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Tallinn is really a city busy with activity a town that begs to become investigated. The main city of Estonia is definitely an incredible city--one which features outstanding museums and cultural sites, fabulous shopping, as well as an insanely active night life. Both Theater and Music Museum and also the Maritime Museum are fantastic, and Castle Square, found in the middle of town, is wonderful. Situated within the Castle Square would be the Toompea Castle and also the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, two exquisite guy-made triumphs. Old roads and wonderful architecture remain, but modern Tallinn is alive and well. The Estonian government recognizes that Tallinn is by far the main tourist destination of vacationers to Estonia, and it is therefore doing all things in its energy to boost the desirability of the great city. A couple of years back, the dining options in Tallinn were so limited that typically you could have been best missing meals. Nowadays, the eateries still are unsuccessful of the standard from the shopping and night life, but fortunately, you will find a couple of standouts worth going to. Tallinn is known for its warm vibe, fascinating museums, peaceful community, and old quarters.
For pretty much one 1000 years, outdoors influences have sculpted and changed the town of Tallinn. The Danes founded Tallinn, and actually, the title stems from the Danish for "fort." The Danes settled here at first from the thirteenth century and stated the region his or her own. Despite the fact that they've already been the first one to seize control from the region, these were definitely not the final. While present-day Tallinn is really a peaceful and harmonious community, enjoyable in each and every way, it required hundreds of  years of struggle for this to obtain this way. German nobility required charge of Tallinn's public existence, which continued to be the situation even while the Russian tsars stated charge of the town itself. The nobleman of Sweden felt as though they'd a say too, plus they alleged that Tallinn was their own to rule. A lot of fighting ensued within the mission for Estonian domination, and also the German culture is the one which ultimately demonstrated the most important affect on present-day Tallinn. The fortress from the German knights in combat still stands, just like other German forts and armories. But nowadays, Tallinn includes a personality all its very own, with interesting sights laced through the city.
Docking & Local Transportation
Cruise ships pier in the Port of Tallinn. Downtown Tallinn is within easy reach from the port Tallinn has an accumulation of trolleys, trams, and minibuses that operate from 6am to night time daily, shuttling you round the city in a nominal cost. If you want to have a taxi whilst in the city, contact Linnatakso (644-2442) and they're going to gladly collect you. Lastly, if you want to rent a vehicle during Tallinn, contact Avis rent-a-vehicle (667-1515) .
Local Interests
The Maritime Museum are available at Pikk Tänau 70 (641-1408) and highlights a brief history from the port of Tallinn. The exhibits listed here are constantly altering, but they are always fascinating.
The Theater and Music Museum is situated at Müürivahe 12, and here you will notice over 500 rare instruments, including ancient pianos and peculiar products in the 1800s.
The Estonian parliament presently meets within the Toompea Castle, that is found inside Castle Square. Regrettably, you aren't permitted inside this astounding edifice, however the visit remains useful, while you gaze upwards at its magnificence. Also inside Castle Square may be the amazing Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, a work of art that required many years to finish. Completed at the beginning of the Bolshevik Revolution, this wonderful cathedral is just marvelous. Fortunately, you're permitted to peruse this building, and also you certainly don't want to overlook this chance if you're in Tallinn.
The entirety of Old Town Tallinn is visually appealing, from its proud towers and medieval walls to its lofty churches, to its squares, courtyards, and passageways which are full of curiosities. As a first-time visitor, however, you may find it logical to visit the old town’s top sights, especially if your time in the Estonian capital is limited.

City Walls and Towers
The city walls, with their gates at towers, are the first sight that visitors to Old Town Tallinn will encounter. These impressive structures date to a period in history when Tallinn was a part of the Hanseatic League, a European organization of merchant towns in the Middle Ages. Protecting these merchant towns required strong walls, towers from which to watch for attackers and fend them off, and well-guarded gates. Almost 2 km of Tallinn’s original walls remain, some sections 3 meters thick. Visitors to Tallinn are able to enter the wall or walk along it to gain an elevated view of Old Town Tallinn and recall medieval times.
Twenty towers of the original 46 are still standing. Some contain cafes, art galleries, or museums.

Town Hall Square
Town Hall Square, the heart of Old Town Tallinn, draws travelers for its historic significance, its orientating location, and its level of activity, emphasized by markets and festivals that occur here. Tallinn’s Town Hall, the medieval pharmacy (which still works in its traditional manner and also contains a museum) and, during the holidays, a Christmas tree, are found on Town Hall Square.

Kiek in de Kök
Kiek in de Kök means “peek into the kitchen” because men guarding the tower were said to be able to see down the chimneys of the city into its kitchens. This tower, with its 4-meter-thick walls, bears evidence of Ivan the Terrible’s attack on Tallinn in the 16th century: 9 cannonballs are embedded in its stone, symbols of its impenetrable strength. It’s possible to view the inside of the tower along and take and accompanying tour of connecting passageways.

