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Mindelo is a port city in the northern part of the island of São Vicente in Cape Verde. Located 300 miles (483 km) off the coast of West Africa, the Cape Verde archipelago comprises ten islands and five islets, most of them of volcanic origin. They are divided into the windward and leeward groups and cover an area slightly larger than Rhode Island.
The cultural capital of Cape Verde characterized by sandy beaches and volcanic mountains Mindelo is a port city in Cape Verde , a Portuguese archipelago off the west coast of Africa. Ten volcanic islands and five tiny islets make up Cape Verde and Mindelo is the capital of Sao Vicente Island, characterized by sandy beaches and volcanic mountains.
Considered the cultural capital of Cap Verde, Mindelo is a cosmopolitan city and enjoying a new lease of life as a holiday destination after an industrial past. Currently unspoiled and little-known, Mindelo is a place that invites you simply to kick back and enjoy the laid-back Afro-Portuguese way of life.
Just strolling around this pretty and unimposing port town, relaxing in the local cafes or hanging out on the great beaches are a few of the ‘less is more’ ways to spend your time.

Where You are dock
Cruise ships dock at the port of Mindelo. It is about two miles (3.2 km) to the centre of town. A few taxis may be available at the port gate, 500 yards (455 metres) from the ship. It is recommended to establish the fare with the driver before leaving the port area.
Buses travel limited routes outside of the city. Taxis usually wait outside of the marina (Pont d'Agua) and the open market. Aluguers are common for groups of people wanting to travel to other towns on the island and will usually stop at busy locations in town (the ferry port, for example) and can be flagged down en route.
Mindelo is a great place for nature-lovers: if you want to get out and explore further afield bring your walking boots and discover the surrounding countryside. Other ways to leave the stresses of the world behind are found underwater; the whole Cape Verde archipelago is great for snorkeling and scuba diving, and hiring equipment onsite is easy. The official language is Portuguese, while the national language is Crioulo, a Creole dialect of archaic Portuguese mixed with many African elements and adapted English words.
Mindelo Highlights & Catfish Bay
Discover the highlights of Mindelo during this half-day orientation tour, with a visit to Catfish Bay Beach.
Mindelo City Tour
Depart the pier in a private coach or Jeep for a scenic orientation drive through Mindelo City. Highlights include the Mindelo Cultural Centre, Independence Plaza, Amilcar Cabral Plaza Nova, fruit and vegetable markets, and Colonial monuments.
Coastal Drive
Next, drive along the inner-side of the island en route to Catfish Bay Beach for breathtaking ocean vistas. Your drive continues on to Monte Verde Hill for panoramic views of the island of Boca de Vento Place.
Mindelo's Cultural Center

Discover Cape Verde's culture at Mindelo's Cultural Center, featuring local craft demonstrations and exhibits of island handicrafts such as batiks, pottery, and wall hangings once used in bartering.
Baia das Gatas Baia das Gatas
Framed by a backdrop of stunning mountains, Mindelo's most popular beach resort features a crescent of pristine white sand, tumbling azure waters and a protected lagoon perfect for beach activities.
Torre de Belem Torre de Belem
Built in the 1920s on Mindelo's waterfront, this three-story tower, featuring an observatory and Portuguese Royal symbols, is a replica of Lisbon's famous Belém Tower.
Monte Verde Monte Verde
The highest point on Sao Vicente Island, this mountain, at 2,379 feet, is one of the few green areas on an otherwise desolate volcanic landscape.
Cultural Experiences Cultural Experiences
Visit cafes, guitar makers and CD shops to enjoy the sultry sounds of morna, Cape Verde's internationally known folk music usually sung in Cape Verdean Creole and accompanied by clarinet, violin, guitar and cavaquinho.
Shopping & Catfish Bay Beach
After re-boarding your coach, pass by modern and Colonial-style homes en route to the Amilcar Cabral Plaza Nova. Here, some time is made available to browse for souvenirs. Your last stop is at Catfish Bay Beach for refreshments, a live performance of local traditional music and a 'Carnival' exhibition.
Where to Eat
Cape Verdean specialties include cachupa, a tasty stew of several kinds of beans and meats and fish. Fish soup is also a good choice, as is pastry filled with a mixture of fresh tuna, onions and tomatoes. Mindelo has no lack of good restaurants, many offering Portuguese specialties.
Mindelo has a vibrant nightlife with a lively buzz of music throughout the pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. The distinctive and beautiful Morna music is a trademark of Mindelo and Cape Verde. But one definitely needs someone with local knowledge to help you find your way. Without it you will be wondering where the exotic dancing nights and supposedly nice restaurants can be found. Europeans living in São Vicente can help you get the picture.pe Verdean specialties include cachupa, a tasty stew of several kinds of beans and meats and fish. Fish soup is also a good choice, as is pastry filled with a mixture of fresh tuna, onions and tomatoes. Mindelo has no lack of good restaurants, many offering Portuguese specialties.
Best buys are traditional handicrafts such as pottery, baskets and woven articles. Main shopping areas are found in the town centre. You may want to check out Art Criola and Art Africana for best selections. Most shops close for lunch between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. The local currency is the escudos, but euro notes are currently accepted in all shops, bars and restaurants.

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