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Gudvangen is located just off the E16, which is the main road between Oslo and Bergen. By car Gudvangen is located 35 Norwegian miles (350 km) from Oslo and 14,6 Norwegian miles (146 km) from Bergen.
Pier Information
Cruise ships anchor in the fjord off Gudvangen and, guests are taken ashore via the ship's tenders.Gudvangen is a quaint little village situated in the beautifully untamed Nærøyfjord, the narrowest fjord in the world. It has been a frequently visited cruise ship port since 1865. The Gudvangen Port is situated at the deepest portion of the fjord, allowing it to comfortably accommodate the ferries and cruise ships that frequent its harbor.Cruise ships don’t typically call on Gudvangen but on Flåm, with tours offered to Gudvangen. It’s possible to travel in one direction by motorcoach and return by boat through Nærøyfjord
The fjord basin close to Gudvangen is very deep (more then 300 meters) and from shore it goes strait down. One can more or less imaginary follow the shape of the mountains. So even though this is the most narrow fjord in the World, it is more then big enough for most of the ships cruising this area.There are two good places for tenders to dock in Gudvangen. One is with steps (6 of them) and turned sideways so it is easy to enter. (High or low tide/size of the tender). The other one has a floating lower section with the upper section connected on small wheels, so it always fits with the tide.
Gudvangen Attractions Things to See & Do
Having been virtually unchanged for the last 150 years, Gudvangen gives its visitors an opportunity to see and experience life in a typical Western Norway fjord village.  Following the old road along the nærøyfjord will take hikers to the tiny village of Bakka. Avalanches and the fjord freezing often close off the residents of this village from the rest of the world. Here visitors will see for themselves the power and spectacular beauty of nature and the resiliency of its residents who have thrived in spite of the rugged environment.
The White Caves of Gudvangen, found in the mountains of Anorthosit, are also a sight worth visiting.  Visitors will be mesmerized at the sight of the world’s largest deposit of anorthosite, a white type of rock that is also found on the moon.Salmon fishing enthusiasts will be thrilled at the salmon fishing at the Gudvangen Port. Salmon fishing is highly regulated by the government; there are designated areas where one can fish and what equipment can be used. Fishing at the Gudvangen Port makes all of these quick and easy.
Norwegian salmon centre in Lærdal: The salmon centre is located approximately 1 hours drive from Gudvangen and can offer information and experiences with the Norwegian Atlantic salmon. You get information about the history of salmon, its life cycle and what historical impact the salmon has had on people throughout history. Courses in fly fishing and binding, information films, cultural and natural science exhibits are also available. For more information go to www.norsk-villakssenter.no
The Lærdal tunnel: The Lærdal tunnel is located ca. 30 minutes drive from Gudvangen is the world’s longest road tunnel, with a length of 24509 meters. The tunnel is a part of the E16, which is the main road between Oslo and Bergen. The tunnel opened on the 27th of November 2000. Inside the tunnel there are three big halls that are lit up so that the drivers don’t fall asleep in the long tunnel, and watch out, there are automatic traffic controls in the tunnel, in both directions so don’t speed!
Aurlandsvegen: If you don’t want to drive through the long Lærdal tunnel, as an alternative you can drive over the mountain. This is a scenic route and approx 6km from Aurland you get to a view point called Stegastein. Here there is a platform which is 33 meters long and 4,2 meters wide located 640 meters over the spectacular Aurland Fjord offering you an breathtaking view. This construction won first prize in a national architectural contest and is well worth a visit. In Lærdal, ca 60 minutes drive from Gudvangen, you find Borgund stave church. This is the best preserved church from the Middle Ages, in Norway. The church was built between 1150 and 1200 ad.
The Flåm Railway: The Flåm Railway is an amazing train ride between Myrdal and Flåm. The Flåm Railway was planned to be built by the government in 1908, however the construction was not completed before 1941 during the 2nd world war. The magnificent railway route is an incredible masterpiece of the engineering art, with a height difference of 863,6 meters on a 20km railway stretch. In 2005 the Flåm Railway was the 5th most visited tourist attraction in Norway, with 408900 paying passengers.
The Flåm Railway museum. The Flåm Raiway museum is located in Flåm, ca 15 minutes drive from Gudvangen. It is located in the old station building 100 meters from today’s rail way station. In this museum you can learn about the history of the Flåm Railway, the technological development, the everyday life in Flåm and about Norwegian railways in general.
