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Langkawi is the main island in a group of 104 islands that comprise the Langkawi archipelago, which is located where the Straits of Melaka meet the waters of the Andaman Sea. Once a sanctuary for pirates, Langkawi Island was a well-kept secret until it was made a duty-free port in 1987. Since then, the construction of modern amenities has created an idyllic Malaysian getaway. Its natural beauty and intriguing past make Langkawi a treasure trove for visitors to discover. The name is coined from the Malay words Lang, a brown eagle, and Kawi, a local manganese stone.
While the island's main attractions are found in the mountainous interior, which offer tropical rainforests and verdant paddy fields, its glorious white sand beaches beckon all toward the western and southern coastlines, which are fairly built up with hotels and resorts. The northern and eastern parts of the island are still relatively unspoilt.
Visitors are delighted by the country's charming fairy tales and Malay legends, one of which tells the sad story of princess Mahsuri who was unjustly accused of adultery and condemned to death. Her mausoleum is a popular stop on a tour around the island.
Kuah, the island's main town, is situated at the south-eastern tip of Langkawi and about 22 miles (35 km) from the port at Tanjung Malai. The once rustic and sleepy village is now a thriving capital with a population of around 12,000. Lacking the hustle and crowds of larger cities, Kuah still offers several attractions and facilities, including duty-free shops, handicraft centres, new luxury hotels and large shopping malls. Its main attractions include Eagle Square, which is dominated by a huge sculpture of a brown eagle, as well as the Al-Hana Mosque with its impressive golden dome, minarets and arches.
Visitors to Langkawi are inevitably enchanted by the island's hospitable people and the charm of this tropical piece of Eden.
Aptly named "The Jewel of Kedah," Langkawi is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Located about 17 miles off the coast of Kuala Kedah, Malaysia (and less than five miles from Ko Tarutao, Thailand), this beautiful cluster of 99 islands (104 during low tide) boasts year-round tropical climates, pristine white- and black-sand beaches and an abundance of natural wonders just begging to be explored. And, if that's not enough, the islands also offer an array of opportunities to get up-close-and-personal with many species of wildlife. One worth noting is the sea eagle, since Langkawi derives its name from this majestic creature. In Malay, helang is the word for "eagle," and kawi translates to "reddish-brown." So, it's no surprise that a statue of a massive reddish-brown eagle stands tall and proud in the Kuah harbor and welcomes visitors to this fabulous locale year-round.
Langkawi's heritage is steeped in myths and legends, with the most famous story surrounding a young maiden who cursed the islands with seven generations of bad luck (see "Don't Miss"). Following her death, Langkawi spent many years in turmoil and passed through the hands of the Siamese, British and Thai before finally gaining permanent independence in 1957. Whether it's coincidence or truth, Langkawi began to flourish in the 1970's, right around the time that the curse is said to have lifted. With a population of more than 60,000 people, today Langkawi thrives on tourism as well as many other industries, including the exporting of rubber, rice, teak wood and palm oil.
Pulau Langkawi, where the cruise ships dock, is the largest of Langkawi's isles and houses the majority of tourist attractions. The island is only about 154 square miles, making it a manageable size for taking in many sights during the course of a day. A rental car will buy you the freedom to wander at your leisure, and the best place to start is along the coast. Regardless of the direction you take, you'll be rewarded with sweeping views of the ocean, endless beaches for a quick or lingering dip, and a window into the lives of the Malay people as you pass by countless quaint and inviting villages along the way.

Where You're Dock
Cruise Ships dock at the Star Cruise Jetty at Tanjung Malai, located 22 miles (35 km), or a 30-minute drive from Kuah Town. Near the jetty is a hotel with a small shopping arcade and a restaurant. Taxis are generally available. Be sure to agree on the fare before leaving the pier area.The Star Cruises jetty, where many big cruise lines dock, is about eight miles west of Kuah. Aside from a few resorts, this port isn't close to any of the main tourist attractions, so when you dock you'll need to either rent a car or take a taxi to explore the island. If you've booked a tour, the buses meet you right at the dock to start the excursion.

