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Tromsø is the biggest city in northern Norway. After much historical study, Tromsø is believed to go  back  9000 years. Today it's a technologically advanced city that also keeps a feeling of charm and ease even at the time of their busy activity and industry. Tromsø offers getting a population of more than 50,000 and also the most tourism yearly in the united states. Tromso is vibrant, and buzzing, without being too in your face. It is a place that will grow on you, slowly but surely.
This can be a cosmopolitan city that, due to its thriving night life and status just for fun, has gained itself the nickname Little Paris. It's the type of place where vacationers and local people alike stay awake and socialize through the night, then in some way have the ability to work and explore the city throughout the daytime hrs. Like the majority of all Norwegian, Tromsø is really as attractive as possible. It is known for its snow-assigned coves and it is ground zero for a lot of polar expeditions that leave in the city. However, the weather here's not harsh whatsoever. The town keeps a pleasant climate throughout the majority of the year rather than feels as cold as it might look. Throughout summer time several weeks, daylight lasts well in to the late evening, providing people with there much more need to stay awake late and revel in their surroundings.
Tromsø is really a busy the avenue for call where vacationers and traders come out and in constantly. It's a fishing town, using its primary exports being shrimp and sardines. As you may imagine, this will make for many spectacularly succulent dining options. The roads will always be full of employees and vacationers, and everywhere you appear there's new things you have yet to taste, hear, smell, see, or touch. This city attracts the senses in each and every way imaginable. With glorious scenery, scrumptious cuisine, friendly local people, and quality Norwegian goods, you'll be challenged to see monotony here.
Docking & Local Transportation
Cruise ships dock at either Prostneset beside downtown or Breivikaat (4km to the north). Shuttle buses are usually provided to the downtown area when docked at Breivikaat. The town centre is within walking distance and the main street is Storgata. After that, public transit is definitely accessible
Taxis are typically the most popular method to travel round the city. They may be available on most city roads, mainly in the downtown area. Walking can also be a great way to begin to see the sights, as most of the tourist points of interest have been in close closeness to one another
Local buses are 28 NOK (July 2012) for a one hour ticket. Bus 28, 26, 20, and 24 will take you across the bridge to the Arctic Cathedral. They can be boarded on Sjgata/Havnegata street just down below the Torget (Main square). Bus 26 continues to the cable car.
Things to See
Tromsø is stuffed with unique museums. The Tromsø Museum (77/64-50-00) may be the city museum that houses historic information that site visitors will love reading through to see with the art and narrative found here. Learn on how to survive and achieve arctic temps, and also the good reputation for how Norwegians used to with no modern conveniences currently available. Then hike to the Polar Museum (77/68-43-73). Recently restored and technologically impressive, this museum comes with an awesome audio/visual tour that's an enjoyment to see. The Northern Lights Planetarium (77/670-000) is essential see for anybody going to the region. This can be a fascinating place to discover the times of year and natural atmosphere of Norwegian. Discover the particulars from the Aurora Borealis as guides get you on the magical journey which makes education quite fun. And take an excursion from the stars by preventing in the projection part of the museum, a motion picture invention that presents an online reality tour from the sky. The Northern Norwegian Art Museum (77/68-00-90) houses a wonderful art collection, varying from sculpture to works of art and photography.
The Tromsø Domkirke (77/66-25-80), which goes back to 1861, is undoubtedly the most amazing photo chance here. This cathedral stands tall and it is situated within the very center of town. It features a museum-like feel produced through the stained glass that decorates the walls. The doorways remain available to vacationers and anybody searching to determine the magnificent architecture here. Hike or have a cable vehicle to the peak of Mount Storsteinen, that is a mountain peak that towers within the city while offering spectacular sights from the city.
For any great botanical experience, go to the Tromsø Botaniske Hage (77/64-40-00), where four acres of lovely flowers invite you in while you hike with the wealthy, portrait-like surroundings.
Other Sights
The Polar Museum is devoted to the city's past as the centre for Polar sea catches and the starting points for Arctic expeditions. The world's northernmost botanical garden contains hardy plants from six continents.
Aquariums with seals and fish from the region, along with a wonderful multi-media presentation on Svalbard, are attractions at Polaria, a knowledge-based experience and adventure centre for the Polar regions.
The Cable Car up Storsteinen
420 metres above sea level, it offers breath-taking panoramic views over the city and, if you are lucky, of the Midnight Sun or the Northern Lights.
The Perspective Museum
Located in the city centre, it has exhibitions on the city's past and present. Private arrangements for independent sightseeing are not possible in this port.
Hiking and walking are typically the most popular activities here. Organized hiking tours could be arranged that take site visitors in to the mountainous space around the town. Walking tours can also be found.
Dining Out
Storgata is Tromsos main pedestrian street with shops and restaurants. Aunegården (Sjgt 29, 77/65-12-34) may be the vital dinner locale in Tromsø. It's best noted for its fresh sea food and preparing salads, and finest loved because of its incredible dessert menu. Local people will explain that this is actually the most spectacular place to choose pastries and breads made on-site within the Aunegården bakery. For an informal and scrumptious lunch, visit Artur (77/64-79-85) and revel in a bite within this bistro-style restaurant. The sandwiches are hearty and healthy, stacked high with fresh meat and veggies. Request for that catch of day, that the friendly staff will certainly make right into a unique and appetizing dish for you personally.
Tromsø is definitely noted for its ever-exciting night life, and the amount of bars and night clubs will boggle you. There's something for everybody here, regardless if you are the dancing type or even the relaxed and quiet type. Galleriet Bar (Rica Ishavshotel, 77/66-64-00) is definitely an elegant piano bar that can serve as the right spot to have a glass of vino.
Papagena (Grand Nordic Hotel) provides a nice change of pace for individuals searching for a lesser-key evening. Swing and ballroom dancing may be the style here, along with  maintaining a formal dress code.
Shopping really is not your primary priority in Tromsø, however the downtown area comes with its great amount of boutiques and stores. Silver jewellery, wooden sculptures, and knitted mitts and jewelry are popular products to create home.
There are several souvenir shops in the town selling knitted goods, postcards, souvenirs, jewellery, art and more. Many of the shops are located in Storgata Street and there is also a shopping mall in the town centre. The local currency is Krone.

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