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La Digue cruise port enables cruise visitors to become easily enraptured by the scenic beauty that comprises the Seychelles. Tourists are naturally impressed by the unspoit character of this heady island. Two major centers are situated around the island, La Passe and La Reunion. In the La Digue port for call, people are tendered ashore in the ship. It is simple to walk to any or all points from the island should visitors want to explore the area at their own pace. The only real types of transportation in this rather tiny port are bikes, oxcarts and minivans.
Praslin (La Digue) may be the second biggest island from the Seychelles, laying off the north east belt of Mahé. Initially referred to as a hide-out for pirates and Arab retailers, Lazare Picault named the area “Isle La Palmes” in the 18th century. In 1768 it had been re-named Praslin. Tropical forests and character preserves abound here.
Local Sightseeing
The island's main attraction is its beach, L'Anse Source D'Argent. The shore is sandy, with attractive palms and pink granite rocks covering the shoreline. If you are searching for a place of escape, this is one way to achieve it.
A lot of the island is encircled with a beautiful barrier reef. This can be a sight you will want to see. The easiest method to admire the good thing about the barrier reef would be to perform some scuba diving. The diving teachers will help you find the best diving spots to determine beautiful underwater scenery.
If you want creatures, particularly wild birds, you are set for a unique treat about this island. The Veuve Character Reserve hosts the rare Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher. You can observe these beautiful wild birds residing in their most natural tropical forest habitat.
 You will find several walking and trails, mostly in southeast of the area. Union Estate Park, where a classic plantation house still stands is worth experiencing. You will want to begin to see the tortoises housed here. The encompassing granite big chunks of rock are impressive structures you will want to photograph. Remember Bell Vue, with a truly breathtaking ocean view.
La Digue boasts a range of spectacular beaches, most of which are regularly chosen one of the better on the planet and offering memorable swimming and snorkeling. In each and every niche from the island you're sure to encounter one aquatic creature that will blow you away. And make your trip unforgettable.
Seychelles has the world's most idyllic beaches including the very attractive Cote d'Or Beach, probably the most beautiful beaches within the Seychelles and also the world.
Coco Island Scuba diving Adventure
Uncover a good amount of different and colorful marine existence throughout this memorable scuba diving adventure at Coco Island.
Depart the Praslin Jetty via catamaran and proceed for any cruise to Coco Island. Even though this island is basically a little granite outcrop featuring a couple of lush palms, its real treasure is based in its unspoilt beauty. Frequently in comparison to some living aquarium, Coco Island pulls in innumerable underwater species that rise towards the surface to give a distinctive underwater paradise.
La Digue Highlights
Experience that old World beauty and charm from the Seychelles throughout a much popular and enjoyable tour of the attractive La Digue.
Depart the Praslin Jetty using a local ferry for that crossing to La Digue, among the loveliest islands within the Seychelles, for any scenic tour of the idyllic paradise. Throughout the scenic drive from La Passe Harbor to L'Union Estate. Upon arrival at L'Union Estate, you will notice that old Creole house and coconut factory act as a distinct indication of existence around the island.
Next, you'll proceed for a trip to La Digue's beaches. The island's beaches are regarded as among the best on the planet, especially Anse Source D'Argent a bather's paradise and photographer's dream come alive. For centuries, the soft whitened sands and dramatic granite big chunks of rock have enchanted visitors towards the island. Throughout your visit, you might catch a peek at La Digue's paradise flycatcher, a bird having a distinctive black plumage.
Embrace the exquisite great thing about the Vallee La Mai Character Reserve throughout a scenic and memorable character walk inside our planet Heritage Site. Depart the pier for that drive towards the Vallee p Mai Character Reserve. Upon arrival, you'll commence your led walking tour.
En route, visitors will notice tropical plant life and lots of types of rare, endemic palms which include the initial double coconut, or coco La mer, which bears the biggest nut within the plant kingdom. This idyllic paradise can also be the place to find the rare black parrot, which eats the reserve's abundant fruit.
Bars and Restaurants
La Digue has good quality and variety of restaurants. They are all located fairly near to the La Digue cruise port. The Veuve Restaurant is an expert in Creole cuisine using fresh local produce. A breakfast buffet is offered every morning, and worldwide menu choices can be found. The Swimming Pool Restaurant features fresh seafood caught from the coast. For pizza or pasta, don’t look beyond Pizzeria at Gregoire's. Hotel bars are typically the most popular places to consume. You may also go to the Casino Fun Park or Tarosa for drinks and entertainment.
The majority of the La Digue stores close to the La Digue cruise terminal are dedicated to bicycle and ox trolley rental fees. You will find several suppliers selling souvenir products in the docks. While you go through the area, you will find fresh produce stalls. This is an excellent method to sample fresh and juicy local fruit and veggies.
Several tiny stores are located through the island, supplying a limited choice of general merchandise. There's a famous supermarket known as Gregoire's, which offers food plus some other kinds of merchandise.

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