There are no facilities of any kind at the Star Cruises Jetty. It's just a concrete dock, and passengers must be driven from there to get to any activity. The closest town is Kuah, which has shops, ATM's and other facilities nearby.
The main attraction of Kuah is Eagle Square, where you'll want to head for one of the best photo ops in town. The square's iconic and imposing statue, with its wings outstretched toward the sea, is what visitors see first when approaching the island by air or sea (even cruise ships not docking directly in Kuah). So, there's no better way to commemorate your visit to Langkawi than by striking a pose underneath this massive, 39-foot-tall bird. You'll also find a number of souvenir kiosks at the nearby shopping and performance pavilion. And, if you don't pick up a fun trinket there, the Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall is an easy 10-minute walk from the square.

Getting Around
If you decide to head out on your own, the easiest -- but most expensive -- option is to hire a taxi for the day. (They hover as you're disembarking.) This will run you about 15RM an hour, but drivers will negotiate, depending on how much of the day will be spent driving versus waiting.
The more economical choice is to rent a car, starting at approximately 80RM for the day. You can book a car in advance or rent one once you get there from locations near downtown Kuah or Pantai Cenang. And, if the car company does not offer pickup at the dock, a taxi can take you from there to the rental place. For a wind-in-your-hair kind of ride, motorbikes and bicycles are also available for rent.
Langkawi is an extremely safe place for tourists. Many locals depend on tourism for their livelihood, so you're almost certain to be met with friendly faces everywhere you go. Although the island is practically crime-free, you should still protect your valuables. Don't invite someone to take something from you by leaving it unattended, no matter how comfortable you might feel.

Things to See

Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls aka Seven Wells, (Gunung Mat Cincang, Northwest corner of the island, 45 kms from Kuah, walking distance from Oriental village and cable car (10 min)), ? +60 4 9667789. This waterfall is named after the seven natural pools along its path. Legend has it that fairies used to come down to the pools to bathe and frolic. There are 2 viewing areas at Telaga Tujuh. The lower area is at the base of the waterfall and the higher area is where the 7 pools are. You can bathe in the pools and even slide down the slick rock between them. Be warned, to get to the 7 pools, you have to climb 300+ steps which can get quite slippery when wet. As with most Malaysian tourist sites, the toilet facilities are not maintained and rubbish is strewn everywhere. There is also a jungle trekking course available at the site which will lead you through a trail of up to 2,500 m, up 2 different mountains. This trail is achievable with slippers, but it is best to wear comfortable hiking shoes or boots as some segments of the trail are nearly vertical. Be warned that these trails are not recommended for family trips.

Cable Car. A cable car which goes to the top of a hill with a good view of Pantai Cenang. RM30 for tourists (non-Malaysian), beware during peak times you may have to queue for up to 2 hours. The SkyBridge is currently closed and is scheduled to reopen in Feb 2015 

Gunung Raya, (take the snaking paved road through the jungle). The tallest mountain on the island, at 881m. Spectacular views from the lookout point on the top. There is a resort hotel serving meals and indifferent coffee at the summit. There is a lookout tower which one may climb for RM 10.  

Crocodile Adventureland, Jalan Datai, Mk. Ayer Hangat (on the way to Teluk Datai), +60 4 9592559, [11]. Daily, 9AM-6PM, Show Time: Daily at 11.15am & 2:45PM, hourly feedings. Over 1,000 crocodiles and alligators. Witness a boxing match of man vs crocodile, or take a ride in a rickshaw drawn by a crocodile. this attraction will not be enjoyed by some visitors, the crocodiles are inbred and deformed. Adult RM15, child RM10 (below 12 yrs).  

Laman Padi Rice Garden, (northern end of Pantai Cenang, opposite Casa Del Mar Hotel), ? +60 4 955 4312. 10am-6pm. Rice fields and nice landscaping. Museum in English details process of cultivating rice. It's worth trying to get a guided tour as the information provided are very interesting. Free.  
Legends of Langkawi Park
Next to Eagle Square, this 49-acre (20-hectare) theme park stretches along the waterfront leading from the ferry jetty to town. The park is built on reclaimed land and boasts beautifully landscaped gardens and interest sculptures, inspired by local history and legends. Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah
These are the best beaches on the west coast where watersports centres can be found. (400 Mt from Kuah Jetty beside the CHOGM Park and Al-Hana Mosque.), +60 4 9664223, [12]. 8AM-11PM daily. Beautiful garden located on 50 acres, designed based on Langkawi heritage. Adults: RM5, Children: RM2.50. 

Underwater World, (Pantai Cenang), +60 4 9556100. 9:30Am 6:30Pm on weekdays and 9:30AM-8:30Pm on weekends. An indoor aquarium. Try to catch the feeding times (see website for details). RM38 for adults and RM28 for children.

