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Akureyri is the fourth biggest town in Iceland, counting a little more than 17,000 occupants. It’s most likely reliable advice the town doesn't even compare to being too-referred to as Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. This can be a destination that's not regularly presented in stylish lifestyle magazines, and Akureyri hasn't located political summits for world leaders. Akureyri is known for its community spirit, marine wonders, high mountain tops, and friendly locals.
Akureyri, encircled by regal mountain tops is really a town where urban, rural and marine existence mix easily, along with a proud community spirit dominates. Frequently known as the main city of northern Iceland, Akureyri is a major buying and selling post for hundreds of years and it has grown being Iceland’s biggest regional town and also the cultural center from the north. Situated in the southern finish from the 30-mile-lengthy (48 km) Eyjafjordur, some 60 miles (96 km) south from the Arctic Circle, Akureyri is based on a lengthy valley that stretches southwards in the fjord. This is among the most fertile farming regions of Iceland with lots of large farms. High mountain tops on every side from the fjord and valley offer defense against harsh winds. Despite being so near to the Arctic Circle, Akureyri likes a few of the most warm weather in the united states, with temps frequently reaching the reduced 70s Fahrenheit (20º C)in summer time.
El born area of Iceland was initially moved in the ninth century with a Norse Viking, Helgi Eyvindarson. Akureyri grew to become a buying and selling center around 1600 and also the Danish retailers based their camps within the summer time, because the harbour remains safe and secure plus they could effectively cultivate food. It received a municipal charter in 1862 the populace began to develop from that point. The city presently has roughly 17,000 occupants. Most operate in fisheries, light industry, and farming processing of items provided through the wealthy surrounding farming districts.
Today, Akureyri offers entertainment and cultural points of interest on the component with a lot more populated places. Venues for example interesting museums, a fascinating and popular botanical garden and also the indication of Akureyri, the chapel within the center of town, are well-liked by site visitors.
Despite its northern location, Akereyri’s port remains ice-free year-round because of the Gulf Stream. The sea current produces a milder climate than could have been the situation had Jack Frost not been muffled through the warm waters from the Gulf.
That’s a benefit which has performed a job throughout history, as Akureyri is promoting. The very first settlers showed up within the tenth century. It wasn't until 1562, however, that somebody emerged using the idea to formally record the town’s history.
Note: Because of the neighborhood average temps in Iceland, we advise you dress yourself in layers. Coaches aren't outfitted with ac. Local citizens’ function as guides as well as their accents might be sometimes obscure.
The price of supplying an excursion program is proportionately more costly compared to neighboring nations. Regrettably this really is reflected within the prices from the tours, so we request knowing about it.
Pier Information
Akureyri features three cruise piers; one of these has convenience of ships as high as 655 ft/200 meters long. People disembark near to the city center. Cruise ships pier Oddeyrarbryggja situated about half mile (1 km) in the town center. Taxis can be found in limited supply. Akureyri port reps happily explain that certain cruise company views its port is the third very best in Europe. The protected location from the port is probably a primary reason.
The city center is compact enough to become investigated by walking, and also the starting point may be the pedestrian mall of Hafnarstraeti, only a short walk in the fjord waterfront. Farther along may be the earliest a part of town with several small museums.
Things to see
Visit the Christmas house, Jólahusið
This Christmas House is a quaint little gift shop that makes you get in the spirit of Christmas anytime of the year. It looks a bit like a cross between a typical Icelandic fishermans house and a gingerbread house, painted red with cany and santa´s hanging all over it. Its always counting down the days to Christmas, but no matter how far away it is, you can buy Christmas gifts, decorations and even traditional Icelandic christmas food any day of the year.
Visit the Dettifoss Falls
North Iceland’s most impressive natural attraction is the Dettifoss Waterfall, Europe’s most powerful waterfall, which drops 45 meters into the Jökulsárgljúfur canyon below. For the most dramatic views, hike the scenic 35km trail from Asbyrgi canyon or couple your trip with a visit to the nearby Selfoss Falls.
Akureyri Chapel
Since its construction in 1940, the chapel has centered the city. It features an angel sculpture by famous Danish artist Bertel Thorvaldsen and stained-glass home windows with moments from Icelandic background and the existence of Christ.
