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Dikili Bergama is really a seaside town along with a district of Izmir Province within the Aegean Region of Turkey. The district is very attractive both along its shoreline as well as in its interior parts and is a well-liked summer time resort. Dikili is really a seaside fishing town that's comprised of mainly villa rentals along with a couple of hotels. The charming center with cobbled roads has plenty of eateries, chic bars and shop-till-you-drop stores.
 Dikili may be the nearest port towards the impressive Greek and Roman historic sites at Bergama, and that's why several cruise companies have lately added this port for their itineraries. About 35 minutes inland in the port, Pergamon (also typed Pergamum) is definitely an acropolis which arrived at its peak worth focusing on throughout the late Roman era once the local people invented parchment, which eventually changed papyrus from Egypt because the predominant type of paper in Europe. The neighborhood library beaten those of Alexandria for a while. Also around the hill are Temples devoted to Hadrian and Dionysus, the Altar of Zeus and also the Agora. Nearby may be the area referred to as Asclepion, in which the god of healing was honored and also the scientific and healing arts were practiced. Although a lot of items in the Pergamon site were spirited off to the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, the little but impressive Bergama Historical Museum includes a nice collection.
Dikili itself sits in the eastern edge of a big bay that faces the Greek island of Lesbos and it is well-noted for the region beaches. Also in the region are health spa facilities which make use of the geothermal power waters that induce "healing baths and muds." The region is extremely scenic while offering hikes near waterfalls, scenic seaside cities like Ayvalik and Candarli, and also the resort regions of Cunda Island, near the coast. Worth visiting in Dikili may be the Merkez Mosque that is a rare illustration of a wood construction dating from 1789. Its particularity is within getting been built without needing any nails within the construction.
Dikili includes a 'promenade' along with a couple of simple coffee shops, bookstores around the waterfront, that's about this. Popular things to & attractions in Dikili include; Day out at the beaches, hot springs & mud treatment, daily boat trips, watching the sunset at the seafront, hiking & trekking and visiting the other popular resorts nearby Dikili.
 On your day out in Dikili, it is highly recommended to stroll through the Bariskent hill and have a bird eye view and enjoy the beautiful nature & long coastal line.Holidaymakers will be mesmerized with the nature of Dikili for sure. Viewing the Greek island of Midilli (Lesvos) on the other coast will also be a great experience. As for the beaches & hot springs; Dikili has a coast of 40 kilometers with unspoilt & isolated bays and blue flagged beaches as well as the Dikili’s thermal region produces its unique mud since three thousand years. And there is no other coastal holiday town in Turkey offering both the sea and the thermal sources.
You may both have a great holiday in the company of the warm sun and charming Dikili beaches or have a thermal cure at the Dikili hot springs for all year round in your Dikili, Turkey holidays. You may sunbath or swim wherever you see the sea in Dikili. Also, attending to a daily boat trip to the beautiful and isolated bays and coves is another great attraction to take in your Dikili holidays.Remember that Dikili is also very famous for its sunset. Don't leave Dikili without having a nice meal or sunset break by the seafront and enjoy the magnificent sunset in Dikili. Lined up cafes & restaurants on the seafront welcome you to experience the attractive sunset in your Dikili holidays.
As for the green travel & hiking; the Nebiler Village & Waterfall, Lake Karagol and Kemente Plateau offer great opportunities for the nature lovers. Nebiler Waterfall and the environment is fascinating with its many caves, small waterfalls, old trees and beautiful nature. Kemente Plateau is a nice promenade area and also it is very popular for trekking and jeep safari activities. The volcanic Lake Karagol is a nature surprise with its beautiful environment and the green hills surrounding the lake is a great opportunity for hiking lovers.
Atarneus is one of the most famous ancient cities that is located in the borders of Dikili. The landscape in the hills of Atarneus is fantastic and a daily visit or nature walk is a great attraction to take in your Dikili Turkey holidays.
