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Winter isn't far within the Olden Valley. The Jostedalsbre, or Jostedals glacier, flanks the little Olden on three sides: towards the east, south and west. The biggest glacier in landmass Europe, the Jostedalsbre using its many arms covers a place of 188 square miles (487 square kilometers).  Olden is worth seeing for its huge glaciers, national park, museums, and spectacular Arctic climate.
The gigantic glacier has lended its title towards the Jostedalsbreen National Park (see below under Don't Miss). Still, unlike what one may think, the nation's Park isn't about ice: Lush valleys and bare rock surround the glacier. Summer season, trekkers who exhaust on ice and arctic climate can certainly experience something different within the 506 square miles (1,310 square kilometers) National Park.
For that periodic customer, the destination is also apt to be something unusual. There's a timelessness concerning the landscape, possibly only matched up through the meltwater that flows underneath the glacier: the Jostedalsbre includes snow and ice that fell 1000's of years back. If you're able to, look for a bottle of Olden standard water. These bottles contain meltwater in the glacier, flowing straight to a brewery and in to the bottle. It’s as near because you will reach a glacier on tap.
The city of Olden is part of the town of Stryn, which also includes nine other small cities. With 480 occupants, the city isn't a place that you'll probably visit if you're searching for night life and restaurants. Situated in which the Nordfjord finishes, it is really an ideal beginning point for appointments with the glacier, the nearby mountain tops and also the fjord itself. In a nutshell: it’s a perfect destination for those who enjoy investing amount of time in the truly amazing outdoors.Having a period of 66 miles/106 kilometers, the Nordfjord may be the sixth longest fjord in Norwegian.
Olden For Cruise Passengers
Olden is 4.5 hours north of Bergen by vehicle on Norway's route E39 and 60, but most of its visitors arrive by cruise ship during the brief Norwegian summer.  On cruise ship days, the tourists far out number the local population.  Olden can also be reached by driving about 3 hours south from Alesund, mainly on route E39 as well.
Cruise ships have experienced Olden into the spotlight for over a century, using the glacier like a primary attraction. Summer time months are the most popular here we are at the Olden cruise terminal where 100s of cruise people disembark and go to the historic sites and points of interest from the village. A ten-minute walk in the quay will take you towards the town center. The city is part of the main harbour of Nordfjord, that also includes Måløy, Selje, Nordfjordeid and Sandane. The Briksdals Glacier, a well known shoreline trip for cruise people going to Olden. The sights and miracles of the place left untouched by modernization is a that vacationers always anticipate visit. The Jostedalsbreen National Park is really a glacier that stretches for more than 37 miles it's the last remnant from the Ice Age Period. Led tours and hikes about this ice sheet are sufficient to help you understand the energy of character and it is splendor. Two other glaciers present in this park result in the trip worthwhile.  The Briksdal Glacier and also the the Kjenndalen Glacier are areas of the huge ice sheet that shows intense natural colors and designs which are worth seeing.
Briksdal Glacier
Briksdal Glacier, a hiker's favorite, is situated on the north side of the Jostedalsbreen National Park, and flows over 3,937 feet, down the dramatic mountainside into the Briksdal Valley.

Loen is a small, picturesque village located in the inner part of the Nordfjord, about four miles north of Olden. It is also home to some of the oldest farms in Norway, pre-dating Christianity.

Kjenndalen Glacier
The Kjenndalen Glacier is one of the many glaciers in Jostedalsbreen National Park, but is unique in that it is an intense blue-green color. A 30-minute hike will take you to a beautiful view of the glacier.
Lake Lovatn
Lake Lovatn boasts miles of turquoise waters, which have been colored by clays washed down from the Kjenndalen Glacier. Twice in the last century, avalanches triggered tsunami-like waves on the lake.
The Nation's Glacier Museum is among the major sights to go to in Olden. The museum concentrates on led educational tours concerning the impact of those glaciers around the world’s landscape. Other major places to go to would be the Olden Old Chapel, the Singer Home, Bruvoll and Lokenfossen, Auflem Farms and also the Floen.