St. Olaf's Church
St. Olaf’s Church, once the tallest building in Europe, is still the tallest building in Old Town Tallinn; no buildings may exceed its current 124-meter height. Legend surrounds this Gothic church. Its spire acted as an excellent lightening rod, endangering its continued existence several times throughout the centuries. Some say that its great height (which reached almost 160 meters into the air in the in the late 16th, early 17th centuries) acted as a marketing ploy to attract travelers to Tallinn. The story of its construction is connected with a mysterious builder who hid his name from the townspeople as a sort of bargain: if they guessed his name, he would wave his fees, but if he could retain his secret, he would receive a large sum for his services.

Toompea Castle
The pink façade of the parliament building faces Castle Square on Toompea, initially the most noticeable section of Toompea Castle. Around the back of the castle, what remains of its medieval architecture, including the Hermann Tower, can be seen by descending the hill and viewing it from its posterior.

Holy Spirit Church
The Holy Spirit Church, in the Lower Town near Old Town Square, boasts a histoic clock that visitors can’t resist snapping photos of. An entry fee of 1 euro permits views of the wood-carved interior.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is less of a must-see sight and more of a can’t-miss sight—you simply can’t miss it when you ascend Toompea Hill because it sits directly in the center of Castle Square and blocks the view across it. This 19th-century Russian Orthodox Cathedral exhibits all of the symmetrical ornateness of Imperial Russia, for which many Estonians see it as a symbol.

Toompea Viewing Platforms
The Toompea viewing platforms offer the classic postcard-perfect angles of Old Town Tallinn, as well as a view of the sea (and if you’re lucky, or prone to hallucination, an image of Finland on the distance shore). The platforms can be crowded even in the slow season, but it’s worthwhile to elbow through to the railing to snap the photo all of your friends want to see.

Freedom Square
The glass-paneled cross on Freedom Square commemorates Estonia’s first independence in 1918. Visit it at night to see it glow from within.

Dome Church
The Dome Church gives Tallinn’s Upper Town, Toompea, its name. The main Lutheran church in Estonia is a main feature of Toompea and one of the only structures to survive a fire that wiped out most of the medieval buildings in the area.

St. Catherine’s Passage
St Catherine’s passage is a small medieval street with things on the… uh… nevermind, you’ll love it. Here you’ll find one of the most medieval looking alleys in the whole of Tallinn, complete with giant tombstones hanging on the walls. And lots of artisan shops, of course. Take a peek at various works or art and witness their birth in the open studios. The street also hosts a really good Italian restaurant.
Song Festival Grounds (Lauluväljak)
There’s probably no other place in Tallinn that resonates with the local people and their memories of recent history as much as the Song Festival Grounds. Aside from hosting the popular Song Festivals taking place every four years, it also became the site of a pivotal event in the dissolution of Soviet power in 1988. These days there’s less need for revolutions in Estonia so the Lauluväljak is used for concerts and festivals. Metallica and Madonna have drawn large crowds to the fields (but still less than the events of 1988). During off festival times you can enjoy the great views to the bay of Tallinn on the top of the hill.
Dining and Night life
There's certainly lack of great places to savor meals in Tallinn, but you will find lots of excellent after-dinner locations. Hollywood is situated at Vana-Posti Tänau 8, and it is a whirlwind nightspot that needs to be viewed to become thought. This is really a good option to visit once the sun goes lower. Hollywood is open from 9pm to 3am on Mondays to Fridays, and until 6am for fun on Saturday. Having a party area with insane, non-stop music, Hollywood is definitely incredibly lively. Featuring the very best choice of alcoholic drinks in Tallinn, the bar inside Hollywood is amazing. This is simply the beginning, like a casino along with a cinema playing the newest American hits are available in exactly the same complex. Gambling, movies, consuming, and dancing all at one location. Are you able to handle it? The Von Krahli Teater Baar is situated at Rataskaevu 10 and it is another different and entertaining nightspot in Tallinn. Throughout your day it's a tame café, well-liked by local people. During the night the experience appears and rock and jazz performances are held nightly. From time to time, several stars will work theater too.
For fine jewelry your best choice is really A-Galerii, available at Hobusepea 8 (646-4101). La Gardie at Virue 13/15 is an excellent five story complex filled with fashion and apparel shops. If you’re looking for a spicy experience in Tallinn but are too lazy to wander far from the Old Town then this flea market right by the central train station is for you. In the context of the bygone Soviet times, the market could be considered an entrepreneurial experiment of sorts. It’s still very alive today and frequented by locals seeking better deals on food or clothes. Pork chops, fresh apples, second-hand clothes, bullet cases or Soviet medals – you name it.  What makes visiting it even more worthwhile is that you’ll be visiting something truly historical. Rumors are that the place might be demolished soon.

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