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Located in the middle of the Baltic Sea, Bornholm is an island filled with charisma and natural splendor. It is actually situated closer to Sweden than to Denmark, but Danish appeal is alive and well in Bornholm. The land here is rich and prosperous, growing anything from fresh fruits and vegetables to incredible assortments of botanical life. The climate never reaches extremes here; it remains tepid year round.

Tne, on the western coast of Bornholm, is the island's capital. It is therefore its busiest city. This is where most tourists spend a great deal of their time, because the land is astounding and the pace is busy but never overwhelmingly so. This city is quite small and can be seen primarily on foot. It is the type of place that intrinsically encourages visitors to stroll around and leisurely discover the area by foot. Red-roofed houses and cottage-style homes and offices make you feel as though you have stepped back in time. The winding streets and quaint residential areas that make up this fishing town will charm tourists. Biking is recommended, and is a grand way to see the countryside.

Residents of Rønne are known to be some of the most environmentally conscious in all of Europe. Recycling programs keep the city clean and running efficiently. Little goes to waste, and pollution levels are extremely low. For that reason, visitors to Rønne are always amazed by how crisp and clean the air feels, and how uncontaminated the streets are. This is a source of great pride among Danes living on the island. They set a precedent for a greener Europe than Denmark and other European countries follow. Your trip to Rønne will assuredly be a pleasant one, and nowhere else will you experience such a unique and delightful allure.

Docking & Local Transportation
Cruise ships arriving at Bornholm dock at the Port of Rønne. From there, most everything you will want to see or do is within walking distance. The port area is quite beautiful, and a nice place to get a great view of the sunset.
Rønne is a town where biking and walking are almost always preferred to rental cars and driving. There are bike and car rental facilities near the Port of Rønne. A number of bus lines run through the city as well, but their timing is not always dependable.

Local Interests
an educational and interesting experience, go to the Museum of Bornholm, (Skt. Mortensgade 29, 56/95-07-35, www.bornholmsmuseum.dk) which gives visitors insight into the island's history. Explore the sights, sounds and cultures of this distinctive place through the art and exhibitions here. For a real treat, spend an afternoon hiking through the beautiful land at Ericksson's Gård (Laksegade 7, 56/95-97-35). This is a magnificent park that has been meticulously preserved since 1806. It is truly a pastoral wonderland that brings to mind the forgotten past of rustic Europe. Acres upon acres greet you on this authentic Danish farm teeming with roses and wildflowers that bloom nearly year-round. It is the home of the Ericksson family of Denmark, whose fascinating family story is illustrated in the museum portion of the farm.

lovers will not want to miss the Gallerie Jessen (Lille Torv 12, 56/49-81-82). Here, walls adorned with watercolor paintings and oil masterpieces greet you upon entry. Local artists and artisans are invited to display their work on a rotating basis, so what you see one day might not be there the next. This gallery prides itself on the expertise of its artists and rarity of their work. Brogardsten is up the coast of northern Rønne. This bucolic area is quite a sight to behold. Located right on the water, it is a stone formation that is as eye-catching as it is enormous.

Golf is a popular sport on this island. The best course can be found at the Bornholm Golf Club (Plantegevej 3B, 56/95-68-54). Here, miles of green await you as you tee off on one the prettiest courses in all of Denmark. Biking is also especially fun on this picturesque island. Rental shops are all over, and bikes are generally inexpensive and kept in good riding condition. Antoinette Beach, in the northern section of town, is a stunning beach with soft sand and warm waters. This is the only beach in Rønne, but it is the only beach you will need if you are looking to lounge in the sun or swim.

Guldhuset (Bornholmercentret, 56/95-02-70) is a place unlike any other. The famous Danish goldsmith Jorn-Ole Thomsen works at this shop, and many of his pieces are displayed at museums on the island. But at Guldhuset, where his treasures are created, they are also purchasable. Gorgeous, high-quality jewelry crafted by hand in silver and gold, much of it by Thomsen himself, is sold here. Do not leave the island without bringing home this wearable art. Antique specialists know that Rønne is a wonderful place to buy Baltic pieces.

Dining and Nightlife
Rådhuskroen (Nørregade 2, 56/95-00-69) is a lovely restaurant. Perfect for lunch or dinner, the food here is as fresh as can be, and healthy to boot. The salads are made with heaping piles of colorful vegetables grown locally, and the chicken and fish are grilled to perfection. You may feel as though you are dining in a museum, as well, because the restaurant is home to one of the island's most extensive antique collections.

Ask anyone on this island and they will agree on the best places to be in the evening and nighttime hours. O'Malley's Irish Pub (Store Torvegade, 56/95-00-16) is a good place to grab a beer and enjoy the company of the relaxed locals. And Sputnik (Scl. Mortensgade 48, 56/95-06-88) is a hot nightclub that plays almost every type of music, from rhythm and blues to dance music, depending on the night. There is also a nice lounge area at Sputnik, so if you are not the dancing type, feel free to sit back and enjoy a cocktail instead.

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