A trip and tour from the Geiranger could be the easiest method to complete your led tour from the city. The breathtaking look at the greatest lake in Norwegian (known as the Hornindalsvatnet, Geirnagerfjord) from Flydalsjuvet and Dalsnibba are sufficient to rate your vacation because the best and many memorable it may be.
Jostedalsbreen National Park
Jostedalbreen Glacier is famous for its vast ice sheets, which are the largest in mainland Europe. The National park's Visitors' Center features many fascinating exhibits, and 3D displays of the glaciers.
The Jostedalsbreen National Park Customer Center situated around the shores of Lake Stryn, the Customer Center puts focus not just around the nearby glacier but additionally on avalanches and creatures and plants based in the National Park. The centre’s primary building is built-in exactly the same style like a Viking longhouse. A botanical garden features 400 individually named plant species. Site visitors may also see a film concerning the national park. Distance from Olden: 23 miles/37.1 kilometers
 The “Troll Cars”, which transport site visitors across the Olden Valley. Both of these-wheeled equine-attracted buggies will be in operation in excess of a century, getting site visitors in the Briksdalsbre Fjellstove (the Briksdalsbre mountain cottage) towards the Briksdalsbre (the Briksdal Glacier, a leg from the Jostedalsbre). The length from Olden towards the Briksdalsbre Fjellstove is 13.7 miles/22.1 kilometers
 In the Briksdalsbre Fjellstove, it isn't far towards the 984 ft/300 meter high Volefossen waterfall. Another waterfall can also be found near by: the Kleivafossen, that is regarded as probably the most captured pics of motifs in Norwegian.
Wherever you use this a part of Norwegian, the magnificent scenery will spoil your vision and senses. If you are as much as it, request the local people what to do, bring a video camera and experience character at its best.
At 66 miles, the Nordfjord is the sixth longest fjord in Norway, and encompasses the Jostedalsbreen, mainland Europe's largest glacier. Famous for its skiing, it is also popular with fishing enthusiasts. The Nordfjord Folke museum gives a look into how existence was resided in this region of Norwegian within the 18th and 19th centuries. The museum includes the Holvikejekta. Built greater than a century ago, this 60-feet ship is all of the the standard freight ships which were being used across the fjord within the 1800s. The Nordfjord Folkemuseum can be found in Sandane, 33.2 miles/53.5 kilometers from Olden
Olden doesn't have an art gallery of their own, however the Gamlekyrkja (Old Chapel) includes a story to inform concerning the town. Old coins found throughout excavations have proven the current chapel isn't the first ones to happen to be built here. It's thought that the stave chapel was built round the year 1300. It had been changed with a more contemporary chapel in 1746, and on the other hand in 1759. The chapel is within easy reach in the town center. The Nedrebergtunet is really a museum that puts concentrate on old farming equipment, textiles and garments which have belonged towards the Nedrebergtunet farm. The length from Olden is 14 miles/22.6 kilometers
Initially from Pittsburgh within the U.S., William Henry Singer first showed up in Olden in 1912. He grew to become so keen on the city and also the surroundings he were built with a studio built within 1914. In 1921, he built a bigger house. Singer chose art before business: he was the heir of Singer Nimick & Co. - a large steel company - but made a decision to travel extensively in Europe before settling in Norwegian. The Singerheimen, where he resided, has become available to site visitors. Singerheimen can be found within easy reach from central Olden.
Old Viking funeral mounds may not become qualified as proper museums but when you are looking at these remains of occasions past, odds are that might be areas surrounding Olden very worthwhile. Viking graves have been discovered in Loen (3.6 miles/5.8 kilometers from Olden), Hornindal (24 miles/38.9 kilometers from Olden) and Oppstryn (23.5 miles/37.8 kilometers from Olden). You will find a number of other, similar places across the
Things to see and do Near Olden:
Briksdal Glacier - Travel a half hour to the Briksdal Mountain Lodge (Briksdalsbre Fjellstove), passing Floen Lake, Lake Olden and the Melkevoll Glacier along the way.  At the Lodge, take a horse-drawn "troll car" to the Briksdal Glacier.  See the Volefossen and Kleivafossen waterfalls.  On the way back, take a Lake Olden cruise on the M/B Olden from Eide to Rustoen.
