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Hellesylt is a traditional Viking hub in Norway, and you will experience all of the beauty and charm of Norway and also the breathtaking waterfall that runs through the center of the port. Hellesylt is a very small town with just over 500 residents so you will be able to get a more realistic sense of the way of life in Norway by visiting this off the beaten path town. Incredible views and stunning architecture make Hellesylt a great place to travel, and the surrounding area is just as striking.

The waterfall is one of the most gorgeous sites in Hellesylt, and travel to this location will give you some astonishing views since you can observe the cascading water from above. In addition to the waterfall, you should visit the church for a mountain vista and a look at the interesting fjords. A natural haven for anyone that loves to observe the beauty and wonder of nature, Hellesylt is an often-overlooked area of Norway because it is less metropolitan and more scenic.
One of the highlights of the fjord lands, tiny Hellesylt sits at the head of Geirangerfjord, the westernmost section of the fjords. It is located on one of the most enchanting offshore islands of Norway. A fjord is a sharp gash in the land formed by withdrawing glaciers over ten thousand years ago. Today, the fjords serve as stunningly dramatic scenery that is uniquely Norwegian.
Hellesylt is the oldest Viking port in Norway, and today the history is evidenced by the rustic beauty and pastoral charm that leave visitors with the feeling that they have traveled back in time. Near the rural community, a glacier-fed stream falls over the sandstone front of the fjord, flowing into thousands of feet of rainbows and bubbly water. This majestic area, with its out-of-this-world glaciers and mountain-engulfed lakes, was the inspiration that launched Henrik Ibsen's drama Brand. Ibsen was so enthused about the scenery here that he used the small town as the backdrop for his awesome literary work. The land of Hellesylt is rough and stunning. It is dramatic and untamed, yet lush and delightful. The waterfall here is marvelous, and the residents are as lovely as their land.
Docking & Local Transportation
The tiny settlement of Hellesylt is visited by more than 100 cruise ships and 200.000 tourists every year. Cruise ships arriving here will dock at the Port of Hellesylt. This is a modest port that is located right in the center of town. Walking is really the only form of transportation visitors to Hellesylt will need. This town is so small that everything there is to see is visible from the harbor where your cruise ship will dock. Footsteps are all that separate the various tourist areas.
Your first stop could be to the Hellesylt Tourist Office (70/26-50-52), which is directly adjacent to the port. The residents that maintain the office can tell you if any special events are happening at the time of your visit. Tourists will find that nothing in Hellesylt beats the grandeur of the cascading Hellesylt Waterfall.This is a magnificent work of nature that can be seen from almost anywhere in the surrounding village, as it towers above the entire area. Flydal Gorge is another great photo opportunity. Here you can stand at one of Hellesylt's highest peaks and glance down at the beauty around you and snap a few pictures of the surreal backdrop. Hike up and around Mount DaIsnibba, which is one of the most aesthetically pleasing places in all of the Geirangerfjord land. In addition to the exercise, another reward for hikers that go in the evening hours will be the spectacular sunset that is visible from Mount DaIsnibba. Or, for a less challenging walking tour of Hellesylt, take a stroll around Troll's Path, a peaceful walkway that passes through town, distinguished by wooden signs that lead the way.
As you might expect, the most popular way to get physical in Hellesylt is to do so on foot. For that reason, hiking is a grand experience. You can literally walk your way from one end of the village to the other in a very short time, as the town is so small, but its range of beauty is enormous. You can also rent a rowboat right next to the harbor and float around the calm waters there.
Geirangerfjord is Norway's most spectacular and perhaps best-known fjord. With its high waterfalls and abandoned mountain farms, its landscape is included on UNESCO's list of World Heritage sites.

Mt. Dalsnibba
The mountain's summit, 4,757 feet above sea level, offers breathtaking views of the Geirangerfjord.

Flydalsjuvet lies to the south of the town of Geiranger. This gigantic overhanging rock, opening onto the Geirangerfjord, is one of the most photographed sights in Norway.

Jostedalsbreen National Park
Jostedalsbreen National Park surrounds Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier on the continent of Europe. Jostedalsbreen, together with smaller separate glaciers, covers about 310 square miles of the park.

Briksdal Glacier
The Briksdal Glacier is one of the most accessible and best-known arms of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier, swooping down nearly 4,000 feet down to the lush, narrow Briksdal Valley.

On the Norwegian west coast lies Stryn, home to steep and winding fjords, tall and snow-capped mountains, and majestic glaciers such as Briksdal Glacier.

Buldrefossen Waterfall
Ascendi Strynefjell Road where after 19 heart-stopping hairpin turns, the thundering Buldrefossen Waterfall appears.
Eating Out
The Grand Hotel Hellesylt Restaurant (70/26-51-00) is a wonderful place to enjoy any meal, as they serve a delicious breakfast buffet, Their lunch menu and dinner specials are also excellent. The fish is always the best item on the menu. It's fresh, healthy and seasoned lightly. For an after-dinner drink, wind down your day at the Grand Hotel Hellesylt Bar, which is adjacent to the restaurant. As is in most of the fjords, the town is fairly dormant after dark. Your best bet is to enjoy nature all day and rest in the quiet evening hours.
The shopping possibilities are very limited in Hellesylt. There are a couple of souvenir shops in town, but shopping should not be your priority here.

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