Eagle Square. The square, featuring a giant eagle statue, is beautifully landscaped with scenic ponds, bridges and coverd terraces, and is especially beautiful when illuminated at night 

Oriental Village Asian-themed village featuring restaurants, an exotic snake charmer, jugglers, silat displays, traditional music, kite flying demonstrations, palmistry, portrait painting. An elephant offers rides to tourists. Rent a segway to scoot around Oriental Village.

Galeria Perdana,  +60 4 959 1498, [16]. 10am to 5pm, closed Mondays. Museum featuring gifts Malaysia has received from foreign countries. RM10.

Ibrahim Hussein Foundation Museum, (Teluk Datai), ? +60 4 959 4669,. 10am-6pm. Abstract paintings RM12.

SkyTour Park, (near to Kuah Jetty, next to the entrance of the Eagle Square), ? +60 4 9669169, [18]. 7AM-Midnight. Helium Balloon ride up to 100 meters. 1st in Langkawi, Malaysia. SkyTour park includes LED lounge, DanceHeads, 3D Photo and Food and Beverage. Good experience with amazing view.
Tanjung Rhu Beach
This beautiful white-sand beach on the northernmost tip of the island is lined with casuarina trees and enclosed by a jungle promontory. Amongst its attractions is the Cave of Legends, situated at the very end of the promontory.
Langkawi Crocodile Farm
Located in the northern part of the island, this crocodile farm is home to more than 1,000 of these reptiles. There is a feeding pond with a bridge across, allowing visitors to get a closer look at these fearsome creatures.
Shore Excursions
Best for First-Timers: To maximize your sightseeing, your best bet is to book an all-day island tour. These air-conditioned coach trips typically offer a good mix of Langkawi's highlights. Stops include the Kota Mahsuri memorial and museum, Kereta Kabel (Langkawi's cable car) with its unbeatable mountaintop views, Kilim Karst Geoforest Park and the iconic Eagle Square. Most tours end with a chance to hit the shops.
Best for Repeat Visitors: If you've seen the highlights of Pulau Langkawi, take a tour to a few of the other Langkawi islands. Half-day tours will take you to Pregnant Maiden Island, where you'll see lush forests and a freshwater lake, where some tours let you take a dip. Then, you'll travel to Wet Rice Island, one of Langkawi's best beach destinations, for free time to swim or sunbathe.
Best for Active Travelers: If you're looking to give your sea legs a serious workout, sign up for a Canopy Adventure Tour. Warning: These excursions are not for the faint of heart (or knees). In the span of four hours, you'll rappel down sheer rock faces, tightrope-walk across steel wires and soar above the trees on a lightning-fast zipline.
Best for Nature-Lovers: On a tour to the mangrove swamp, you will visit Kilim Marine Park and take a boat tour through the lagoons and islands. Look out for the odd-shaped limestone formations, as well as wildlife that includes monkeys, eagles and iguanas. In the Bat Cave, you'll encounter hundreds of bats, and at the Fish Farm, you can learn about aquaculture and the breeding of fish.
None of the beaches have very clear water (most of the time can't see your feet while swimming). For swimming in clear water, the best bet is Tanjung Rhu.
Pantai Cenang - The most popular beach in Langkawi, features fine powdery sand and many beachfront restaurants and bars. Located at the south-western tip of the island, 2 km long.
Pantai Tengah - Located just south of and contiguously with Pantai Cenang. 1 km long. Means ‘Middle Beach’. Peaceful and tranquil alternative to the hustle and bustle of Pantai Cenang. All inclusive resorts popular with families.
Pantai Kok - Isolated, relatively undisturbed stretch of beach in the western part of Langkawi Island, 12km north of Pantai Cenang. Telaga Harbour as well cable-car ride to the peak of Mat Cincang Mountain and the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls are located here.
Tanjung Rhu - northernmost tip of the island. Centuries-old limestone caves, mangroves, waterways, limestone crags and sandy beaches make it a nature lover's paradise. This beach is made up of 2 long stretches that include Tanjong Rhu Resort and Four Seasons..
Datai Bay - The most expensive resorts are located here.
Burau Bay - Beach lined with rocky outcrops located at the West Coast of Langkawi. Nearby Burau island is also a roosting place for migratory birds.
Pantai Pasir Hitam - Means ‘Black Sand’. The sand is mixed in white and black shades, due to rich tin and iron ore deposits.
Pasir Tengkorak - Very beautiful small beach in the North of the island.
Don't Miss
Makam Mahsuri is the birth and resting place of Kota Mahsuri, an ill-fated maiden who was wrongly accused of adultery and sentenced to death almost 200 years ago. Legend has it that she bled white blood at her execution, signifying her innocence. To avenge her untimely death, she put a curse of bad luck on Langkawi's 99 islands for seven generations. This culturally rich attraction, located in the village of Kampung Mawat, about 11 miles northwest of Kuah, includes a museum that elaborates on Kota Mahsuri's story and tells the history of Langkawi and its people. You'll also be able to see recreations of typical Malaysian villages and learn how they have evolved over time.
Kereta Kabel (the Langkawi cable car) is definitely worth a visit, if for no other reason than the view. The lines can get pretty crazy, so try to go early; the hours change, depending on the day, but most of the time it opens at 10 a.m. If you're part of a tour, that usually includes your ticket price and an up-front spot in the line. The ride to the top ascends more than 2,300 feet, and once you get there, you'll find yourself eye-to-eye with some of the most spectacular peaks in Langkawi, including Mount Machinchang. Be sure to take a walk out onto the curved hanging bridge. This architectural wonder offers 410 feet of jaw dropping scenery far, far below. Once you're back on solid ground, spend a little time wandering the Oriental Village, a great place to grab a bite or pick up some authentic Malaysian souvenirs. Kereta Kabel and the Oriental Village are about 30 miles west of Kuah.
Seven Wells Waterfall, or Telaga Tujuh, is located near the Langkawi cable car and promises some fabulous photo ops. This stunning geological formation is a series of cascading falls, broken up by seven natural pools. Think of it as a giant's staircase. The falls are shrouded in a dense green forest, and the magical setting has spurred the legend that mystical fairies frequent the pools. Note: It's a 30-minute trek up to the top, and the ascent can be quite steep at times.
For an array of unique outdoor experiences, consider a boat cruise through Kilim Nature Park, located eight miles northeast of Kuah. You'll board your riverboat just inside the park entrance. As you glide past dense mangrove forests, keep your eyes peeled for macaques (small monkeys), tree crabs and giant iguanas. You'll also have the opportunity to watch sea eagles dive into the water for food. And, the final stop on the cruise is at a fish farm, where you can take a turn at feeding and petting local stingrays.
The beach is a way of life in Langkawi, and your liveliest option is Pantai Cenang, located eight miles west of Kuah. There, you'll find water toys for rent, restaurants and cafes for snacking and endless shops for picking up souvenirs. If you're looking for a quieter stretch of sand, consider Pantai Tanjung Rhu on the northern tip of the island. This beach is the perfect place to enjoy the sun and sea with significantly less hustle and bustle. It's also a great jumping-off point for visiting the Cave of Legends, a fascinating limestone formation with ancient writings etched on its walls. (Speedboats will take you there straight from the beach.)
Considering there are 99 islands in total, another great way to enjoy Langkawi is by getting out onto the open water. The most popular itinerary takes you to Pulau Singa Besar, Pulau Dayang Bunting (home to the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden) and Pulau Beras Basah, all of which offer nature walks, pristine beaches and crystalline waters. Or, you can book a snorkel or dive trip to Pulau Payar Marine Park, one of the best spots to spy on fish and the surrounding coral reefs. Note: Most day-trip boats leave from the jetty near Eagle Square.

