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Bergen is really an attractive city within the gorgeous country of Norwegian. Situated within the western region of the glorious land, Bergen is really a beautiful and striking city. The museums are perfect, and also the Bergen Art Museum particularly is indeed a jewel. The visual splendor of Bergen is amazing, and you'll never tire of the remarkable city. The fjords are magnificent, and Sogne, a long fjord in Norwegian, situated simply to northern Bergen. Most of the old structures in the middle of the town are superbly built and therefore are charming spots just waiting to become investigated. The eating and shopping in Bergen are generally excellent, as you will find numerous top quality restaurants and stores to peruse. The jewelry and clothing in Bergen shops are very nice, as well as in some locations you'll uncover great hard-to-find products. A mix of natural and guy-made beauty helps make the Hanseatic Wharf area probably the most spectacular port areas on the planet. Wherever you use Bergen, you're sure to be blown away, and also the waterfront from the city is especially impressive. Bergen is architecturally and culturally magnificent, artistically evolved, and big on the theatre scene.
King Olav Kyrre established Bergen like a Viking harbor in 1070. It had been undoubtedly the most crucial port in most of Norwegian for import, export, and general usage. Within the thirteenth century, Bergen was formally declared the main city of Norwegian. In 1241, the Hanseatic League was established to be able to create monopolies on certain segments of European trade. Bergen became a member of forces with several German metropolitan areas and grew to become certainly one of four primary buying and selling forces and one of the greatest ports for salted seafood and timber around the region, making the region incredibly effective and prosperous. This wealthy heritage has made it the centuries, and Bergen remains a thriving city. Just lately, it had been declared among the three tidiest metropolitan areas in Europe, quite recognition indeed. If you want hygiene, crisp air, and a good amount of sights and adventures, then Bergen is an ideal city for you personally. There's certainly lots of rain fall within this port city, but you're sure to be cheered up by among the friendly local people, who'll insist that you simply participate in for any laugh along with a drink at among the local hangouts.
Docking & Local Transportation
Cruise ships pier in the Port of Bergen. The main harbour is easily situated within easy reach of the middle of town.
The town of Bergen is effectively offered by bus transportation which takes the tourist to a lot of surrounding locations. Buses leave the central station situated at Strømgaten 8 (55/32-67-80). Or, you are able to choose to rent a vehicle from one of many agencies situated within the city. Finally, you are able to have a taxi to the destination of your liking. Taxis in Bergen are controlled with a central dispatching office, which may be arrived at 24 hrs each day.
Local Interests
The Bergen Art Museum is situated at Rasmus Meyers Allé 3-9 (55/56-80-00) and it is a wonderful assortment of art galleries which are filled with exquisite works of art and artwork. The 3 primary art galleries would be the Stenersen Collection, the Rasmus Meyers Collection, and also the Bergen Billedgalleri. Within the Rasmus Meyers are the best Picasso works of art found anywhere. Wonderful functions by Miro and Braque is visible here, too. Paul Klee's glorious pieces take presctiption display within the Stenersen Collection, and Norwegian best for example Munch and that i.D. Dahl are featured within the Bergen Billedgalleri. The Bergen Art Museum is really a splendid establishment filled with visual miracles, produced through the masters.
The Bergen Aquarium are available at Nordnesbakken 4 and is an excellent place for the entire family to savor. You will find nine glass tanks that surround the indoor hallway, filled with marine existence that's certain to dazzle you. The forty-two small aquariums are perfect, too, and being merely a enjoyable 15-minute walk in the heart of Bergen makes going to the aquarium mandatory. One of the thousands of creatures and plants displayed, you will notice penguins, closes, piranhas, and giant lobsters.
Troldhaugen is situated at Troldhaugveien 65 called the home of composer Edvard Grieg. The ornate Victorian architecture is remarkable. Throughout the Bergen festival, a home is utilized as a conference place, and Grieg's grand piano could be heard once more. Inside, Grieg's works of art, personal products, and furniture remain.
