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Cruise passengers arrive at Rouen for that pleasure of walking in the middle of a wonderfully maintained medieval city full of medieval structures dating in the 12- 15th centuries, and it is attractive shops. Impressionist works of art abound, frequently by Monet, in the house at Giverny and also the neighbouring American Museum, as well as in Rouen’s Musée des Beaux Arts. Paris is nothing more than 1 hour by road or rail. Rouen is known for its easy vibe, friendly locals, and highly accessible route. 
There are numerous and varied tours (half or full day) to meet every taste: a la carte afternoon tea in a manor house, a round of golf on the edge of a forest or how to make baguettes and croissants. Travel through mystical Normandy with its medieval abbeys along the route of the abbeys (St. Ouen, St. Martin de Boscherville, Jumieges, St. Wandrille); revisit the sources of Impressionism in Rouen (Fine Art Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Giverny, Monet’s home, the American Museum), meditate among the buildings and relics of Europe’s oldest existing Hebrew university. The Normandy Invasion can be recalled while strolling along the beaches. Try your luck in Deauville’s casino or eat in Honfleur, a picturesque harbour on the Seine, from where Champlain left to found Quebec.
Every year, Rouen offers many festivals: Joan of Arc, music, drama and cinema. The city is renowned for its gastronomy. Cruise passengers come to Rouen for the pleasure of strolling in the heart of a magnificently preserved medieval city filled with Gothic buildings dating from the 12-15th centuries, and its attractive shops.
Cruise ships stick to the route from the Vikings, who found Normandy within the ninth century, and berth in the place where Robert Fulton created and built the very first submarine, Nautilus, in 1798. The passage includes sights of coves, forests, manors, abbeys and chateaux.
Rouen offers cruise people an array of facilities. A fortunate cruise berth in the middle of the town, near the William the Conqueror bridge, where people can also enjoy a breathtaking look at the entire of Rouen occur an all natural amphitheater. The town center is just a 10-minute leave.
The main city of Normandy, Rouen is simply a little over an hour's train ride from Paris. If you have only had a day and you are set on doing the "whether it's Tuesday it should be Paris" shtick by going towards the large city by yourself, we will not dissuade you -- especially if you haven't had the experience before.
But Rouen's worth a glance, too. With 2,000 many years of history, it is among the country's most well-known metropolitan areas, organized through the Duke of Normandy in 911. Like Paris, the town is split through the Seine, and like Paris, Rouennais make reference to the edges as Rive Gauche (Left Bank) and Rive Droite (Right Bank). That Old City is around the Right Bank. Chock-a-block with cobbled roads dotted with French Norman architecture dating back the Dark Ages, it's where you will see the medieval Notre-Dame Cathedral and swear you've spied Monet painting a cityscape over the way, because he did. Go to the thyme-covered mound within the square where Joan of Arc burned in the stake (place du Vieux-Marche) in 1431 as the British had charge of Rouen from 1431 - 1449.
Within the centuries, great devastation found Rouen -- including 45 major fires within the first 1 / 2 of the thirteenth century. World War II destroyed its bridges, a lot of its spires, and far from the area between your cathedral and also the quais -- inducing the city being almost entirely reconstructed within the years because the finish from the war.Rouen is another terrific jumping-off point for other great haunts in Normandy -- wonderful places like Giverny (31 miles/50km), Honfleur (44 miles/72km) and Dieppe (36 miles/58km). So we can't say enough concerning the entire region as being a spread-out bonanza of creamy Camembert, velvety omelets, oysters so fresh you'll think they leaped in the ocean unto your plate and Bon Bere (cider) in provincial coffee shops, bookstores where you go.
Where Your Ship Dock
Port Rouen. There's plenty to do and see if you wish to spend your day in the region and all you need is close at hands. The terminal offers telephones, a little cafe and foreign exchange. Taxis can easily be bought outdoors the doorway to consider you to definitely the city's center (a ten-minute ride or 25-minute walk). Rouen offers cruise passengers a wide range of facilities. A privileged cruise berth in the heart of the city, next to the William the Conqueror bridge, from where passengers can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole of Rouen set in a natural amphitheatre. The city centre is only a 10-minute walk away.
Hanging Out
A great first stop if you are remaining in Rouen is its tourist office (25, place de la Cathedrale  33 ()2 32 08 32 40), open May - September: Monday - Saturday, 9 a. m. - 7 p.m., and Sunday, 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. & 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. October - April: Monday - Saturday, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., and Sunday, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.). Inside, you will find plenty of guide books and you may subscribe to a 2-hour led city tour every single day at 2:30 p.m. Likely to additional tour at 5 p.m. on Saturday that covers the Jewish quarter.
Making Your Way Around
The Metrobus system winds through Rouen via buses and lightweight rails. You will find always lots of taxis. Bicycles could be lent with the city-wide shared cycle service of 14 stations and 175 bikes, Cy'clic.
Rouen cruise port to train station to go to Paris? Paris from Rouen: It's 84 miles/135km (about 1 1/4 hrs) via train Paris. Trains back and forth from Paris/Rouen run frequently and bookings aren't needed. The very first train from Rive Droite Station on rue Jeanne-d'Arc to St. Lazare in Paris is generally right before 6 a.m. The final train from Paris is near to 9 p.m.
For exploring Normandy beyond Rouen, it's best that you simply rent a vehicle. A great wager is really a company, Argus Rental fees, situated in town and also at the airport terminal. Rely on roughly $70 (58 pounds) for any one-day economy-rental car. Famous labels for example Hertz and Avis have been in Rouen, but could cost two times around Argus. You will find buses back and forth from Rouen with other cities like Honfleur and Deauville.