Dikili Area Points of interest
The region around Dikili is really a in your area popular resort area with lovely beaches along with a lively atmosphere. Within the town may be the wooden Merkez Mosque, built-in 1789. There's an ancient greek language site nearby known as Arteus, however it is not excavated or developed. Since ancient occasions, the region was noted for its geothermal power waters and spas. Areas around Nebiler and Bademli offer baths and dirt remedies. Towards the south of Dikili may be the more developed resort area surrounding Candarli, taking up a narrow and scenic peninsula and including a remarkable Ottoman Castle. Towards the north is Ayvalik, with a seaside area paid by several islands such as the large and scenic island of Cunda. The region around Ayvalik is well-liked by divers due to the variety from the underwater species. Popular natural points of interest in the region range from the falls near Nebiler and also the volcanic Lake Karagol.
Nearby Places:
Dikili may be the port for that ancient mountain citadel of Pergamum where one can visit Asklepeion, the website where psychiatry was initially practiced. Also begin to see the Sacred Pools, the Altar of Zeus, the Library, and also the Serpent Altar which still can serve as the indication of this sort of profession. Pergamum is all about a half hour drive. 24km. Pergamon (also Pergamum and Bergama)
The town of Pergamon is ancient; nevertheless its first era worth focusing on was following the split from the Alexandrian Empire once the rulers of Pergamon ruled a substantial section of western Anatolia. Today ended once the ruler, Attalus died departing his country towards the Romans in 133 BCE. Throughout the Greek and then Roman eras, an acropolis was built emulating the style of the main one in Athens. The biggest temple around the hill was gone to live in Germany in early twentieth century, however the remains from the Library, temples devoted to Athena, Dionysus and Trajan, the large Altar of Zeus, an Agora, and gymnasium can nonetheless be seen. Along the side of the hill is really a large Amphitheater that may hold 10,000. The Library is of particular significance because it was second simply to the Alexandrian Library in the amount of volumes. Once the Egyptians stopped conveying their famous papyrus, the local people created a new type of paper created using calf-skin that was named following the town and which we still call parchment .Port to Bergama - 30 km, 35 minutes
Nearby may be the archaeologically significant Asclepion, which was the hub for science and healing. The ruins are temples and baths. It had been stated when you bathed from our waters you'd imagine Asclepius, who'd let you know how you can heal yourself. The ultimate important historical site within the Bergama area may be the Red-colored Basilica, built like a temple to Egyptian gods (likely the Greco-Egyptian Serapis) throughout the second century AD possibly by Hadrian. The large building we have seen today was part of a level bigger complex which was among the biggest within the Roman Empire at that time. Within the fifth century AD, it had been transformed into a Christian Basilica. It is among the Seven Places of worship pointed out within the Book of Thought. The Pergamon Historical Museum in Bergama features items, sculptures, and types of the acropolis as well as the Asclepion.
Eating Out
Turkish meals are among the very best on the planet. Local dishes are mainly based on fish, lamb, olive oil and spices. Meze are typical Turkish appetizers and include cheese pastries, dolmas and potato fritters. Tuna and bonita are fished locally.
With sufficient weather zones to develop most elements in your area, there's a huge variety of produce to excite and lure the palate. Besides its famous kebab dishes, you will find a number of other traditional Turkish meals to select from. Meze (appetisers) that Turkey is deservingly famous for, are a variety of 100s of small dishes from simple combinations for example cheese with melon to ornately stuffed and sumptuously portioned veggies. They are offered in most Turkish restaurants and therefore are typically supported with Raki, an obvious anise- flavored spirit stated to become Turkey's national liquor.
Traditional crafts for example carpets, copper goods, colored ceramics and exquisite jewelry are popular buys, together with a wide selection of leather goods, sandals and beachwear that exist in the majority of the bigger resorts. In souvenir shops and stalls, it certainly is really worth trying a place of bargaining. For trips to market, local small marketplaces provide fundamental necessities, although the grocery stores found close to the bigger resorts act like individuals we are utilized to in your own home. Most resorts possess a weekly market selling local produce, crafts and textiles and therefore are really worth a trip.
Euro an dollar excepted, The local currency is the New Turkish Lira (YTL).

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