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Cairo is an old-fashioned window to the ancient world that is just awaiting your arrival to touch its land of treasures. Egypt is really a title that defines ancient history. Among the richest ancient countries with a fascinating civilization to boast of, Egypt is the perfect mystical paradise. The Egyptians supported Kittum/Misharum, which represents truth, order, and justice. When you set foot on Egypt’s golden sands, be prepared to get transported into the intriguing world of gods and Pharaohs.
Cairo, the main city of Egypt, is definitely alive and well. It's a massive cosmopolitan city in which the past and also the present exist together in perfect harmony. Purchase a mocha or latte in the local café and study the monuments which have represented 1000's of years. A town that lots of rulers once known as house is now a land of person empires.
With ideas of Egypt, pyramids always spring to mind. These massive structures are extremely geometric works of art. A short thirty-minute cab ride from the middle of the town will give you towards the home of the largest pyramids of Giza.
Here dwells the truly amazing Sphinx that is the 2nd flag of Egypt. Notice how his mind is substantially more compact compared to trunk of his body. Because of this , why a lot of historians think that the Sphinx once transported a mind diverse from the one which sits there now. Uncover the way the face isn't as time-worn because the relaxation from the body, and discover why experts think it might have been initially made with the mind of the lion. Egypt is a really unique window into the travel world. Visitors can pretend they are a god-king or even the elegant Nefertiti while walking across the River Earth.
Docking & Local Transportation
The cruise ship will pier in the Suez Canal Authority situated in Port Stated, Egypt. There's very little to determine here, so it's better to accept additional time to go to Cairo. It is extremely simple to receive from here to Cairo, along with a bus comes every half an hour to move you to definitely the wonderful city.
Buses are a good and efficient method to travel between metropolitan areas in Egypt. Probably the most accommodating and comfy services may be the Super Jet. This line runs every 30 minutes and may get you to Alexandria, the Earth Valley, the Red-colored Ocean, the Sinai Peninsula, and also the Suez Canal metropolitan areas.
Local Interests
Everybody always really wants to begin to see the pyramids, but it’s not all that Egypt offers. Essential visit now has wrinkles Cairo. Listed here are situated some of the most beautiful places of worship, mosques and palaces! The Hanging Chapel was initially built-in the ninth century over a Roman fortress. See the works of art of saints, the marble pulpit and also the sanctuaries contained inside. If you value to go to places of worship, which one is undoubtedly probably the most impressive Egypt needs to offer.
Can't get an adequate amount of Egyptian items? You have not seen anything before you go to the Egyptian Antiquities Museum. Here lies the finest assortment of items from Egypt in the whole world. Impossible to count all of them, since you will find a remarkable a hundred thousand pieces. Anticipate selecting what you would like to determine since it is impossible to determine everything.
St. David Building is discovered within the 1880s with a Welshman now holds Stephenson's Pharmacy and also the Anglo-Egyptian Book shop. Benefit from the fortress-like roofline and also the many Welsh symbols that abound. Be sure to look lower in the ground since your ft is going to be touching the initial floor. The pharmacy still offers the quality recipes for those remedies utilized in the traditional world.
One further quick helpful tip would be to make certain you place the Citadel towards the top of your listing of places to visit. It lies on the top from the Muquattam hillsides and it is protective fortress walls contain the most wonderful mosques and palaces you will notice in Egypt.
Best Attractions & Activities
With all of the things to do and see in a city, deciding how to spend your time can be quite an agonizing decision. 10best has narrowed all of the available attractions in Cairo to a list of the most appealing and reputable, to aide in your decision making. You can rest easy knowing that any choice you make from our list is sure to please.
Souq Al Gamal
Sandy, crowded and exploding with the hubbub of profit-crazed commerce, this Friday morning market is a unique experience. Though more of a cultural experience than a shopping one, the streets are packed with almost everything ranging from shoes to fish to computer parts. But be warned, this is one of the only places in Cairo to be concerned about pick pockets, and women should dress conservatively.
Borsa Cafés
No cars are allowed on the little streets around the Borsa (Stock Exchange), making it one of the few open-air parts of Cairo that is actually quiet. Thus the Borsa is a great area for observing -- and joining in with -- everyday Cairo life. Traditional Egyptian coffeehouses abound, full of people happy to chat, and you'll find no shortage of crack backgammon players ready to take you on.
Islamic Cairo
The influence of Islam on Cairo is all-pervasive. World-famous mosques such as Al Azhar, Ibn Tulun and the Mosque of Hussein are here, and the religion's cultural and artistic beauty has enriched the city for centuries. The delight is that its ancient, narrow streets mean that Islamic Cairo has to be explored on foot, an experience that engages all the senses and takes you back in time. There is free entry into the open area of most area mosques.
