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Argostoli (Cephalonia), The Ionian Island of Kefalonia, also known as Cephalonia, is dramatically beautiful, with jagged limestone coves and terraced slopes dotted with olive groves. The finest point round the island is Mount Ainos, rising to 5,914 foot (1774m). Large areas are flanked by luxuriant subtropical plant existence, and all around the island, the scenery offers striking sights in the lush hills as well as the blue sea. Beaches, quaint fishing villages, raw picturesque beauty – Argostoli has all this and much more.
Many sites on Kefalonia reflect its tumultuous good status for good-changing nobleman and rulers. The Norman Nobleman of Sicily ruled the region throughout medieval occasions, then Italian overlords who ruled for several centuries beneath the principality in the Morea. In 1478, the Turks mastered the region only to be defeated two decades later with the Venetians. And, for a short period, the British ruled because well. Finally, in 1864, Kefalonia was returned to some vacation in a holiday in Greece. In 1823, Master Byron spent several days round the island, intrigued with the lengthy lasting spirit of individuals, natural great factor concerning the land which is wealthy history.
Site visitors to Kefalonia spend a while such places since the peaceful fishing village of Assos. Other highlights round the island add a Venetian Fortress, a thirteenth century castle, and spectacular caves.
Argostoli, Kefalonia’s capital, is dependent on the peninsula projecting to the Gulf of Argostoli. Almost completely destroyed in the 1953 earthquake, Argostoli remains reconstructed in modern style. There is a little historic museum that consists of Mycenaean and Roman finds. North of town will be the famous sea-mills, now partly hidden consequently in the earthquake. Even though this busy town with usual stuffed up zones may not be most likely the best looking town in Kefalonia it may serve as an ideal beginning indicate uncover the islands highlights.
Odysseus (Ulysses) in the famous Journey was the king of Cephalonia, whose home round the nearby island of Ithaca is seen within the port of Sami. This ancient island might be the greatest in the Ionian group round the gulf of the vacation in a holiday in greece. In 1953 both Cephalonia as well as the island of Zakynthos south were hit by massive earthquakes, destroying a lot of the houses and structures round the islands. It's thought that 100,000 people moved away and there is still basically a little part of the pre-disaster population there. Exactly why is Maui so appealing is its and rugged geography, including caves, undercover rivers, and rugged high cliff- covered coast lines.
Argostoli, the primary city and greatest city, is at a bay in the bay. Two-thirds in the islanders live in these two urban centers. Unquestionably, the most used tour round the island might be the mix from the Drogarati Cave and undercover Melissani Lake, both not definitely not the small fishing village of Sami. The most used historic attraction might be the St. George Castle. To find out just what the island familiar with appear like, you can check out the primary one place not destroyed with the earthquake, the fishing village of Fiskardo within the northern finish in the island.
The metropolitan areas of Assos, around the narrow isthmus, and Sami, around the large bay facing nearby Ithaca, offer some rustic charm along with tavernas at lovely boat-filled marinas. On the road to Assos might be the island's most well-known beach, Myrtos, half-circle of white-colored pebbles in the finish from the dramatic high cliff. Tourism has elevated throughout the final two decades since the video (using the novel of the title), Captain Corelli's Mandolin, which was shot round the island.
Pier Information
The ship is scheduled to anchor off Argostoli Pier. Site visitors will probably be taken ashore via ship’s tenders. The landing web site is just within the middle of town. A few taxis are often around the pier.
Argostoli's sights mostly are within easy accessibility in the port. Though most are reconstructions of older structures, typically, the primary city remains reconstructed throughout the final six decades. The meeting reason behind the city is Vallianos Square ornamented by shops, tavernas together with others. A couple of blocks south in the square might be the main shopping street, Lithostroto, that's a pedestrian-only cobble shopping center. You'll find two nice small museums inside the city. The Historic Museum has products from Mycenean to Roman occasions. The Korgialeneio Background Folk Art Museum includes many shows showing the region right before the earthquake. The attractive Bosset Bridge was built of wood at the beginning of 1800s, but transformed a few years later with stone. It is probably the city's most broadly used photo spots along with the Doric-style lighthouse reconstructed following an earthquake.
