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Togo is a narrow country in West Africa, juxtaposed between Ghana around the west and Benin around the east, having a tiny border with Burkina Faso to the north, along with a 56 km stretch shoreline around the Atlantic Ocean in the South.
Lome may be the capital and biggest town of Togo. It is located on the southwest Togo around the Gulf of Guinea, a leg from the Atlantic Ocean. Lome is a well-liked vacation destination. Lome comes with an airport terminal. It would be just another tiny community until 1897, if this grew to become the main city of German Togo. In 1919, Lome came under the French control. Togo acquired independence from France in the mid 20th century. Since that time, Lome has widened its port, built new resorts, and a college. Witness a Voodoo Ceremony or browse within the Fetish Marketplace for mementos and amulets within this intriguing African port.
The German Cathedral, using its created pews and wall works of art, provides a glimpse into Togo's colonial past, just like the Goethe Cultural Center and also the Pasteur Library. Other sights range from the mosque and also the National Museum. The museum shows some fascinating national and historic items, including maps, works of art and photos.
Lome Port is really a major gateway towards the nation of Togo. The little West African country has already established a varied history which has incorporated colonizing by both Spanish people and also the French. Togo likes a hot climate ideal for sightseeing all year long. Site visitors can certainly enter town in the Lome cruise terminal. Taxis will also be fairly simple to find round the city. The state language of Togo is French, which is what you are probably to listen to spoken in public places. Overall, Lome is recognized as a pleasant spot to visit.
Things to See
You will want to go to the National Museum whilst in the Lome the port for call. Make certain you will have a handful of hours to dedicate to the museum, since you will find several things to determine. If you are thinking about the colonial duration of Lome's history, make sure to visit the Pasteur Library and Goethe Cultural Center.
The German Cathedral is really a striking illustration of colonial architecture. It features a similar design to a lot of places of worship present in Germany, and also the artwork reflects its German heritage. It features beautiful wall works of art. Lome also offers a significant mosque that is worth experiencing for its architectural grandeur. It features beautiful whitened stone and a pair of minarets.
Nearby Places
Sanguera is really a small village located at a 45 minute drive north of Lome. The“Voodoo Ceremony" here is not to be missed.
Bars and restaurants
Ethnic cuisine is much sought after in Lome, and you will find several great restaurants whipping up a variety of delectable food. Site visitors who've very little time to dedicate to dining can certainly buy food from street sellers. Large plates of pate or grain could be cheaply bought.
The Galion is a fairly popular Hotel restaurant with a variety of meats and salads. The Marox Grill serves German schnitzels with lots of fries. Alt Munchen is a really smaller German restaurant concentrating in Munich cuisine. If you want to try some French food, go to La Belle Epoque. You will find several restaurants that serve authentic Chinese or Lebanese food.
Lome comes with an energetic bar scene, with several great places to go to. Some much sought after local drinks include Tchouk, a millet beer Sodabe, a powerful grain liquor and Deha, which is a palm wine. 7 Clash and Dekon are a couple of o the largest bars with site visitors and therefore are most likely the most secure to go to later during the night. You may have a variety of beach bars across the popular tourist beaches.
Visit among the two city marketplaces. The shuttle will drop you off here. The 3-story-high Grand Marche may be the original it's full of vibrantly colored materials along with other local products. The first floor has food and spices or herbs, the 2nd floor has various cloths, and also the third floor offers bracelets, Togolese beads and goods imported for local citizens. Additionally, there are fascinating vodun-fetish markets at Akodessewa, just 5 mi/8 km towards the northeast of the middle of Lome. This is when the Ewe "twin cult" figures are available. Do not to begin the negotiating process unless you intend to buy the figurines. 
If you are searching for cloth, it’s around the second floor. The 3rd floor is where you will find beads and native jewelry, including bracelets. This floor also offers a piece of imported items. There is a voodoo-oriented market at Akodessewa, about 5 miles in the Lome cruise port. Typically the most popular products within the voodoo market would be the collectible figurines. Suppliers also sell amazing pouches with amulets for ever-lasting luck or protection.

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