Couples looking to expand their family might want to make a beeline to Langkawi's largest freshwater lake, the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden, located on Pulau Dayang Bunting. It's often included in island-hopping tours, or you can charter a speedboat from Pantai Cenang to take you directly there. The legend behind this crystal-clear beauty starts with the story of a lovely princess whose firstborn died shortly after birth. Forlorn, she buried the child in the lake and blessed the waters so that any woman wanting to have a baby just needs to bathe in the waters, and she'll find herself able to conceive shortly thereafter.
Immerse yourself in Malaysia's agricultural history by paying a visit to Laman Padi Langkawi, just eight miles west of Kuah and conveniently located near Pantai Cenang. The museum gives you an overview of the impact the rice industry has had on the country, and you can also try your hand at traditional and modern padi planting. After your hard day's work, enjoy a meal at the attraction's restaurant, which showcases some of Malaysia's most popular rice-based cuisine.
For a shopping experience designed to promote Malaysia's cultural heritage, you'll want to make a stop at the Craft Cultural Complex. Located along the northern coast if the island, this destination is much more than a place to pick up some souvenirs. You'll be able to watch locals create magnificent pieces, representative of their ethnic backgrounds, from woodcarvings to batik paintings.
Tours can be arranged via any hotel or a multitude of online agencies. Prices vary, the ones given here are averages.
Naga Pelangi Sailing Cruises, +60 12 9892023 (chswob@yahoo.de). Custom made tours for private charters. From daytrips to overnight to international trips to nearby Thai dive paradise Koh Lipe, this picturesque Malay wooden sailing junk offers a vast array of sailing tours. The boat is the only traditional Malay sailing junk available for charter in Malaysia! A spectacular sight to see, she is an authentic junk schooner from the east coast. The boat is available from 2000RM for 6 hours all inclusive tours and longer custom tours are available.
Sunset Dinner Cruise or Day Cruise by Tropical Charters, +6012-588 3274, [20]. Shared sunset dinner cruise for RM260, from 5pm to 8pm, including free flow bar (soft drinks, water, beer, cocktails), BBQ buffet dinner. The boat has a saltwater jacuzzi net that you sit in while the boat is dragging you. A lifeguard is available to jump from the boat with, and there is a medical officer on board too. The day cruise, RM320 per person, from 10am to 4pm, is similar to the sunset dinner cruise but you stop for 2 hours on an island. Kayaks and snorkelling gears are available to explore the island. Private charters are also available. 