Market Square
Located at the southeast end of the city's beautiful main harbor, Bergen's Market Square (Torget) is always bustling. Its busy quays are where local fishermen land their catches each morning and, along with the 700-year old Fish Market, it's a fascinating spectacle for early risers. Address: Grensegrenden 1, 5035 Bergen
Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf
Colorful Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf is one of Bergen's most popular tourist attractions. Chock full of restaurants, studios, workshops and boutique shops, its narrow alleyways and old wooden merchant houses simply beg to be explored. While there, check out the fascinating Bryggen Museum with its many displays and artifacts dating back to the 14th Century and the city's early settlers. Address: Bryggen, 5003 Bergen -- Official site: www.bymuseet.no/?vis=77&spr=en
Hanseatic Museum
The best preserved of Bryggen's 18th Century merchant homes, Finnegård, has housed the Hanseatic Museum since 1872. This former counting house provides an excellent insight into the lives of the largely German merchants (the Hanseatics) who inhabited the harbor area, and includes displays of weapons, furnishings and equipment. Address: Finnegården 1a, 5003 Bergen -- Official site: http://www.museumvest.no/index.php?action=static&id=35
Bergenhus Fortress
The old Bergenhus Fortress has dominated the entrance to Bergen's harbor since the late 16th Century, and remains one of the most impressive such structures in Scandinavia. Be prepared to spend time in the excellent Bergenhus Fortress Museum with its fascinating exhibits relating to the contribution of women and resistance groups during the 1940-45 German occupation. Afterwards, stroll up to the walled remains of Sverresborg, a fortress built around 1660 on the remains of an even older 12th Century castle. Address: Brygge, Bergen -- Official site: http://www.visitnorway.com/en/Where-to-go/Fjord-Norway/Bergen/What-to-do-in-Bergen/Attractions-in-Bergen/Bergenshus-Fortress/

Old Bergen Open-Air Museum
Tucked away in the old city district of Sandviken is the Open-Air Museum of Old Bergen (Gamle Bergen). It's well worth it, and contains an excellent collection of 35 historic wooden buildings and depictions of Bergen's architecture and life in the 18th and 19th Centuries. Address: Sandviken, Bergen -- Official site: www.bymuseet.no/index.php?vis=79&spr=en
Bergen Cathedral
The earliest recorded reference to Bergen's splendid cathedral dates back to 1181, when it began life as a monastic church. It was while being rebuilt after fires in 1623 and 1640 that the cathedral received its present façade, while architect Christian Christie added its Rococo interior during renovations in the 1880s. Address: Domkirkeplassen 1, 5003 Bergen

Grieg Hall
If you're a fan of the daring architecture Norway has adopted for so many of its public buildings, Bergen's Grieg Hall won't disappoint. This impressive example of modern architecture is equally famous for its excellent acoustics and offers a first-class repertoire of concerts, opera and ballet, as well as classical works by Bergen's most famous son, Edvard Grieg. Address: Strømgate, Bergen
Official site: www.grieghallen.no
Rasmus Meyer Collection
Bequeathed to the city in 1923, the Rasmus Meyer Collection includes paintings and sketches by some of Norway's most prolific artists (collections include works by Dahl, Egedius, Munch and Munthe). If art's your thing, you may also want to check out the Museum of Applied Art with its collection of rare porcelain and pottery, as well as goldsmith's work and modern Norwegian applied and decorative art.
Address: Rasmus Meyers Allé 7, Bergen -- Official site: http://kodebergen.no/en
University Museum of Bergen
Bergen is famous for its university, which in turn is famous for its world-renowned museum collections. Well worth spending a day at, the university's museums include the Natural History Collection, the Cultural History Collection, and the Seafaring Museum. When you're ready for a break from all that learning, take a stroll in the university's lovely Botanic Garden. If you are interested in gardens, stroll across to nearby Nygårdspark for a peek at the flora and famous Unicorn Fountain by Gustav Vigeland. Afterwards, make your way to the Norwegian Arboretum, a superb collection of over 5,000 plants from around the world.
Address: Museplass 3, N-5007 Bergen -- Official site: www.uib.no/universitymuseum
To the northeast of Bergen rises Fløyfjell, a 1,047 ft peak offering magnificent views of the city and the surrounding area (visit early morning or at dusk for the most dramatic vistas). If walking is not your thing, you can take a tramway to the top. When you're done with the spectacular views of Bergen, leave the station behind and head to Blåmann - at 1,808 ft, the panoramic views from the top of this peak are well worth the effort.
