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Bermuda Cruise Vacations Guide - Here you will find Information on Bermuda cruies, Things to do in Bermuda, sightseeing, attractions, map of Bermuda Island weather and cruise port information.

The season runs from April to late October. There's no rainy season per se, but Bermuda is located in the Atlantic hurricane belt so beware the peak storm season (between August and October). Summer is prime time for Bermuda cruises, and ships depart for the island from a number of East Coast ports. The traditional Bermuda-only itinerary is still a popular option; voyages range from six to eight nights and include two to four overnight stays in Hamilton, St. Georges or King's Wharf or a combination of the three.

Common departure ports are Baltimore, Boston, Charleston, New York, Norfolk and Philadelphia, with almost all itineraries going roundtrip, as well as from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.Though a small island, Bermuda has two cruise ship ports - one at Hamilton, the Island's capital, and the other at Kings Wharf.

The new style of Bermuda cruise, generally a week or longer, blends one day in King's Wharf, Hamilton or St. George's with a handful of Eastern Caribbean ports of call.

The Bermuda islands are surrounded by coral reefs and have volcanic origin. The principal islands are approximately 100 years old. Bermuda offers pink sand beaches with a stylish British flare, upscale shopping, tennis, golf and plenty of dining options with a distinctive spicy cuisine. Bermuda is a day and a half by ship from the East Coast.

Bermuda also has an abundance of restaurants featuring the island's distinctively spicy cuisine. Since Bermuda cruises offer over night stays in port vacationers have several days to enjoy the many things to do as their ship serves as a floating resort hotel. Bermudians drive on the left and car rentals are verboten which means visitors must rely on mopeds, bikes, taxis, ferries and the cotton-candy pink bus system.

Tourists are not allowed to drive automobiles in Bermuda, but readily available motor scooters and bicycles allow independent explorations of this small island.

Bermuda has more golf cruises per square mile than anywhere else in the world -- and the fact that many ships that visit Bermuda will spend as many as three days there gives golfers a chance to sample a variety of courses. Cruise lines are recognizing the region's prowess in the golfing world with special onboard programs for Bermuda-bound duffers. On Bermuda itineraries, Celebrity offers a golf escort option in addition to duffer-friendly shore excursions (the pro will accompany passengers, and play with them); NCL offers trips to different golf courses (they can only be booked onboard).

The shops are decidedly upscale with particular emphasis on fine products from around the world and especially Britain. Summer is prime time for Bermuda cruises as the weather is perfect and the waters warm. Let Bermuda steal your heart this summer!

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Bermuda Cruises ports
main port photo
Hamilton Bermuda
  • (0 reviews)
What comes to your mind when you hear the word Bermuda? You probably think of the Bermuda Triangle, or maybe even Bermuda shorts. While both have their place, Bermuda really stands for picturesque towns, lovely weather year round, and th...
main port photo
Kings Wharf Bermuda
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Kings Wharf is where most cruise ships dock in Bermuda. This is the original pier or the berth in Royal Naval Dockyard. Most cruise lines show the destination as Kings Wharf in their cruise schedules for Bermuda, and therefore many visit...
main port photo
St. George Bermuda
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St George, also known as the Town of St. George, is located in a parish with the same name and is the main town at the eastern end of Bermuda. The town is steeped with history and a designated UNESCO world heritage site. This is where Si...