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Flåm is situated deep in Sognefjord, in the middle of southern Norwegian. It's the longest of all the fjords in Norwegian. The fjords created following the last Ice Age, over 10000 years back. Following the glaciers withdrew, the waters from the Norwegian Ocean crashed in, creating sharp gashes within the land which are what now that we know as fjords. Flam has achingly beautiful scenery, fascinating museums, great food culture (think delicious cheese), and an unflictching relaxed vibe.
Today the fjords function as stunningly dramatic scenery that's distinctively Norwegian. Situated just ten or twenty yards from Oslo, Flåm may be the only fjord town accessible by rail. It is known for its namesake Flåm Railway however this lovely town is principally a little railway terminal having a population of just 450. The citizens of Flåm take pride in the nice and cozy, friendly atmosphere they maintain and also the beauty and placidity of the land. As anybody that has ever visited Flåm would agree, it's a town that showcases a number of Norway's most gorgeous scenery. Snow assigned mountain tops tower over the sleepy town and glorious topography. Flåm Valley is really a host to gushing waterfalls and fantastic peaks. It's a charming inlet around the water where every view is really a beautiful one. The majority of the structures in Flåm sit directly on water, creating attractive sights of all the place.
Docking & Local Transportation
Cruise ships coming in Flåm pier in the Sognefjord Port. Walking will probably be your primary mode of transportation in Flåm, because the small town is very compact and many things are accessible by feet.
Things to do
In Flåm, together with exceptional scenery, you'll also find a couple of locations that are a little from the beaten path. An amusing activity may include a vacation to the Wild Fish Observatory, where guides will train all of you there's to understand about the Atlantic fish and Norway's fishing industry. Here you can observe Norwegian fish, in addition to improve around the character and good reputation for the fishing industry. Museum enthusiasts will love the Flåm Railway Museum, which provides an intensive and colorful explanation of the making of the railway and stunning photographs from the route the rail travels.
If hiking is the fancy, you're in luck. There's a scenic path that can take walkers from Flåm to Myrdal using a splendid trail teeming with mountain tops, waterfalls and trees. The hike, for the way far you decide to go, can require four hrs, so a round trip hike usually takes all day long. But when you will find the energy, the awesome temps and stunning terrain alllow for an incredible hike. You could also opt to help make the hike from Flåm to Myrdal, after which visit the Oslo-Bergen rail line, which will give you to Flåm in under an hour or so. Throughout May, the nation remembers Metabolic rate Day. Festivities include local music artists and song and dance festivals that occur around Flåm. A great chance to actually become familiar with the folks, sights, and sounds of Flåm. If you be going to Flåm in August, you might have the ability to have fun playing the Flåmsmarsjen Walk, that is a yearly event where almost every resident walks the city and admires the stunning backdrop and natural miracles that provide his or her home.
Volleyball is among the most beloved sports activities in Flåm. Public volleyball courts us dot the waterfront and enable site visitors to seize a ball and play a couple of matches. And with all the breathtaking land that comprises Flåm, hiking is obviously an excellent activity.
Eating Out
Furukroa is a fairly spot to have a relaxed dinner directly on Flåm's beautiful coast. The fish and swordfish listed here are two faves. After dinner, have a drink in the Fretheim Hotel Bar in which the wine selection will certainly impress the most distinguishing connoisseurs. Then, for any real treat, have dessert at Heimly Pension watching the sun's rays set over Flåm. Night time is bed time in Flåm, because the town shuts early and restaurants close around nine o'clock
Shopping is unquestionably not really your main concern in Flåm, only one shop you need to visit is Underdalsbui (57/63-30-80). This store hosts the best cheese selection in this region of Norwegian. Fresh cheeses and seafood, which will make for any perfect starting to a have a picnic around the waterfront, could be bought only at that gourmet shop.
One of the biggest gift shops in Norway, attracting mainly train passengers, is Saga Souvenirs (tel. 57-11-00-11). Here you'll find all those regional products visitors like to haul away from Norway and take back home. There's an excellent selection of knitwear, along with jewelry and the inevitable trolls.

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