Cephalonia Beaches
Beaches of Argostoli are famous for dramatic beauty and pristine waters. The widely used is Myrtos, in the large bay round the northern coast in the island. This beach sits in the finish of dramatic coves in the gently curved bay with white-colored pebbles round the strand. Not even close to Argostoli might be the island's most broadly used beach, Markis Gialos, with a lot of tavernas and lots of marine sports available. Round the south eastern coast in the island might be the red-colored-colored sand beach at Lourdas ornamented by white-colored slopes. One of the better beaches for families is Xi south of Lixouri, with shallow and calm waters. It is a wide expanse of sand accessible having a ferry to Cephalonia's second greatest town together with short taxi ride.
Melissani Lake and Drogarati Cave
A couple of from the enhancements of Cephalonia are its large and developed caves, triggered through the flow of sea water beneath the island. Within the Lassi resort area just west of Argostoli will be the swallow holes, where the sea water seems being consumed with the land. This water travels the expanse in the island and emerges however near to the fishing village of Sami. These waters feel the Melissani Lake tours provide the opportunity to think about a brief boat trip to the cavern where the roof has flattened, letting a remarkable shaft of sunlight in. The charge is steep, visit brief, nevertheless the experience is different. A little way might be the Drogarati Cavern, a massive system of chambers while using requisite stalactites and stalagmites including one where concerts are held.
Sami, Assos and Fiskardo
Sami, the island’s principal harbor, is 15 miles east of Argostoli. Ancient Sami, the island’s former capital, lies to the south in the modern town. Remains in the old town walls together with another century Roman apartment can nevertheless be viewed.
Aside from Fiskardo inside the far north, the fishing cities of Cephalonia are modern by Greek standards, built in the last six decades following devastation in the 1953 earthquake. Fiskardo can be a lovely village within the northernmost tip in the island ornamented having a rocky coast and dense eco-friendly forests that are designated protected. Assos is on the road to Fiskardo and sits around the hilly seaside area where the primary part of the island connects by narrow isthmus with a rocky peninsula creating great sights. Round the eastern coast in the island might be the village of Sami not far from the Melissani and Drogarati caves. The harbor offers sights of nearby Ithaca.
Sea Kayking and Boat Tours
Having its dramatic shoreline, the most used activities offered on Cephalonia are boat rides and sea kayaking. This gives the simplest approach to see inaccessible parts of the region dramatic coast. Glass bottom boat tours offer sights of what is beneath the water too.
St. Georges Castle and St. Gerasimus Monastery
Because of the 1953 earthquake historic sights are restricted, but the most used is St. Georges Castle around the hill south of Argostoli. Situated in the village referred to as Kastro, the castle was built with the Venetians by having an older Byzantine structure inside the first half from the 16th century and offered since the island's capital in excess of 220 years. The region was most likely the most crucial of centers of Mycenean culture as well as the historic museum supplies a wealthy range of products of the era. St. Gerasimus Monastery, which houses the saint's remains under glass, was produced to recognition the 16th century saint who's reputed to own healed the fed up with the region. Port to St. Gerasimus Monastery - 15 km, 20 minutes
Other Sites
Small Fiscardo round the east tip in the island includes an attractive harbor full of sailboats and fishing ships and lined by whitewashed houses. Throughout winter months, Fiscardo amounts a maximum of 100 residents, in summer season the rise of site visitors frequently triumphs over this off-the-beaten-path place.
In Kastro stand the thirteenth century castle of Ayios Yeoryios, together with a 17th century monastery famous for its fine frescoes and symbols. Master Byron continued to be at nearby Metaxata in 1823. In this particular same area are available three Mycenaean rock-cut tombs.
The niche in the area is Kreatopitta (meat pies) and fried cod with garlic clove sauce. Numerous high quality restaurants dot the waterfront as well as the main square serving scrumptious Greek food and fresh sea food.
You'll find numerous shops situated at Lithostroto and Sitemporon area. Look for souvenirs and Robola, the area wine. Local currency might be the Euro.

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