Khan El Khalili
This medieval bazaar is arguably the most famous in the Arab world. Home to hundreds of shops offering myriad trinkets and objects, it can be a tourist trap for the unsuspecting, but once you've sharpened your bargaining skills, you can walk away with fantastic deals. For a mid-shop pit stop, head to Al Fishawy, one of the oldest cafés on the planet. Hours vary for individual stalls.
Al Azhar Park
From a humble start as a trash dump, this park in the east of Islamic Cairo has blossomed and is today filled with lush green hills and vast spaces. Cairo can undoubtedly be exhausting, but here you can enjoy some fresh air and relax at the beautiful restaurants and cafés inside the park. Summer brings the promise of musical performances. ((02) 510 3868, (02) 510 7378)
Saladin Citadel and the Muhammad Ali Mosque
For over 700 years, Egypt's rulers were housed in the Citadel, a vast area built by Saladin in the 12th century. Its walls encompass many wonderful buildings, chief among which is the 19th-century Muhammad Ali Mosque, a repository of the finest Islamic art. Please note that all visitors to Islamic religious buildings should remove their shoes and women should wear a scarf to cover their head and shoulders.
Museum of Egyptian Antiquities
Current resting place of Tutankhamen's treasure, this is the place to visit for reveling in the art and artifacts of Egypt's ancient past. Over 100,000 items are on display and anyone who doesn't have a major qualification in Egyptology is advised to take advantage of a guided tour. Even then, you'll have to cherry pick as there's too much to see here in one day, one week or even one year.
The Egyptian Museum
The absolutely staggering collection of antiquities displayed in Cairo's Egyptian Museum makes it one of the world's great museums. You would need a lifetime to see everything on show. The museum was founded in 1857 by French Egyptologist August Mariette and moved to its current home - in the distinctive powder-pink mansion in Downtown Cairo - in 1897. Yes, the collection is poorly labeled and not well set out due to limits of space (and only a fraction of its total holdings are actually on display), but you still can't help being impressed by the sheer majesty of the exhibits.
If you're pressed for time, make a beeline straight for the Tutankhamun Galleries. The treasures displayed here were all found in the tomb of Tutankhamun; son-in-law and successor of Amenophis IV (later Akhenaten), who died at the age of 18. The tomb, discovered by Howard Carter in the Valley of the Kings in 1922, contained the largest and richest assemblage of grave goods ever found intact in an Egyptian tomb. Highlights include Tutankhamun's death mask and sarcophagi (Room 3), the pharaoh's lion throne (Room 35) and his fascinating wardrobe collection (Room 9). Afterwards, don't miss a wander through the Egyptian Jewellery collection (Room 4), which contains more bling than you'll ever see again in one lifetime, and finish off by viewing the Royal Mummies Collection (Room 56 & 46) where you can say hello to Hatshepsut, Tuthmosis II, Ramses II, and Seti I in person.
The Egyptian Museum sits right beside Midan Tahrir, the central square of Downtown Cairo. The easiest way to arrive here is to take the Cairo Metro to Sadat station (on Midan Tahrir) and follow the exit signs to the museum. Location: Midan al-Tahrir, Downtown
Felucca Boat
A must-try experience for any visitor to Cairo, feluccas line the banks of the Nile. You can get a private boat or jump aboard one that is about to leave. The ride usually lasts about an hour and takes you into the heart of the river, for a picnic, maybe, or a private party; the fact that the boatman does all the work is further cause for rejoicing.
Cairo Tower
This 187m-high TV tower marks the highest point in the city. Completed in 1961, the history of its original funding excites lurid conspiracy theories compared to which the assassination of JFK is an open-and-shut case (it's likely that the CIA paid for it to keep Nasser sweet). Leave that to the obsessives; the snaps you capture up here will enliven any 'what we did on vacation' picture show.
Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx
The Pyramids of Giza are among the wonders of the world, the wonder being why and how the ancient Egyptians managed to build them. The provenance of the massive human-head-on-a-lion's-body that we call the Sphinx is equally mysterious. Possibly sculpted from a hunk of spare limestone, it is believed to have been some sort of guardian of the Pharaohs' tombs. We've heard of beware of the dog ... A limited supply of tickets to actually enter the great pyramids are available in the morning at 9am and in the afternoon at 1pm. (+20 2 383 8823)
Many fine restaurants have been in Cairo, in addition to various kinds of cuisine that you could choose to fit your mood. Egyptians, by character, eat dinner and lunch quite late, but it's not necessary to. Dress is casual but neat, and bookings aren't always necessary. A great Middle Eastern restaurant having a great atmosphere, making to resemble a stone mansion, is Papillon. It will get quite crowded, so a reservation is certainly advised. If Italian meals are your fancy, there's a very tasty joint through the title of Spaghetteria. Participate in around the fun here and make your personal dish with lots of sauces along with other elements to set up it. An exciting-you-can-eat establishment, make certain to build your appetite along with your inventiveness.
Felfela (no website; 15 Sharia Hoda Shaarawi Street; 011-20-2-2392-2833) is more casual, with vegetable soup, kebab and falafels; you can even get take-away around the corner from the main restaurant. (See Resource 3) Similarly, Abou Shakra (no website; 69 Sharia Qasr al-Ainy Garden City, Cairo; 011-20-2-531-6111) is a comfy restaurant dishing out mouth-watering skewers and sandwiches, with take-out available
Upscale dining If you don't mind emptying your wallet for an elegant night out, Cairo has restaurants with food worth making a reservation at the Moghul Room (Mena House Oberoi Hotel, Shar'a al-Haram, Giza, Cairo; 011-20-2-3377-3222) in Giza, a room of historic elegance that treats diners to Indian cuisine, including tandoori marinated in yogurt, masala and fried milk balls called gulab jamun for dessert. For Italian fare, La Trattoria ( 13 El Maraashly St., Zamalek, Cairo; 011-20-2-735-0470) is both simple and refined, serving spaghetti carbonara and other recognizable dishes. Omar Sharif both owns and dines at this restaurant,  If you want to dine at the trendy French and Mediterranean restaurant La Bodega (labodegaegypt.com) -- one of the tastiest places to spot Cairo's elite -- call ahead for a reservation.
Night life and Entertainment
Cairo comes alive during the night. An enjoyable spot to go where one can hear Arabic music together with live performances may be the Al-Ghuri Structure. You'll be moved by its setting while you enter this medieval mansion! What's Egypt with no little belly dancing? If you want to remain up very late and just like a risqué atmosphere too, then Alhambra is where for you personally. Casinos are open through the night and also have all of the games you realized. Especially popular may be the Omar Khayyam situated within the Cairo Marriott.
The Humanities
An attractive place that's consistently visited by superb artists may be the Opera House. It features excellent western in addition to traditional Arab orchestras. Modern Egyptian artists showcase their works of art in the Mashrabia Gallery.
The very best places for exclusive Egyptian shopping are in the very first Residence shopping mall in Giza. If you're searching for antiques and memorabilia, then browse the auction houses and antique shops. Osiris particularly is the site to visit.
Egypt Craft Center (8-27 Yehia Ibrahim St., Zamalek, Cairo; tel. 02/27365123): Here you have low-hassle access to a range of folk crafts from around Egypt. This is a particularly good place to pick up pottery from the Fayum or handmade scarves from Upper Egypt. Proceeds go to support community development nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

Khan al Khalili (Cairo): This centuries-old souk in the heart of old Cairo is a must for anyone who has the shopping bug or just wants to experience the real hustle and bustle of an Arab city. Take cash, and be prepared to haggle. This is the best place in town to buy novelty T-shirts, souvenirs with your name printed in hieroglyphics, and those little bottles of colored sand that have pictures of camels in them.

Khan Msr Toulon (Tulun Bey Street, Cairo; tel. 02/33652227): This French-run store, located just across the street from the mosque of the same name (but spelled differently), has a not-at-all-surprising sense of style. Shelves are stuffed with interesting handicrafts, furniture, and glassware from Cairo and beyond.
Nomad (14 Saraya Al Gezira, Cairo; tel. 02/27361917): Check out the main branch of this store for a great selection of handicrafts from all over Egypt, including hand-woven Bedouin blankets, silver jewelry, and embroidered pillow slips. Prices are fixed, and staff are friendly and helpful.
Siwa Souk: For an end-of-the-world shopping experience, the central square in Siwa is hard to beat. It wasn't long ago that all the goods brought here were bartered for in this marketplace, and many of the locally made handicrafts on sale here are impossible to find anywhere else.
Souk el Fustat (Cairo): This is a little shopping mall just outside the northern entrance to Coptic Cairo that's aimed squarely at the discerning foreign buyer. Check out the beautiful handmade copies of Mamluke and Fatimid lamps sold here by Hassan and Mohamed.

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