Exclusive Private & Sharing Yacht Charter Cruises, (+60 13 407 3166, [21]. by leading yacht charter company offering carefree cruise packages for sunset, full day or overnight cruises around Langkawi and in the Andaman Sea. 
Mangrove Tour Langkawi,  +60 12 578 5408. Mangrove Tour Langkawi is an educational and recreational tour, suitable to everybody. The tour will slowly cruise the river and you will able to watch animals like birds, monkeys and eagle active searching for food. Experience for yourself the mangrove trees on your left and rignt of the river. 
Stardust Sailing Yacht, +60 12 4050649. Combined mangrove and sailing yacht tour incorporating eagle watching, sting ray feeding, a traditional fish farm excursion and a mangrove speedboat safari for 1 hour plus a 6 hour sailing yacht cruise to the Langun Island Sand Spit Beach and incorporating the Pirate Lagoon as well as fishing, salt water jacuzzi, join in sailing, dolphin spotting, tunnel cave. RM325 for an adult includes a big buffet, beverages and hotel transfers.
Island Hopping Tours. You will be brought to several islands around Langkawi, usually the Pregnant Maiden Island and Pulau Beras Basah. A dive into the cool deep Pregnant Maiden Lake is a must. The tours take 4 hours and leave at 9.30AM and 2.30PM. They have pick-up service and can be booked from any hostel/motel at lower rates. RM25-40. 
Jet Ski Island Tours or Jet Ski Safari, +60 12 2002155. Breathtaking view touring the islands of Langkawi on a jet ski. You will be given a choice of three different tours. Private tours can be arranged. The tours take approximately 4 hours and leave at 9.00AM ending 1.00PM. They have pick up service and can depart from Pantai Cenang or Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort.
Birdwatching Tours. There are over 200 species of birds on the islands. The best times to watch them are the early mornings or early evenings. RM200 Adult, RM120 child.
Marinas. Four first-class marinas provide berths for many international yachts.
Kayaking & Swimming Adventure. 4 hour tour. Paddle along the mangrove forest. Opportunities to see kingfishers, sea eagles, kites, plovers, herons, fiddler crabs and mud skippers. RM250 Adult, RM120 child.
Jungle Trekking in the Rainforest. 4 hour tour. Pick up from your hotel. Lots of monkeys and birds. Junglewalla also offers tours suitable for families or advanced hikers. Jungle trekking is free if you follow any of the numerous jungle trek routes available throughout Langkawi. The vegetation is not dense and will be a memorable experience. RM150.
Mangrove & Limestone Cruise, 1C Lot 1392 - Jalan tanjung Rhu. 4 hour tour. Explore the mangroves forest and the ancient limestone outcrops and rock formations and possibly walking fish, Kingfishers, and Eagles. Prices vary, depending on the quality of the guide as well as the package components. It can range anywhere from 70-200rm for adults. Alternately, you can charter the boat for 300RM if you are more than 2 people. RM200 Adult, RM120 child.
Nature Walk. 2 hour tour. At sunrise or at dusk. See monkeys, insects, and flying squirrels. RM40 Adult, RM20 child.
Scuba Diving & Snorkeling. Best around Pulau Payar Marine Park (20km south of Langkawi). There is a viewing platform for relaxation between underwater adventures. While Pulau Payar Marine Park does boast healthy coral and a good variety of fish, you will not be issued fins with your snorkel and the lunch the various tour operators supply is well below par. 120-200 RM. 
Eagle Feeding. While you are on one of the various boat tours, the tour operators will toss pieces of chicken to the eagles. This is a wonderful display 
Helicopter Joyrides, Pekan Baru, Kuah Town, +60 4 9699690. See Langkawi from Aerial View at a very afforable price. A new excitement in Langkawi. as low as 150 $. 
Cable Car Ride & Hanging Bridge, (in Oriental village, close to Pantai Kok), +60 4 959 4225. Ride the cable car to the top of Gunung Mat chinchang and walk across the 700m high Sky Bridge for a spectacular view of the islands and Thailand. Includes a very steep section which is spectacular both going up and coming down. Doesn't operate in bad weather. Also it doesn't run during the regular maintenance days, check before you go. Officially you are not allowed to take food and drink on the cable car, but they seem not to be checking backpacks (when unlucky and all your water is taken by the security, you can buy one at the top). If they are not operating, or you are really into hiking, you can trek partway up the mountain through the jungle. To do this, from the parking lot at Telagah Tujuh Waterfalls go left just before the road goes really uphill and then turn left again at the water reservoir. The trek is very steep most of the way and in a pretty bad condition because the contractors laying down the piping for cables littered garbage all the way to the top. Only attempt this if you are fit and have good hiking boots. Temperatures at the top of the mountain are 4-5°C lower than at sea level RM30 Adult, RM20 child. 
