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The Wilhelm Archipelago is really a cluster of islands situate from the western coast from the Antarctic Peninsula in Antarctica. The most known being Booth Island. The peaks and coves from the Island provide shelter for that Lemaire Funnel, by which many Antarctic luxury cruise ships travel on the way to the penguin colonies of Petermann Island. The funnel is from time to time full of moving icebergs, however the waters from the funnel are often calm because of the sheltering coves, frequently a welcome respite following a voyage with the stormy seas all around the southernmost region.

Wilhelm Archipelago includes numerous islands, the biggest which are Booth Island and Hovgaard Island. The archipelago stretches from Bismarck Strait southwest to Lumus Rock, from the west coast of Graham Land. It had been discovered with a German expedition under Eduard Dallmann, 1873-74. He named them for Wilhelm I, then Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia.

Petermann Island, Wilhelm Archipelago
The area is known as for German geographer August Petermann and it was first discovered with a German expedition in 1873-74.

Their on board Geologist will require the chance to indicate various geological features like the many basaltic dikes across the shoreline, and also the more granite composition from the small summit, where rock surfaces show glacial polish plus some glacial grooving. Throughout our landing, we'll have the ability to observe rookeries of Adelie penguins, gentoo penguins and blue-eyed shags.

Pleneau Island, Wilhelm Archipelago
Pleneau Island lies in the south finish from the Lemaire Funnel, and it was first investigated throughout Charcot’s 1903-05 French Antarctic Expedition. The area was named for that expedition’s digital photographer, Paul Pleneau. Among the most popular breeding wild birds are Gentoo Penguins, algae gulls and south polar skuas. Begin to see the gentoo penguins throughout a landing and southern elephant closes which are frequently hauled-in wallows. Enjoy spectacular glacial and ice scenery.

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