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Muscat is close to the tip of the Persian Gulf around the Gulf of Oman around the westernmost area of the Arabian Peninsula. It's within a dry desert area with imposing rocky hillsides and mountainous peaks. Muscat houses about 1/4th of Oman’s population. Muscat is the capital and biggest city within the sprawling country of Oman, taking up the western end from the Arabian Peninsula along with a small unconnected region around the southern side from the straits of Hormuz.
The culture of Oman is exclusive for a couple of reasons. First, the native Omanis fit in with the Ibadhi branch of Islam, which isn't allied with Sunni or Shi'a, and it is therefore not active in the struggle between individuals’ dominant sects. Second, due to its location, the culture from the area continues to be affected through the seafaring local people who established buying and selling posts in East Africa as well as in India over the Arabian Ocean. Visitors should keep in mind that Oman is really a conservative nation, so in religious along with other structures modest dress is anticipated.
Muscat may be the title provided to the little structure and historic center towards the east from the port. It's also the title from the bigger metropolitan area, including the main harbour and old city in Mutrah, the commercial center in Ruwi, the brand new cultural and governmental area surrounding Medinat Qaboos, and Al Azaiba and Seeb close to the airport terminal. The town has lots of small interesting museums covering many regions of interest.
 The lately completed Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is really a sight of stunning beauty and magnificence and also the third biggest in Islam. The brand new Royal Opera House of Muscat opened up this year and it is striving to alter the cultural landscape from the Arabian Peninsula. You will find many lovely beaches in the region around Muscat, some isolated yet others complex. Diving and golf are some of the most widely used activities in the area. You will find several popular natural parks and remote points of interest obtainable during the day site visitors thinking about going through local natural spots.
 Referred to as capital of Oman, Muscat is really a city that’s found on the Arabian Ocean across the Gulf of Oman. The town is really composed of three more compact cities referred to as Muscat, Matrah and Ruwi. More interesting details about the main harbour of Muscat is the fact that it was once ruled through the Ottoman Empire, Portuguese Empire and also the Persians. Because the ocean connects a lot of people together and it is part from the city, Muscat’s title means “safe anchorage.”
Cruise Companies that go to the Muscat port, vacationers will immediately notice awe-inspiring sights from the mountain tops and also the old town that’s facing the pier. Since cruise ships pier around a commercial area, free shuttles are for sale to people in the boat towards the exit gates. Cruise companies that travel interior and exterior the main harbour include Holland America Line, Silversea Cruise ships, Oceania Cruise ships, Azamara Club Cruise ships and much more.

Pier Information
Cruise ships  dock at Port Qaboos, about one and a half miles (nearly two and a half kilometres) from the Old Town. As this is a container port, guests are not allowed to walk within the port area. A shuttle bus operates to the port gate (where taxis are stationed) and also drops off and picks up guests at the entrance to the Muttrah Souq. 

Muscat Architecture
As with many Islamic nations, the mosques in Muscat would be the most striking structures and none is much more impressive compared to Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque that was carried out 2001. The Mosque has 5 minarets representing 5 support beams of knowledge and features a prayer rug that's the 2nd biggest carpet on the planet and required four years to accomplish. The chandelier may be the second biggest on the planet. 20,000 worshipers can attend something in the mosque. Saturdays-Thursdays non-Muslims can click on the Mosque between 830am-11am. The 2nd recent building of architectural significance may be the Royal Opera House of Muscat which opened up in the finish of 2011 and brings a mixture of local and worldwide high culture towards the Sultanate. Your building offers not just opera but performances of ballet and gratifaction art from cultures all over the world. Your building is built-in a luxuriant Omani style and also the grounds include beautiful gardens.
Muscat includes a significant quantity of museums that concentrate on natural history, national culture and Omani and Muscat history. These museums are situated within the Muscat city area as well as in the Ruwi district. One of the most popular would be the Omani Natural History Museum, the nation's Museum of Oman, the kids Museum, the Muscat Gate Museum (above) and Bait Al Zubair. Admission varies from ,5 Omani Rials to two OMRs for grown ups.
Points of interest
Within Greater Muscat you will find numerous fortresses that provide tours such as the Mirani Fort and also the Jaleli Fort that disregard the Royal Structure and also the Gulf of Oman. Probably the most popular museums within the city may be the Sultan's Military Museum within the Riwa district. Outdoors the town you can go to the Nakhal Fortress, smartly situated at the bottom of the mountain tops.
Muscat Beaches
The lengthy rocky shoreline of Oman is damaged frequently with flat sandy areas that invite avid beach bums and sun-enthusiasts. Typically the most popular large beaches within the immediate vicinity of Muscat are Qurum Beach next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel and also the Al Bustan Beach southeast from the port and close to the Al Bustan Structure Hotel. Between Port Qaboos and also the Muscat area may be the Mutrah Corniche, a seaside road that offers parks that are ideal for a day out family picnic. This isn't a sandy beach area, but it's a terrific way to benefit from the beautiful seaside sights.
Natural Sights
The rugged and mountainous terrain from the Muscat region of Oman features a shoreline with impressive coves and rock formations and underwater habitats. Within driving distance from the port are some Wadi plus some impressive caverns with geological and natural miracles. The Al Hoota Cave is really a two hour drive from Muscat, around the southern side of the impressive range that the road follows. The free area of the cave is all about 1 km lengthy and finishes inside a lake that consists of unique blind fishes of numerous species. The verdant Wadi Bani Khalid is really a narrow valley between steep rocky mountain tops about 200 kms southeast of Muscat that provides waterfalls, blue-eco-friendly pools, and palm tree lined shores.
Outdoor Activities
Some of cruise passengers can also enjoy a pleasant game of golf within the Muscat area’s several impressive championship courses such as the Greg Norman designed The Wave course, around the shoreline not not even close to Qurum Beach, and also the recently refurbished Ghala Course, that was formerly a brown (sand) course. Natural terrain of Oman gives itself superbly to courses using its undulating surface.Diving is an extremely popular activity for site visitors. Bandar Khayran Reserve is a well-liked dive location accessible only by boat 40 minutes in the port.
Highlights and Interests at Muscat Port
An excellent destination that’s near the port shuttle drop-off area may be the Mutrah Souq market. This venue is definitely an old Arabian Nights style Arab Market that's a combined retail center and tourist attraction. Take a look at all fascinating fairy-tale like treasures and treats from the market for example items, spices or herbs, incense and lots of other intriguing exotic items. If you’d want to see the mountain tops of Oman, employ a driver during the day and explore the rugged terrains and mysterious coves on the safari adventure. The area is well-known for watching whales. Make sure you’re looking if you are anywhere near the balmy beach here.
The vibrant scene at the Mutrah Souq, Muscat's oldest market, is one of the city's main sources of entertainment. Browse a variety of goods and souvenirs like frankincense or gold and silver jewelry. Or dazzle your friends back home by bringing back a khanjar - the traditional silver dagger of Oman. You're bound to find better prices on items the further into the souq you go, and most of the shops do not have fixed prices, so it's always worth bargaining. Best of luck!

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