Boyabreen Glacier - Travel just over an hour to Fjaerland to the Norwegian Glacier Museum, passing the town of Skei and the viewpoint at Mount Utvik en route.  Enjoy views of the Boyabreen Glacier.  Have lunch at the Skei Hotel on the return trip to Olden.
Kjenndal Glacier (Kjenndalsbreen) - Travel 40 minutes to Kjenndalen Lodge in the Kjenndal Valley, passing the town of Loen and emerald green waters of Lovatnet Lake en route. The glacier is a 10 minute walk from the lodge.  Lovatnet Lake cruises run out of Sande, but don't take you to the glacier.
Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre - Travel 40 minutes to the park center, passing through Loen, Stryn, the Stryn River and Lake Strynsvatn along the way.  Continue past the center, up the hairpin turns, to the viewpoint at the Hotel Videseter too.
Nedrebergtunet - farming museum 23 km (14 mi) from Olden.
Viking graves have been found in the nearby towns of Loen, Hornindal and Oppstryn.
Shoreline Activities
An excursion from the fjord by high-speed RIB boat will give you many impressions. The rate from the boat will possibly function as the least significant one: the fjord landscape is overwhelming.
Glacier hikes. Using the Jostedalsbre in the doorstep, Olden is a perfect beginning point for around the glacier by feet and/or coach.
Olden is a pleasant little village located at the inner end of the Nordfjord. The head of the Fjord is characterized by varied and dramatic scenery. Peaceful valleys and tidy farms lie in contrast to gleaming glaciers, foaming waterfalls and towering mountains. Olden is the gateway to the Jostedal Glacier, the largest glacier on the European mainland. A tour to Briksdal, its most well-known glacier arm, is highly recommended. The village of Olden and the Stryn region are vigorous and active, with blooming trade and businesses. They have long been known for tourism and industry, but are now also famous for contemporary design. Olden is the main cruise destination in the Nordfjord, but cruise vessels are most welcome in all the Nordfjord ports: Måløy, Selje, Nordfjordeid, and Sandane; each hosting a range of interesting attractions and excursion possibilities.
If you wish to compare the good thing about the Nordfjord to that particular of among the world’s best-known fjords, an instructor tour towards the Geirangerfjord is another possibility. On the way, chances are that you'll experience not just a few of the many tunnels and hairpin bends that lots of Norwegian drivers are very accustomed to, but additionally waterfalls (like the Buldre Waterfall) and ponds (like the Hornindalvatn, the greatest lake in Europe).
Coach around the Nordfjord can also be found, travelling across the fjord and going through Norwegian character close-up. The peak difference on the highway around the north side from the fjord is a few 1,800 ft/550 meters. Frequently known as the Nordfjord Panorama Tour.
Bars and Restaurants
Norwegian cuisine and dishes are the special treats provided by several restaurants within the city. The upkeep of the culture and heritage is frequently the main intent of those restaurants when serving their clients. Sea food dishes are primary menus provided by some restaurants. Among the restaurants that provide unique cuisine can be found in the Fjordhotel Olden. Norwegian dishes are members of the primary menu offered only at that hotel.
On pier and in city centre 700m from the pier. Five factory outlets in the village. Crafts are among the most bought souvenir products within the Olden area. One store that sells theses novelty souvenir products may be the Kari Trestakk. Situated in N6870 Olden, the shop sells crafts in your area made included in this are hands-stitched carpets and area rugs, hands colored mugs and bottles and fancy jewelry pieces with beads and glitters at low reasonable prices. Within the Olden Focus on 700 meters in the Olden cruise terminal, suppliers with makeshift kiosks and stores fall into line the marketplace then sell products which are distinctively designed making specifically for vacationers.

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