Eating Out
Seafood is an obvious choice and found on many menus at various beach hotels and in Kuah. The Pelangi Beach Resort and the Lighthouse Restaurant offer first-class dining, with a good selection of international dishes. Kuah features several ethnic restaurants. Cooking styles on the island are greatly influenced by its close proximity to Thailand.
For an authentic taste of Malay cuisine, look for dishes cooked with coconut milk or chile paste. Both are specialties of the country, and you can't go wrong with meats, fish and veggies sauteed in either seasoning. If you're looking for an upscale sit-down experience, you'll find fantastic meals at some of the island's top hotels; Gulai House, between The Andaman and The Datai, or Ikan-Ikan at Four Seasons both offer traditional Malay cuisine. Casual dining also abounds, and plenty of great spots are located near Pantai Tengah and Pantai Cenang. (Menus include western and Asian eats.) And, if you're shopping in downtown Kuah, you'll be within walking distance of popular spots for authentic Thai cuisine.
Sun cafe, near Pantai Tengah, is part of the Sun Group, the enterprise behind fine dining, superior shopping and the Sunset Beach Resort in Langkawi. Travelers are constantly impressed by Sun Cafe's terrific food and amazing service. There are a lot of western options on the menu, but the restaurant is famous for its freshly caught fish -- particularly the grilled fillet of barracuda. Be sure to follow your entree with a worth-the-calories dish of creme brulee. (No. 8 Sunmall, Jalan Teluk Baru, Pantai Tengah)
Krathong Thai Restaurant is located in the Oriental Village at Kereta Kabel. Be sure to snag a table outside to enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains. This tourist outpost offers up traditional Thai fare, but some of the tastiest dishes are on the starter menu. The spring rolls and fried rice are a must! (Oriental Village in Jalan Telaga Tujuh)
Best for Local Eats
Restoran Wan Thai at the Langkawi Mall in Kuah is one of the best spots in town to get traditional Thai food at a great price. The tom yum seafood soup is a house specialty, but anything on the menu is sure to awaken your taste buds. Note: If your preferences swing more toward mild, this place might not be for you. The cook embraces all things spicy. (80-82, Langkawi Mall, Kuah)
Gourmet Option
Getting to Gulai House is an adventure in and of itself. Nestled in the middle of a forest, between The Andaman and The Datai hotels, it's a romantic escape for travelers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the beach crowd. Located on the northwest tip of the island, Gulai House is an open-air restaurant that serves superb crap soup and offers the banquet special, where the chef basically just sends out food until you're stuffed. (Jalan Datai, 604-959-1088, reservations recommended)
La Sal at Casa del Mar, (Pantai Cenang, on the beach). As expected on holiday, dining is a relaxed, quality experience at your Home by the Sea. Food offers the best in Modern Asian and Western Cuisine with a focus high quality fresh produce and is served by attentive and friendly staff. The bar offers a wide variety of wine from the old and new worlds. The cocktail list is exciting and innovative with themed cocktails around our magical sunset, pool side relaxation and post dinner period. 
The Light House, (The edge of Pantai Tengah). Fantastic food on the beach wonderful views. 
The Loaf, Lot No. C9 Perdana Quay (Telaga Harbour Park), +60 4 9594866. 8AM-11PM; closed Thursday. Japanese style bakery & bistro owned by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia. Quality breads and full meals. Amazing view of the harbour and the yachts especially if you have your breakfast al-fresco outside. Attentive staff. Try Tun's Favourite Breakfast set (2 softboiled eggs, a bowl of mutton curry and thick toasted bread) with coffee and orange juice. Good place to have a leisurely breakfast. Bread from RM4.
Mare Blu, (Perdana Quay, Telaga Harbour Park), +60 4 9593830. The only authentic Italian restaurant on Langkawi island. The restaurant offers typical Italian food, good wines and draft beer. The Mediterranean style surrounding is just beautiful and the tables are set up right on the waterfront.
Papadam, (Pantai Cenang (near Underwater World)). Indian restaurant that also serves Arabic food.
Sunsutra, Jl Teluk Baru (Pantai Tengah). Fine dining restaurant that serves great Western food too. If you're a big fan of lamb, you must try their lamb shank. Tender and full of flavours. Its portion is huge too! Good for someone who wants a hearty meal.
Unkaizan, Lot395 Jl Telok Baru Pantai (Near to Awana Porto Malai), +60 4 9554118. 6PM-11PM. Japanese restaurant, with excellent food and wonderful service.

