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Nosy Be Hell Ville Madagascar Cruise Port can be found off the north-west coast of Madagascar. Nosy Be means big island in the Malagasy language. It is the largest and busiest tourist resort in Madagascar.
It’s heady tropical climate and world class location causes it to be Madagascar’s beach-resort destination. Though Nosy Be’s is most likely the most popular destination for mass tourism, it's yet a primarily sleepy place with lush sugar stick farms, much visited rum distilleries, ylang ylang shrubbery, spectacular wildlife, and a fairly laidback vibe. Never to forget this still beautiful island offers some amazing snorkeling and diving possibilities plus some verdant primary jungles, having a great wildlife. As ships are docked within this port, you'll be tendered ashore.
In the Nosy Be the avenue for call, ships are moored. You will be tendered ashore, where taxis can be found. If utilizing a taxi, it's wise to barter the fare together with your driver first. The primary a part of town is at easy walking distance.
Nosy Be literally translates big island  in Malagasy, although the island continues to be granted several nicknames over centuries. The moment you get to Fascene’s airport terminal onto your nose will quickly realise why. Scenting ylang ylang, coffee, cacao, vanilla and sugar stick farms spread all around the island give off a balmy scent which will delight the tourists olfaction. The yellow Ylang Ylang flower is among the items utilized in producing perfume essence. The trees are bend down to make sure simpler picking from the flowers. Red-colored pepper is distilled like a perfume essence too.
Nosy Be’s landscape is varied which is indicated by a lot of hillsides which are overlooked by Mount Lokone (450m) and Mount Passot (350). From all of these high vantage points, you possess an exceptional view onto Nosy Be Bay, but additionally around the Radama Islands(south) and Mitsio Islands (north). You will find eleven volcanic ponds around the island, which comprise of a massive water reserve for humans and crops. The entire shoreline is interspersed with a lot of gorgeous bays and deserted beaches lined by palms. You will find also many small islets and rocks that are frequently visited by refuges looking for some private. Temps are enjoyable round the whole year. Observe that humidity could be particularly bad throughout tropical summer time.
Nosy Be offers an array of activities which will please the demanding customer. Escape from the crowds on whitened sandy beaches, blue-eco-friendly seas and also the amazing barrier reefs. Explore the luxurious jungle within the Lobeke character reserve and take full advantage of your holidays going to a few of the surrounding islands. Indulge your day cruise towards the outer islets of Nosy Komba, Nosy Tanikely and Nosy Sakatia take part in a diving adventure within the jewel-like archipelago of Nosy Mitsio or attempt a discovery visit to the remote Radama islands, by having an astonishing wealthy underwater existence. You may still find your personal method of going through the natural miracles of the archipelago far in the tourist centers. You will find many local tour operators located in Nosy Be which organizes trekking, mtb, diving, fishing and cruise ships outings in Nosy Be and also the region around Diego-Suarez:
Nosy Be experiences heavy rain in January, February, and March. In April you may experience some showers and beautiful sunshine in between. From May through to the end of October the weather is typically dry and sunny. The rains begin in November, although in November it tends to rain at night. December can see heavy rains. You see the most panther chameleons in the rainy season, although there are still plenty in the dry season. Look out for the bright green males and the orange females—most often found on the ends of branches of bushes and trees.
Things to do
Nosy Be is an volcanic island that you can find in the northwest part of Madagascar. It's 8 km off-shore from Ankify, in the Mozambique channel. There are several small islands around Nosy Be. The island is a popular destination for tourist because of the white sandy beaches and also because of its wild life. Nosy Be has the world smallest frog and chameleon. It's also a place were you can see Humpback Whales and Whale Sharks.
The island is popular for all the nice beaches, and it's not hard to find you own private beach here. The most famous one is in the north, in Andilana. The sunset is amazing from this place. The most popular place for divers are two small fishing villages, Ambatalouka or Madirokely. There are diving possibilities in the nearby islands or just outside the coastline.
There are domestic flights from Tana to Nosy Be, but it's expensive. From Tana there's also Taxi-bousse (minibus), cheap but very crowded, and takes a lot of time to reach Ankifty -you can count on a 20 hours trip, and you'll have to change bus in Ambanja ato reach Ankify. In Ankify you take a speedboat to Helle-ville, Nosy Be. From Diego there are also taxi-brousse that leaves in the middle of the night and you will arrive in Ankify in the morning.
Nosy Be is more expensive than the rest of Madagascar, but is still cheap. You can find all range of hotels here. Madirokely is a bit more expansive than Ambatalouka.Visit Lokobe Nature Reserve, where you will see lemurs, frogs and chameleons. Charter a boat and visit the samll islands just outside Nosy Be, and on you way out it is possible to see dolphins and sometimes whales. Here there are rum and perfume distilleries.
Each of scenery and wildlife are major points of interest about this island. The ponds really are a vibrant blue colored and created from volcanic craters, showing this area is formed by many people millenia of geological history. The forests are eco-friendly and largely unspoiled. Exotic species for example lemurs and various wild birds get this to island their house.
Nosy Be includes a couple of military and maritime sights to determine. One would be the guns and fortifications remaining in the French colonialists, situated close to the port. Another is really a stone monument in memory of the Russian ship that sank in 1904.
Character Reserve Lokobe is at easy to see from the port and enables site visitors to determine a few of the area's wildlife within their natural habitat. A distinctive sight may be the many trees which are 100 ft or even more high.
Beaches about this island are first-rate. They have plenty of whitened sand and obvious cerulean water, with tall palms. Underwater sights make diving and scuba diving especially nice here. Fishing fans will locate fairly easily charters.
Two other islands are obtainable by a simple boat ride. Nosy Komba has a volcanic crater of the impressive size, greater than 10 miles across. Nosy Mangabe has immeasureable jungle, and among the species you simply might see this is actually the world's littlest chameleon.
Bars and Restaurants
Sea food is really a particular specialty here. Malagasy food features influences from a number of other nations, including Indonesia and also the Arabian nations. Worldwide cuisine is simple to find. Probably the most popular places for sea food may be the Nosy Be Fishing Club. Parfum Vanille also serves sea food while offering a buffet. Worldwide options include Alta Marea and Jungle Village. The Amarina Hotel features a trendy bar for those with fine, contemporary tastes. If a more laidback and beachside bar is more your thing, try the relaxed yet upbeat Nosy Lodge.

A few of the great crafts available here include spices or herbs, fragrances, economical clothing products, wood designs and carvings, and embroidered table linens.
A regular craft market works just over the pier area, and it is easily situated through the whitened cubicles that crafters are placed in. Clothing and T-t shirts may be easily available at Carambole and Maki. If you want to have some artwork, try Tanakoay.

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