Grieg Museum
Located just a short trek to the south of Bergen, Troldhaugen is famous as the former home of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. Built in 1885, the well preserved home is now the site of the Grieg Museum and is dedicated to the life and work of the composer. Time it right, and you can even enjoy concerts featuring Grieg's music (summer and fall). Address: Troldhaugvegen 65, 5232 Paradis-Bergen -- Official site: http://griegmuseum.no/en
Lisøy and Lyse Abbey
On Lisøy, an island in the suburb of Fana, sits the villa (built in 1873) of the famous Norwegian fiddler, Ole Bull. While an interesting medley of different architectural styles, the real reason to visit the island is Lyse Abbey. The ruins of the first Cistercian house in Norway, founded in 1146 by monks from York, England, the site provides a vivid impression of monastic life in the Middle Ages. Address: Lisøy, Fana, Bergen

Bergen International Festival
This annual two-week festival runs late May to early June and features more than a dozen daily events including operas, orchestras, choral and chamber performances, dance recitals, ballet, jazz and folk concerts, as well as theatrical productions. The repertoire of the festival is equally rich, ranging from baroque to gospel to modern. Various venues are used, including the Bergen National Theater, the Bryggen Museum, the Wharf, as well as many stately homes, churches and halls. Official site: www.fib.no/en/
Royal Residence
Bergen's Royal Residence and banqueting hall, Håkon's Hall, was completed for Norwegian King Håkon Håkonsson in 1261. Situated adjacent the Rosenkrantz Tower, which dates from the 1270s, this exquisite structure has been extended several times to act as a fortification and display of power. Address: Bergenhus Festning, 5835 Bergen -- Official site: www.bymuseet.no/?vis=78
Eating Out
Finnegaardstuene is situated at Rosenkrantzgate 6 (55/55-03-00) and serves remarkable French and Norwegian cuisine. Construction of the great restaurant first started in 1400, and it was initially utilized as a warehouse. A few of the woodwork on todays establishment dates completely to the 1700s. You will find four comfortable dining rooms, which are elegant and welcoming. The ambiance is wonderful, and also the services are first class. Recption menus matches the growing season to some extent, and also the elements utilized in a lot of the dishes are noticeably Norwegian. However, the main courses are ready within the classical French style. The mixture is dynamite, and each morsel is wonderful. The turbot is splendid, marinated in lime and offered having a caviar sauce. Duck breast with fig and lime sauce is heavenly, and also the venison filets with berry sauce are divine. The desserts won't ever dissatisfy, particularly the cloudberries with frozen treats. Wessel-Stuen is situated at Engen 14 (55/55-49-49) and is made to resemble a classic 1700s tavern. The dinners are wonderful, which is where there is a best steak in Bergen. The duck and catfish will also be excellent, and also the fun décor can not be beat. Fiskekroen is situated at Zacchariasbryggen 50 (55/55-96-55) featuring excellent fresh seafood and venison. This restaurant certainly has got the best look at the harbor, and you will certainly need bookings with this exclusive place. The fish, reindeer, and halibut are delectable.
The Living room National Scene is situated at Engen 1 (55/54-97-00) and it is a wonderful theater built in the center of the 1800s, featuring performances that vary from plays to opera. The Evening Place is available within the Hotel Norge, at Ole Bulls Plass 4 (55/57-30-00). It's a lively dance bar having a great audio system along with a slightly older and delicate crowd.
Bergen has several cobblestoned pedestrian shopping streets, including Gamle Strandgaten, (Gågaten), Torgallmenningen, Hollendergaten, and Marken. Stores selling Norwegian handicrafts are concentrated along the Bryggen boardwalk. Near the cathedral, the tiny Skostredet has become popular with young shoppers. The small, independent specialty stores here sell everything from army surplus gear to tailored suits and designer trinkets. Most Bergen shops are open Monday-Wednesday and Friday from 9 to 5; Thursday from 9 to 7; and Saturday from 10 to 3. Bergen's shopping centers-Galleriet, Kløverhuset, and Bergen Storsenter-are open weekdays from 9 to 9 and Saturday from 9 to 6.

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