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Endicott Arm is a 20-mile-long fjord, chiseled from Yosemite-style granite rocks. It is encompassed by countless waterfalls, gigantic icebergs, and mountain peaks that reach more than 5,000 feet high. This steep-sided fjord, lies 50 miles southeast of Juneau. It is one of two 25 mile long fjords with tidewater glaciers at the head that lead off Holkham Bay. The other fjord is Tracy Arm. Endicott Arm & Tracy Arm are both spectacular fjords within the Inside Passage. Visitors will find the emerald green islands, sparkling glaciers, and coastline of majestic mountains breataking. Endicott arm pierces 30 miles into the Coast Mountain Range and offers spectacular sights for cruise passengers. Mountain goats can be seen scaling the near-vertical rock faces, as well as black bears strolling the shores. Cruise passengers will enjoy the sounds of harbour seals hauled out on ice floes. Prior to the end of the fjord at North Dawes Glacier is Ford's Terror, which is a canyon of water that turns to a torrent when the tide retreats.
Within Endicott Arm are 3-story pieces of ice that have "calved" (split) from the glaciers that line the waterway. There are some chunks of ice that are as long as a city block and some that are as small as an ice cube. Visiting Endicott Arm is the best way to see and appreciate the wildlife and the glaciers of Alaska. The railing of your cruise ship offers a front row view. Be sure to keep your binoculars ready. The spectacular wildlife is framed by glistening glaciers with beautiful blue waters. This is simply another wonderful day in Alaska!
Explore the Tracy Arm-Fords Terror:
Ford's Terror is a very steep and narrow fjord 60 miles southeast of Juneau in Alaska's Inside Passage, a pure wilderness an Alaska Yosemite without crowds or gift shops!. It lies within the Tracy Arm-Ford's Terror Wilderness. Ford's Terror juts off from Endicott Arm, a larger inlet that extends more than 30 miles into the rugged, ice-covered Coast Mountain Range, to a glacier that actively calves icebergs into the fjord. These two inlets are stunning examples of the influence glaciers have had - and continue to have - on this region. Ford's Terror displays the deep gouging effect glaciers can have, while Endicott Arm showcases the smoothing effects of glacial activity with its rounded ridge lines and gentle shore. John Muir visited this area in 1879 and wrote "the fjord is shut in by sublime Yosemite cliffs, nobly sculptured, and adorned with waterfalls, fringes of trees, and patches of flowers....gliding on and on, the scenery seemed at every turn to become more lavishly fruitful in forms, as well as more sublime in dimensions - snowy falls booming in splendid dress; colossal domes and battlements and sculptured arches of a fine neutral-gray tint, their bases laved by the blue fjord water.
Ford's Terror a very narrow channel that is less than 100 yards wide at the narrowest point. It runs approximately a mile and a half in length with granite cliffs that tower over head up to 4,000 feet. The end of the Terror has a large body of water known as the "T" which is approximately 6 miles long and 1 1/2 miles wide. During tide changes all of the water in the T must flow through the Terror. This is fascinating to watch.

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