The Boos Airport terminal offers connections within France along with other European locations via Le Havre or Lyon international airports with Air France as well as other charter companies. The airport terminal is situated about 5.5 miles/9km from the middle of the town and simply accessible from interior and exterior the town's center and port by shuttle buses or by taxi.
If you rent a car be Careful For cars here mostly use diesel, not unleaded gas. Unfortunately rental agencies don't point this out, check. An error can cost you time lost and almost $300 in repairs.
You will find numerous and varied tours (half or full day) to satisfy everyone: a la carte mid-day tea inside a manor house, a game of golf around the fringe of a forest or steps to make baguettes and croissants.
Traverse mystical Normandy using its medieval abbeys along the way from the abbeys (St. Ouen, St. Martin p Boscherville, Jumieges, St. Wandrille) revisit the causes of Impressionism in Rouen (Art Work Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Giverny, Monet’s home, the American Museum), meditate one of the structures and artefacts of Europe’s earliest existing Hebrew college.
The Normandy Invasion could be remembered while walking across the beaches. Try your luck in Deauville’s casino or eat in Honfleur, an attractive harbour around the Seine, where Champlain left to found Quebec.
Each year, Rouen offers many festivals: Joan of Arc, music, drama and cinema. The town is famous because of its gastronomy. Cruise people arrived at Rouen for that pleasure of walking in the middle of a wonderfully maintained medieval city full of Medieval structures dating in the 12-15th centuries, and it is attractive shops
Don't Miss
City Tours: A great way to get an understanding of Rouen would be to take certainly one of its walking city tours (you are able to register in the city's tourist office). An alternative choice for any tour past charming half-timbered houses and medieval places of worship is Petit Train. It runs daily from April to October, departing every hour from 10 a.m. - noon and a pair of-5 p.m. from Cathedral Square. It is a 45-minute led tour in French and British through all of the tourist regions of the town.
Musee des Beaux-Arts is ideal for perusing a superb assortment of Impressionist works of art, together with a Monet from the cathedral.
In the Musee de la Ceramique, the specialty is an accumulation of 17th- and 18th-century red-colored-hued porcelain (faience) and also the chinoiserie collection that goes back to 1699. Consecrated in 1063, the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Rouen truly is really a sight to behold. Its Tour de Beurre houses 56 alarms and also the iron and bronze Tour Lanterne (Lantern Tower) boosts majestically almost 500 ft/150m above. Browse the Booksellers' Stairs to determine the stained glass window dating back the 16th century.
Musee Jeanne D'Arc traces the existence and martyrdom of France's national heroine, Joan of Arc. Commentary in French, British, German and Italian.
It's a bit not the same as the typical museum: Musee le Secq des Tournelles (Wrought Ironworks Museum) houses the best assortment of wrought iron in the 3rd- to 19th-century.
Local Experiences
Dieppe: A well known seaside resort for Parisians throughout the 1800s, it is a sweet town dotted having a castle, aquarium and stately coves. It's fun to look at fisherman sell scallops and turbot right out the motorboats then choose a nearby restaurant across the quai Henri IV, to savor the day's fresh catch.
Honfleur: A classic fishing village, it's probably the most beautiful places in France. Just walking along boulevard Charles V to determine the 18th-century waterfront houses is really a treat by itself. For any tasty respite, try L'Assiette Gourmande on quai p Passagers. It is the only Michelin star restaurant in the area. Be sure to see the antique shops.
See and listen to about 200 violins, cello along with other stringed instruments restored by Roue native Jean Marc Sarhan at his shop.
Dining Out
Bear in mind that restaurants are closed for between 2 to 4 days throughout August, so it is best to check ahead.
In Rouen
Restaurant Gill belongs to the exclusive Relais & Chateaux network and also the divine lobster fricassee with wild mushrooms is really a treat together with the Seine sights. At Le Maupassant you cannot avoid the chocolate desserts. Probably the most popular restaurants around.
L'ensemble des Nympheas is among the area's best, as well as in the most attractive of configurations. Don't leave without getting foie gras or even the apple souffle correctly supported by Calvados. Pascaline is really a cozy bistro that's been a darling with local people since 1880. You'll love how cheap it's, too.
In Dieppe
Le New Haven, along quai Henri IV, is an expert in ocean cabbage, cuttlefish stew, seafood soup, mussels and scrumptious homemade desserts.

Rouen was once one of France's major producers of the fine decorative ceramic ware known as faïence de Rouen. Examples Rouen was once one of France’s major producers of the fine decorative ceramic ware known as faïence de Rouen. For contemporary faïence, your best bet is Faïencerie Augy, 26 rue St-Romain ([tel] 02-35-88-77-47). Rouen is also an antiques capital, with dozens of vendors in the Old Town. The best hunting ground is along rue Damiette, and rue St-Romain. A flea market joins the food stalls in place St-Marc on Fridays and Saturdays. Other antiques shops worth visiting are Michel Bertran, 108 rue Molière ([tel] 02-35-98-24-06), with a good selection of 18th- and 19th-century paintings, especially by School of Rouen Impressionists; and Etienne Bertran, 110 rue Molière ([tel] 02-35-70-79-96), with its collection of antique books.
Chocolate lovers are spoiled for choice, with delectable treats at Le Cacaotier, 5 rue Guillaume le Conquérant (www.lecacaotier.com; [tel] 02-35-62-71-06) and Auzou, 163 rue du Gros Horloge (www.auzou-chocolat.fr; [tel] 02-35-70-59-31).

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