Duty-free shops offer an attractive range of local and imported goods. Most of the island's shopping establishments can be found in and around Kuah, including the modern Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall with some 50 to 60 retail shops. They offer a wide selection of perfumes, cosmetics, leatherwear, pewter, batik, crystal and glassware. The local currency is the ringgit.
Langkawi Parade Megamall (Langkawi Parade Shopping Complex), A-14-15 Pokok Asam, Kuah (In Kuah, 10 min ride from the Kuah Jetty), +60 4 9667528. Daily, 10Am-10Pm. One of the largest duty-free shopping complexes in Langkawi. A one-stop shopping location for wines & liquors, chocolates, local souvenirs, clothing & beachwear, luggage, home decor, electronics and much more. Grocery store on bottom level offering fresh and frozen foods.
The Zon Duty-Free Shopping Complex, (Pantai Cenang, next to Underwater World),  +60 4 9555300. Daily, 9AM-7PM. Cheap place to buy cigars, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, clothing, electronics, chocolates, and biscuits.
Kompleks Budaya Kraf, (Northeastern Coast). Enormous handicrafts centre built in neo-Islamic style 
KV Tobacco, 136, Kompleks Kelana Mas (5 min walk away from Kuah, in an area called the Trimula), +60 19 5422558. Daily, 1:30Pm-8:30Pm. Well stocked tobacco and cigar shop. Easily recognisable by a big orange signboard, and door painting by the left. Has a variety of Cuban cigars, rare European smoking pipes and packed tobaccos. Knowledgeable and friendly shop owner.
Cenang Mall, (Pantai Cenang, North from The Zon and Underwater World). In December 2012 it included, e.g., KFC, Old White Coffee, Starbucks, and Canon shops, in addition shops to buy alcoholic beverages, clothing, electronics, and chocolates. Clean toilets on the second floor which cost 1RM.
Langkawi Saga duty free Shopping Centre. address= No. 12-21B, Pekan Baru Kuah, 07000 Pulau Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia. T: 60-4-969 8001 F: 60-4-969 8000 E: info@langkawisaga.com website: www.langkawisaga.com. You can get wide range of wines, liquors, cigarettes, chocolates, kitchenwares, etc.

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