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Cruisetrend helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
Why Should My Travel Agency join this service?
CruiseTrend gives CLIA, ACTA, IATA, AFTA, ASATA, WATA ect. certified Cruise or Travel Agents have the opportunity to provide Free quotes on specific cruises to thousands of experienced, sophisticated cruise passengers who have already done their homework: Savy Cruise Passengers know exactly what they wish to book. CruiseTrend allows you to reach these buyers with your pricing information while investing a minimal amount of staff time. The benefits include:
  • CruiseTrend will bring to you first local clients in your Country or state. (Our members get to see your cruise deals in their news page)
  • More leads at a lower cost (You can advertise cruise deals as low as $1 dollar for a day!)
    Higher quality leads (informed buyers, complete information)
  • You decide which quote requests to respond to Cruise deals you can add add your website link and forward leads to expose more deals.
  • You control volume, costs, and timing
  • Maximize use of agent time
  • Improve your volume on key cruise lines
  • Increased overall agency profitability
Ad Policies
Build and maintain the feeling of trust & quality with Cruise Critic site visitors. CruiseTrend.com may restrict certain industries or clients from advertising on the site
  • No competitive advertisers allowed
  • No "Misleading" Ads
  • No "Gambling" Ads
  • No "Lead Generation" Ads
  • No "Automatic Downloads" Ads
  • No "Sexually Explicit" Ads
  • No Mimicking the Site's Ads (Look and Feel)
  • No use of CruiseTrend Logo within Ads.
  • No Direct solicitation of agents/personnel
  • No "Contest" Ads
  • Brand Awareness surveys are not permitted on CruiseTrend - no exceptions.
Don't let the Internet take your agency out of the picture. Use it to capture that portion of the market that is ready to buy right now--at the right price.
Will joining CruiseTrend hurt my agency's margins?
Joining CruiseTrend need have no effect on the deals your agency offers to your existing customers. According to our research, most cruise buyers already get quotes from multiple agencies before booking a cruise. While CruiseTrend makes shopping around easier, the overall dynamic isn't changed. As you're already competing for business and winning, your current structure may be just fine for success through the system. This is especially true if you respond to requests quickly and add comments useful to the customer. With the savings you get in agent time, cash flow, and advertising costs through CruiseTrend, your margins may improve even though you have to compete for the business. But even if you choose to offer special packages to CruiseTrend customers, that doesn't mean you have to change how you work with your regular customers. Customers you quote through CruiseTrend are instructed that they must contact the specific agent who submitted the quote and mention their specific CruiseTrend Quote Request ID number to get the deal offered through the system. This makes it easy to differentiate the lead source, and allows you to vary what you offer to maximize revenue without compromising existing margins. As consumers using the CruiseTrend system can be confident that they have been offered a great cruise deal, they are very likely to book with a CruiseTrend agent. Join us, and that agency can be you. What information is available about each quote request?
Each time a cruiser requests a quote you will be able to view:
  • Requested line, ship, sail date, number of cabins, and cabin types; plus passenger age categories, past passenger status, and passenger home state
  • Time and date of the request
  • The number of quotes submitted by other Agencies In addition, if a sufficient amount of time has elapsed since the first response to the quote request, you will also be able to view the lowest rate previously submitted.
Can I post special offers?
Yes. You can post up to 10 offers an unlimited number of specials to be promoted via our web site and newsletter at no charge for posting. If a user requests pricing on your special, only your agents from your agency will be able to quote.
What does the service cost?
Joining CruiseTrend is FREE, to Post a cruise deals is FREE!... You can promote many cruise deals to choose from. Such as Budget or Luxury Cruise Lines, Life Style Such as (Singles, Couples, Seniors, Gay-Lesbian or Group Cruises), Holidays (New Year, Christmas), Destinations (Alaska, Panama, Caribbean, Hawaii or Panama) and type of theme cruises (Halloween, Poker, Harley Davidson, Star Wars or Bridge players cruise). You can post up to 10 individual cruise deals FREE. Include with your agency contact information. Your Travel agency can create individual user accounts for each travel agent. Note: If you like to promote your cruise deals on our Home page, as a NEWS FEED or sponsor banner adds Ports or Cruise Line pages. You may contact us directly using contact form or email directly support@cruisetrend.com
How do I respond to quote requests?
To respond to a specific request, you simply enter pricing information for the particular cruise trip, including the total cruise fare with all port charges, fuel surcharges, taxes, documentation and agency fees. You may also make and include your own comments, suggestions and recommendations. Then you simply click on "submit". You can promote just selling Travel insurance, Pre post cruise Hotel packages, transfers from or to cruise port to Airport.
How do cruisers respond?
Cruise Travelers Can see deals either on Home page, https://cruisetrend.com/deals/ page One click takes them back to your personal page or link to Travel agent page . It is then up to the client to decide which agent or agents to contact. You can specify whether you wish to be contacted via phone or e-mail. It is up the individual cruiser to contact you directly.
How do I get started or learn more?
To join, please review our Seller Terms & Conditions then complete and return the Seller Membership Agreement. Travel agencies can Contact Us with questions or to request a demo login to view the agent interface.