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An old German protectorate but on its own since 1990, Namibia is frequently known as "The Land God Made in Anger" due to its stark, unusual landscapes, wild backwoods, and harsh vibe. Be ready for sand dunes that make noise, move about wildly, and wander shipwrecked barren coastlines probably the most cast away and spectacular scenery on the planet, dotted with huge desertscapes and lots of varied plants and creatures. Certainly one of Southern Africa's most significant harbor cities, the once industrial Walvis Bay has lately progressed into a seaside holiday destination  with innumerable enjoyable lagoon-facing tourist guesthouses and many good restaurants-including certainly one of Namibia's best.
Even when you are not really a romantic, the Sossusvlei's huge, star-formed desert dunes, which rise significantly 1,000 ft over the surrounding flatlands and sprawl like massive bits of abstract sculpture, are certain to stir your soul and imagination. The landscape has continuously shifting colors-from yellow-gold and ocher to rose, crimson, and deep red-colored-that grow paler or more dark based on the time.
The dunes their very own distinctive features, varying in the crescent-formed barchan dunes-which migrate as much as two or three yards annually, covering and discovering whatever crosses their path-towards the spectacular, stationary star-formed dunes, created through the multidirectional winds that tease and tumble the sands backwards and forwards. Park gates open an hour or so before sunrise, if you can, play the role of one of the dunes because the sun pops up-it is a spectacular sight.
There are quite some activities to do in Walvis Bay.
Kite Surfing. Head on down to the lagoon to ride the waves. Lessons and euipment by http://www.namibiakite.com)
Go fishing. Rods can be rented. You need a fishing permit though which can be bought at the ministry of fisheries for 14 N$ for 30 days (Inspectorate Office, 1st Street, phone: +264 64 2016111, monday-sunday 8-13). Speak to the locals about the various fishing spots.
Dolphin watching. Checkout Mola Mola cruises for dolphin and seal cruises Tel +264 64 205 511.
Dune boarding. Buy a dune board in town and head 6km out of town to Dune 7 for an inexpensive thrill.
The Skeleton Coast
It’s more recent, no-less-sinister title, the Skeleton Coast, testifies to countless shipwrecks, lives lost, bleached whale bones, and also the minor, transient character of humans when confronted with the raw energy of character. Still comparatively unknown to vacationers, this region includes a stark beauty as well as an perfectly diverse landscape-grey gravel flatlands, rugged backwoods, rusting shipwrecks, desert wastes, meandering barchan dunes, distant mountain tops, towering walls of sand and granite, and crashes seas. You'll rarely see greater than a number of site visitors within this inaccessible and rugged seaside area.
Sandwich Harbour
48 km South of Walvis Bay the imposing dunes of the Namib desert spill down to a lagoon and virgin beaches to create one of the most scenic spots along the Namib coast, called Sandwich Harbour. Used as a deep-water anchorage for sailing vessels in the 1800s, Sandwich Harbour is also an important wetland. The area is part of the conservation area to allow bird species and marine life to thrive. It supports more than 180,000 birds, mainly migrant wading birds.
Back in Walvis Bay, The Rhenish Mission Church, situated on 5th road in Walvis Bay, was built in Hamburg, Germany in 1879 and shipped to harbour town. Another national moument is the Hope Locomotive. The locomotive was brought into the Walvis Bay Harbour in 1899 and initially used in the harbour before unsuccessful attempts were made to run it on the narrow-gauge railway line to Plum.
The Civic Centre hosts the Town Hall, council offices, a museum and a library. The Town Hall was built in 1967. The massive hand carved teak carvings and the mohair tapestry at the Council Chambers need to be seen to be appreciated. In recent years Walvis Bay has also attracted cruise ships. Some of the Cruise vessels include the Cunard “Queen Elzabeth II”, the “Europa” and the Crystal cruise line “Crystal Symphony”.
Swakopmund clings towards the fringe of the region, because it has been doing because the first 40 German settlers and 120 German colonial troops arrived within the 1800s. Today, rather than the primitive animal shelters the early settlers built around the beach to safeguard themselves from sand and ocean, stands Swakopmund, or Swakops, because the resort town is passionately known. There is something surreal about Swakops. On one side, it's just like a small European transplant, using its seaside promenade, pavement cafés, fine German colonial structures, trendy bistros, friendly and neat-as-a-pin pensions, and immaculate boarding houses and hotels. However, this little town is squashed between your relentless Atlantic and also the harsh desert, within the craziest and many untamed areas of the African region-something might naturally forget while munching a chocolate torte or drinking a great German beer within candy striped umbrella.
Kristall Galerie
This substantial gallery houses the biggest known quarta movement-very cluster on the planet-an incredible natural question greater than 520 million years of age and weighing 14,000 kilos. Numerous more compact but believe it or not beautiful portions of Namibian minerals and gems, including a multitude of quarta movement deposits, rainbow tourmalines, along with other semiprecious gemstones, will also be displayed. Some good souvenirs can be purchased within the adjoining large gift shop and-finish jewelry boutique.
Though you might have already visited greater or even more aesthetically stunning dunes, the Swakop dunes possess the unique distinction to be the topic of a really fascinating tour that introduces site visitors towards the numerous-and normally invisible-animals thriving within this surreal ecosystem. Chris Nel, the operator of just living Desert Namibia tours, is really a passionate and well-informed character who has a tendency to leap from the moving 4x4 to trap the desert's perfectly camouflaged lizards, geckos, and snakes. A trip this is a unique, educational, and frequently humorous experience.
