to Eilat for a vacation to the underwater observatory, of the question towards the Red-colored Ocean. This beautiful and amazing observatory provides you with the opportunity to view a multitude of colorful tropical seafood, barrier colonies and special types of shark and giant turtles through large glass home windows in a depth of three-4 meters.
Fun trip to the Dead Ocean
This trip will give you in the port of Eillat towards the salty waters from the Dead Ocean, which created over two million years back inside a depression 400 mt. below ocean level. You've got the opportunity to relax and refresh yourself having a scrumptious cold buffet inside a modern hotel, in addition to benefit from the unique experience with floating within the therapeutic waters from the Dead Ocean. You'll have even the possible ways to immerse yourself in dirt clay, wealthy in minerals, silicate, carbonate and licensed through the most exclusive cosmetics companies because of its advantageous therapeutic effects. Throughout the trip, a brief visit a nearby shopping mall is going to be made to ensure that you can buy local handicraft in addition to typical beauty items in the Dead Ocean.
Experience - Finding Jerusalem by Coach and Plane
In the port of Eilat to Jerusalem, a variety city comprised of various towns and quarters, each using its own carefully guarded style and customs. Throughout your way to Jerusalem we'll create a refreshment stop and possess the chance to buy a few of the known dead ocean items. A breathtaking tour by bus will give you towards the Mount of Olives, from which you'll have a splendid view within the city and surrounding country. Out of this height you'll have the ability to have a photograph from the city.
You'll then continue as much as Mount Zion to go to the gorgeous Chapel from the Dormition where, based on the Christian doctrine, the Virgin Mary fell into "eternal sleep". After this, supported from your guide you'll then go to the Cenacle and also the tomb of King David. After lunch, you'll go back to your purely cultural itinerary having a walk along Via Dolorosa, retracing the actions of Jesus around the Calvary. You'll have the ability to admire the Holy Sepulchre, the sacred place which unites in one architectural structure, the dying, the funeral and also the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Finally you'll walk towards the Wailing Wall, an historic reference point in which the Jewish people mourn the destruction of the Temple.  The place is as much seeped in history as it’s a bustling tourist hotspot for the youngish travelers looking to steer away from the more clichéd tourist spots.
Eating Out
The main promenade is packed with stylish restaurants catering to tourists and locals alike, offering some of Israel's finest cuisine prepared by Israel's master chefs. Mainly owned by the major hotel chains. The vast variety of restaurants understandably come at a price, but they don't get as pricey as the restaurants of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

For Eilat's cheap yet excellent falafel, check out the falafel joint just across the street from the bus station at the International Birdwatching Centre, on HaTemarim Boulevard.
Pago Pago floating restaurant is an attraction in itself. The restaurant is strictly non-kosher, serving great sushi, sea-food and fantastic steaks. Not just good food but a nice relaxing evening bobbing on the waters of the marina. It's well moored so no chance of drifting off. The restaurant is a little pricey, but no more than other restaurants and you definitely get far more for your money. If you only spoil yourself with one good restaurant during your visit to Eilat, Pago Pago is definitely the restaurant to go to.

Pedro's Restaurant, for an excellent steak, the hang-out restaurant of Eilat's diving instructors, you'll have to get a cab because it's nowhere near the tourist haunts. Well worth the effort if you are steak lover... or if you consider yourself an honorary local, either way, it's hard to tell what's tastier, the restaurant's meat or the punters.
Ginger Restaurant, restaurant and bar. The who's who of Eilat are found in Ginger, its the new 'IN' location for Eilat's elite. Not nearly as expensive as it is exclusive, its good spot for dining if you don't mind seeing your picture in the local Eilat gossip pages.
Barbis, American Foods Restaurant, is a great burger place in the middle of the tourist center. Prices are cheap and the burgers are tasty and huge.
Have a Beer at The Three Monkeys Pub after all that diving, snorkeling and general sightseeing in Eilat, you’ll be looking for a bit of late-night fun, if you have any energy left of course. The Three Monkeys pub has been around for donkey’s years, but is still one of the premier locations for a beer and some good entertainment. The action usually kicks off late into the night (it only opens at 9pm) and there is also a live show (international performers, and usually not Israelis) every night. Worth checking out. Call for reservations: 08-6368989
Since Eilat is defined as a Duty Free Zone and most products and services are available VAT-free, Eilat is the place to shop! Its modern, air-conditioned shopping malls and Mall Hayam in particular, hold outlets of most of Israel’s major chain stores as well as fashion boutiques, jewelry stores, toy stores, digital cameras and accessories, books, sports equipment, souvenirs, and much more. In addition, every Thursday there is an open air stores recommended market with a carnival atmosphere in the plaza of the City Center from 08:00 to 18:00, selling by the Ministry of Tourism everything under the sun at prices that can’t be beaten.

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