Undredal: Undredal is a small valley ca 15 minutes drive from Gudvangen. Up until 1988 you could only get to Undredal by ferry, but now there is a good road connection. In Undredal you can visit the smallest stave church in Norway, and the famous Undredal Stølysteri where local cheese is produced. Every second year the people in Undredal have their own festival to celebrate the good cheese. The name of the festival is Geitostfestivalen (the goat cheese festival).
Tourist ferries between Gudvangen and Flåm: In the summer season both Fjord1 and Sognefjorden cruise offer scheduled departures between Gudvangen and Flåm. This is an opportunity to experience the incredible Nærøyfjord which is one of two fjords in Norway in the UNESCO world heritage list. During the ferry trip between Gudvangen and Flåm there are many things to experience. Ca 6 kilometers form Gudvangen is a small place called Bakka. In this place there is a small church and a few farms with the mountain Bakkanosi in the background. On the other side of the fjord you can see Holmo where Viking graves have been found. Further out the in fjord we arrive at Styvi. Here in Styvi you will find the smallest working post office in Norway, with only 2 clients. The postal number is 5748 STYVI. In Styvi, you will also find a farm museum well worth visiting.  Further out the fjord you find several small places like Dyrdal, Stigen Farm and Undredal.
Hiking in the mountains: Gudvangen is a good starting point for several mountain hikes, and in some places you can get all the way to the mountain edge and see straight down the fjord from an altitude of approximately 1000 meters. From Bakka (6km from Gudvangen) there is a path going up in the steep mountain called Rimstigen. This path is very steep and with normal speed you use ca 3, 5 hours to the top. At the top there is an amazing view down to the fjord below. If you wish to get to the top using an easier route, you can drive to Jordalen and walk from the rear side of the mountain. This is a longer track, but it is not as challenging as the Rimstigen. Use a map for more information.
Stalheim: from Stalheim (ca 15 min from Gudvangen) there are more opportunities for mountain hiking. Use map for more information.
Jordalen: Jordalen is a small mountain village ca 8km from Gudvangen. You take a right turn from the E16 and drive up a steep road with the mountain Jordalsnuten on your right hand side. Jordalsnuten is one of the most beautiful mountains in Norway; many a famous painter has found inspiration in this mountain. The most famous painting of this mountain is painted by the artist JC Dahl and it is called “From Stalheim”. This mountain is also mentioned in several essays written by the famous Norwegian writer Per Sivle, the most known essay is called “Only a dog”. Jordalen is a good place for fishing mountain trout in the river. Fishing permits can be bought in the first farm you get to in Jordalen.
Stalheimskleivene: this is one of the most famous tourist attractions in this area. It is located approximately 15 kilometers from Gudvangen.
Stalheim: At the top of the Stalheimskleivene you find a place called Stalheim. In Stalheim there is a hotel, where you can walk out on a balcony and experience a magnificent view of the Nærøydal, with the Jordalsnuten mountain to your left. In Stalheim there is also a museum called Stalheim Folkemuseum. This museum gives you a perspective on how people have lived and survived in this area the last 300 years.
Voss extremsports: Ca 40 minutes from Gudvangen there is the small town of Voss. Voss is one of the best places in Norway to experience extreme sports. Every June there is a extreme sports festival which is well known internationally. The name of the festival is the extreme sports week (extremsportsveko) and extreme sports enthusiasts from all over the world gather during this week to participate in their sport.
Eating Out
Gudvangen provides a few dining venues for tourists to enjoy. The main restaurant is situated in the Fjordtel. It has a panoramic roof which allows diners to enjoy extensive views across the fjord. It serves simple and traditional meals and is furnished by local craftsmen using the pattern from the Urnes Stave Church. Over the summer months visitors can enjoy al fresco dining at the Langilden Grill House which is on the terrace. The speciality is goat meat which is prepared and cooked where diners are able to see the chefs at work. There is also a café which provides buffet style dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The Gudvangen Port is one of the oldest cruise ports in Norway and it hasn’t changed much for the last 150 years. Tourists can shop for Viking souvenirs at the Gudvangen Fjordtell souvenir shop or at the old Viking souvenir shop built in 1876. Two gift shops in Gudvangen. One is located in the main building of the Fjortell and the other just next to the ferry dock. All purchases over NOK 315 is tax returnable.

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