The biggest private museum in Namibia, this old and somewhat moldy building lower through the lighthouse houses a remarkably large and varied assortment of products. Shows on from natural history, archeology, and ethnology towards the German colonial period might be a little dated in presentation, but they are nevertheless informative and price a glance.
Things to do
Swakopmund is among the adventure centers of Africa, second simply to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Adrenaline lovers can try their hands (or ft) at skydiving, sandboarding, jet skiing, kayaking , dune-buggying, paragliding, or wave-missing inside a light aircraft. The less adventurous (but romantic) may take day, moonlight, sunrise, or sunset horseback or camel rides with the riverbeds or more in to the moonlike landscape. Note: Nearly all water activities marketed in Swakopmund really leave Walvis's small waterfront area, and there is an incredible flamingo colony dwelling in Bay's 3,000-year-old lagoon.
Beaches. Though Namibia is almost not a beach destination , if you want some sand and sun time, mind towards the Mole and adjacent Palm Beach, Swakops's most widely used beaches (while watching lighthouse). Bear in mind that this isn't Mauritius or even the Caribbean: the ocean could be treacherous, and also the temperature usually runs within the lower 50s. These two beaches really are a short walk from the middle of town, and you will find numerous cafés and restaurants along here to prevent for any quick drink or bite to consume. Because the beach is protected with a breakwater, its calm waters attract crowds, especially for fun on Saturday should you choose go swimming out, watch out for the strong power near the breakwater. There is a paved pathway that heads north across the beach if you want to stretch your legs. You may also mind towards the jetty in the southern finish from the beach for any stroll. The southern side from the jetty is perfect for ramblers, as the northern side is restricted to fishing.
Bird watching - Walvis Bay is really a paradise for birdwatchers. That old whaling station of Sandwich Harbour (about 40 mi/64 km south of Walvis Bay) is among Africa's most significant esturine habitat, composed of dirt houses, an enormous salt lagoon, and freshwater pools. Tick off 1000's of flamingos, cormorants, pelicans, terns, along with other seabirds in addition to migrant waders in season. Additionally, it has spectacularly beautiful desert dunes stretching lower towards the bird-covered beaches.
Hiking - If you are reasonably fit and energetic, it is simple to hike up Dune 7 just outdoors Walvis Bay and become compensated with spectacular sights of dunes and ocean. If you are a wonderfully fit "10," you are able to hike to the peak of "Large Daddy' at Sossusvlei, allegedly the greatest sand dune on the planet. The less fit can climb midway up after which sit and marvel in the stupendous sights. Even couch taters can climb so far as Dead Vlei, using its twisted dead trees, and then suggest their leisurely way lower again to sit down within the shade from the camelthorn trees watching the bird existence, or focus their field glasses around the distant climbers. Go equipped with a hat, sunscreen, water bottle, field glasses, and camera, and put on strong, comfortable footwear or all-terrain sandals.
Amazing Creatures
Within the harsh atmosphere from the dunes are the world's oddest, desert-modified animals. You will find sun-bathing beetles that collect condensed drops of moisture lying on their backs the drops then roll lower for their mouths. Other beetles search trenches to gather moisture. The golden mole (once regarded as extinct) stays its existence "swimming" underneath the dunes and appearing towards the surface to seize unwary bugs. Alongside it-winding adder does exactly that: it winds itself laterally because it makes its excess of the sand. There is a sand-diving lizard that stands motionless, one feet elevated, as though in certain ancient ritual dance, before it dives in to the dunes. Because the sun goes lower, listen out for calls from the woofing geckoes because they chatter to one another within the diminishing light. If you are really lucky and perform a flight within the dry Huab River, you may catch a peek at the incredible and spectacular desert tigers. To determine their great gray shapes silhouetted from the dry river's sandy mounds ringed by mountain tops and sand dunes is definitely an incredible sight.
Where to Eat
The Raft Restaurant Bistro and Bar. A Great Restaurant with great atmosphere, on a pier in the lagoon, an absolute must if you are in Walvis Bay. Large restaurant offering a huge a la carte menu, and bistro and bar area with the best pizzas and burgers for miles. Definitely worth the drive from Swakopmund (a mere 35 kms).For directions, just ask anybody for 'The Lagoon' it's on stilts in the water opposite The Pelican Bay Hotel, you can't miss it. Phone +264 64 204877.
Crazy Mama's. Funky bistro with pizza, salad and vegetarian options.
Probst. A German cafe serving some of the best sandwiches. Try the "rawhak" roll.
Bonaroma. Great Italian inspired food, lots of seafood as is common with Walvis Bay. Friendly staff 
Swakopmund is where to mind if you wish to shop. In a few of the specialist shops and craft centers, consider pure made of woll, handwoven carpets and area rugs in desert colors (they may be shipped), and a myriad of types of rocks, deposits, and semi-gemstones. Within the curio shops and boutiques, you will see African clothing, wooden designs and carvings, jewelry, and knick-knacks produced from ostrich eggs, and delightful vibrantly-colored hands-embroidery work (consider cushion covers and mattress linens). If you're able to locate them, prints and copies from the linocuts of Namibia's most well-known artist, John Muafangeyo, will also be great buys.

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