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Denali National Park and Preserve covers six million acres that includes Mount McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America, towering 20,320 feet over the rest of the Alaska range and the surrounding landscape.
Kantishna: Just past Wonder Lake, on the banks of Moose Creek, you’ll find some of Denali National Park’s prettiest scenery. Several mining camps were established in this small, Denali backcountry town following the discovery of gold in Glacier Creek in 1905. The town’s population hit over 2000 during that first summer
Winter here is harsh and lasts 8 to 9 months, and temperatures fall to -40 degrees or lower. But the summers are glorious and during summer solstice, the Park has nearly 21 hours of sunlight. Summer temperatures average in the mid 60's. Flowering plants explode in color, and wildlife abounds. The visitor to Denali will almost certainly see moose, caribou, Dall sheep, ground squirrels, pikas, marmots, grizzly bears and, a rare treat, the elusive wolf.
Cruise ship visitors to Alaska will not want to miss this amazingly inclusive day trip. Relax and enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery and wildlife. You'll learn about the history of the Kantishna district, not to mention the chance to see such Alaskan wildlife as grizzly and black bear, caribou, moose,wolf, fox, Dall sheep, wolverine, lynx, beaver, porcupine, coyote, hawks, eagles, and owls to name a few. You'll definitely want to bring a camera with lots of film and binoculars. You'll be provided with rubber boots and gold panning equipment, to try your hand at panning your own gold... and you get to keep all you find! You may also see a sled dog demonstration, and learn a little about the care and keeping of sled dogs.
Today, visitors to the area will discover glimpses of this gold rush history at the Kantishna Roadhouse. Although the government ended commercial mining in the area in 1985, visitors can try their hand at gold panning at Recorder’s Cabin.
The real gold, however, is in those spectacular views of nearby Mt. McKinley.
Alaska River Rafting:
The Nenana River, a very scenic and inspiring river as well as one great adventure. You will travel aboard an 18 foot, self bailing raft, for a two hour whitewater adventure. Accompanied by experienced river guides, you will receive a narration along the way. All gear is provided, including professional dry suits, rubber boots, and approved life jackets. A choice of trips include: The Wilderness Run: A family float through a glacial valley. Canyon Run: An 11 mile whitewater run through the steep walled canyons. This adventure offes class III and IV rapids. Paddle Run: An 11 mile whitewater action ride through the steep walled canyons. Rider will use paddles for this adventure.
Bus Kantishna Wilderness Trails:
This tour is the premier Denali Park wildlife motorcoach excursion. An entire day within Denali National Park. Discover Alaska's gold rush history and warm hospitality at the historic Kantishna Roadhouse. A 12 to 13-hour fully-narrated excursion to Kantishna via a motorcoach through 95 miles of Denali National Park's wildlife habitat. During the last 30 miles visitors will be view Mt. McKinley.
Kantishna Wilderness Trails Drive/Fly Excursion:
Kantishna Air Taxi and the Kantishna Roadhouse together offer this unique excursion to explore the very best of Denali National Park. Travel by both ground and air and enjoy the best of both worlds! Travel into the heart of Denali along the 94-mile park road for wildlife viewing, including the grizzly bear, caribou, dall sheep and moose. Lunch at the Kantishna Roadhouse and try your luck at gold panning. Explore the historic Recorder's cabin and the original Roadhouse (circa 1914). A flight will take you to the north face of Denali, and see the Muldrow Glacier.

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