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On a cruise to the land of trolls and the midnight sun 130km (81 miles) NE of Hammerfest; 2,444km (1,515 miles) NE of Bergen.
You have to journey a long way to see Nordkapp (North Cape), the most celebrated attraction in Norway. Nearer the North Pole than Oslo, the mighty rock stands at a latitude of 71° 10' 21" N. The attraction is generally viewed from mid-May to the end of July, when the Midnight Sun does not drop below the horizon. Before you've come all this way, we'll let you in on a secret. Nordkapp is supposed to be the northernmost point of continental Europe, although it actually isn't. See our box, "Europe's Real Northernmost Point." To the Sami, the North Cape held great religious significance and was a site for sacrifices. The name of North Cape came from the British explorer, Richard Chancellor, who drifted here in 1553. Actually, he was looking for the Northeast Passage.
The world's northernmost village, the gateway to the North Cape, is a completely modern fishing harbor set in a land of forests, fjord waters, and crashing waterfalls, everything bathed in summer by the eerie light of the midnight sun. Only the chapel withstood the village's destruction by Germans in 1944. It's some 80km (50 miles) nearer to the North Pole than Hammerfest, on the Alta-Hammerfest bus route.
Honningsvåg is on the southern side of the island of Magerøy, connected to the North Cape by a 35km (22-mile) road.
In The Mid 1940s, the German Nazis came through el born area and literally destroyed the town. Everything was completely destroyed aside from the chapel, and a few of the local people still can remember the carnage. Fortunately, both chapel and also the spirits from the strong-willed people of the close-knit society made it the attacks, now Honningsvåg is an excellent and charming town without any upheaval or unrest. You're sure to come with a remarkable amount of time in this exquisite northern atmosphere, filled with aesthetic beauty and friendly Norwegians. The falling snow and crisp, outdoors will obvious your lung area and reinvigorate you into another person. A vacation to Honningsvåg is really a blissful and existence reinforcing adventure.
Docking & Local Transportation
Cruise ships dock at the Port of Honningsvåg located in the Nordkapp (North Cape). Cruise ships dock right downtown, but downtown is pretty small. There are a few shops and bars, but not much really. It might be snowing/sleeting on and off when you were there last July. Honningsvåg is a city of only 2,600 people, and its small size makes it a perfect walking city. Taxis, buses, and rental car services are rarely used. You can take a side trip, via bus, to the fishing villages on Mageroya. They leave daily from Honningsvåg.  
Most cruises offer a bus transfer from Honningsvag to Nordkapp, a distance of 22 miles (35km)..The Nordkapp Museum (Nordkappmuseet) is a short walk from the cruise ship quay. The museum showcases the culture and Arctic fishing industry of the region Artico Ice Bar where everything is entirely made from natural ice. The igloo, the sledges, images projected on snow screens, and the lights and sounds further add to a most unique arctic experience.
North Cape is virtually Europe’s northernmost point, and is billed as “the top of the world!”. The town population is 2600. At the end of World War II, the Germans total destroyed the town, with only an 1884 church left standing. As you are standing in broad daylight at midnight looking out over the Arctic Ocean, it can be one of the world’s most memorable experiences. If you are lucky enough to see the Midnight Sun, it could be unforgettable. Much of this area is treeless tundra with sparse dwarf plants. It is 1300 miles from the North Pole. One of the Nordic countries' main attractions is without a doubt the midnight sun, which can be seen in the North Cape area from the middle of May until the end of July. The sun disappears completely beyond the horizon on 20 November, not returning again until 22 January. The ship offers tours to the North Cape Hall with a glass-enclosed viewpoint overlooking the Barents Sea. Outside is a giant iron globe. The plateau on the North Cape cliff is only twenty miles away from Honningsvåg and is Europe's northernmost corner, at 71ºC 10' 21'' latitude. Could consider getting a taxi for the trip to the North Cape Hall, but those getting busy if a large ship is in port. Some ships offer a a safari via Zodiac seeubg giant King Crab measuring up to 6 feet between its claws and weigh as much as 24 lbs.
Bird safaris through www.birdsafari.com, but they might be booked up doing ship tour when the large cruises are in town. Have two ships, 50 & 97 passengers. Can’t go on the island. Can contact (www.northcapecc.com) and www.stappan.com also offer bird watching in much smaller boats (capacity 8 persons max, new Ardea 8,3 m (27 foot) boat propelled by 222-horse power engine, 26 mph.
Nordkappmuseet is situated at Fergeveien 4 (78/47-28-33) and is an excellent museum that concentrates on the history and culture from the North Cape region. Most of the exhibits on World War II, and just how it affected the region, are generally effective and moving. This museum offers an essential picture that can't and won't be forgotten. Nordkappmuseet is appropriate in the heart of town, which means you certainly can't miss it. The gathering of fishing items is very interesting, and it is an upbeat change of pace in the World war 2 rooms.
Nordkapphallen (78/47-22-33) is an excellent audio-visual center filled with showcases and exhibits chronicling yesteryear and offer status of Norwegian. The tribute to King Oscar, former King of Norwegian, is fabulous. The commemoration to King Chulalongkorn is every bit impressive, and also the knowledgeable docents will explain great tales about each. The film presentation is informative and enjoyable, and also the best aspect about Nordkapphallen is viewing Arctic Sea. Downstairs in the primary museum there's a mysterious cavern, so that as you walk lower you'll approach a huge window that provides an unfathomably obvious shot from the Arctic
Eating Out
Honningsvåg is small, but in summer there are cafes, shops, and hotel restaurants offering various fare including the superb seafood, and for those in search of a light snack, koldtbord (cold table buffet) or pølser (sausages).Restaurant Carolina is found inside the Rica Hotel at Nordkappgata   is the most popular establishment in town.
 Locals love coming here for a drink and a little dancing.
Silversmiths and potteries are numerous and worth visiting. Traditional items include furs, printed textiles, woven articles, knitwear, woodcarving, silver, enamel, pewter, glass and porcelain. Tax-free cheques can be obtained from any of the shops carrying the sticker 'Tax free for tourists'. These shops save visitors  of the price paid by residents. Refunds are paid on return to the cruise ship.

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