Explore the Diamond Circle
A scenic 260km loop between Húsavík and Lake Mývatn, the Diamond Circle route is North Iceland’s principal tourist trail and there are enough sights to keep you busy for several days. Stop en-route to view the mud pools of Hverir, soak in the Mývatn thermal baths or scramble through the Lofthellir lava cave, then take in the highlights of the Vatnajökull National Park on a hiking or horse-riding excursion.
Botanical Garden
Because of Akureyri’s warm microclimate, the gardens, famous throughout Iceland, feature some 2,000 types of local and foreign flowers that blossom with no need of a green house.
Tracing its roots to 1912, the Lystigardur Akureyrar (Akureyri Botanical Garden) is broadly noted for its beauty. While among the roles from the garden may be for everyone being an eye-catcher, additionally, it plays other, possibly more profound roles. Probably the most important tasks would be to provide northern Iceland with trees, bushes and perennials which are both pleasing to see and sturdy enough to outlive about this latitude. Your garden consists of not just Icelandic plants, but additionally some 6,600 foreign plants.
Possibly having a more limited flora, Akureyri’s course continues to be special for the reason that it's the northernmost 18-hole course on the planet. Every year, Akureyri Club arranges The Arctic Open Golf Championship.
Find out about the good reputation for this Icelandic destination and also the fjord where it's situated in the Akureyri Museum. The museum garden features a 1800s chapel.
Through pictures and text, the Aviation Museum traces the introduction of aviation in Iceland up to todays. Several aircraft take presctiption display, included in this Iceland’s earliest ambulance aircraft.
For that more art-interested customer, the Akereyri Art Museum may be something to place among the list of things you can do. You will find also several galleries within the town. Good examples include Gallery Listfléttan (within the town center), Gallery Svartfugl og Hvitspói, and Mjólkurbúdin Gallery (situated within the same building because the Akureyri Art Museum).
The Summer time Art Festival begins in the finish of June and continues for ten days. Then, in the finish of August, it’s here we are at the grand finale: the Akureyri Town Festival.
The Nonni House benefits an art gallery devoted towards the author and Jesuit priest Jón Sveinsson. He authored twelve popular books for kids. Several objects associated with his existence and works take presctiption display within this house, which is a good example of the earliest kind of timber house in Iceland.
Recently opened up, the Motorcycle Museum of Iceland concentrates on a brief history of motorcycles around the island.
Another alternative for anybody with an intention in motor-driven automobiles is to take a tour having a mountain truck or perhaps a superjeep tour within the Icelandic backwoods. You will find several companies offering this kind of encounters, for instance: Nonni Travel, Extreme Icelandic Adventures and Icelandic Outback.
For any different (and possibly quieter) perspective on Iceland’s character, try paragliding around Akureyri. Other options for going through the grand character round the town include hiking, boat activities, watching birds, cycling, equine riding and much more.
Akureyri also provides options for quality shopping, with designer brands and native products available. Shops mostly are concentrated in two areas: the town center and also at the retail center Glerártorg. The Jólagardurinnis Akureyri’s Christmas garden, where site visitors can greet Santa year-round.
Around the city, by coach or by walking. Laufås, probably the most well-known turf houses in Iceland, has become among the last turf farms in the country. Obtain a peek at exactly what the daily existence on Iceland could seem like in the ninth century towards the 1800s.
Lake Mývatn could possibly be the destination on some activities. This lake comes with an extremely wealthy fauna of wild birds.
Other activities range from the Godafoss waterfall (Waterfall from the Gods), which is among the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland. The Skutustadir craters are abnormally regular pseudocraters. At Dimmuborgir lava fields (Dark Forts lava fields), notice a labyrinth of lava structures. The Namaskard Geothermal power fields, using their boiling sulphur dirt starts, works as an indication from the geothermal power activity in Iceland.
Another destination may be the small island of Grimsey around the Arctic Circle. The area features an incredible birdlife.
Find the Northern Lights
Since Akureyri is located further north than Reykjavik, and the city is under 20,000 residents, the light pollution is not as bad and the longer nights make it perfect for northern lights spotting
Eating Out
Worldwide cuisine is instantly available, but sampling a few of the local fare might be more interesting. Sea food and lamb are staples from the Icelandic diet. Snacks that match schnapps are sardines and a variety of smoked and gently pickled meat. An Akureyri institution may be the Bautinn Restaurant, in which the glassed-in pergola is a well-liked meeting and eating place.
The primary shopping area is located round the center of town. Woollen items, ceramics, books and Icelandic art alllow for interesting buys. Most shops are open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The neighborhood currency may be the Icelandic Krona.

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