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Mano Maritime was founded by the Israeli entrepreneur Moshe Mano, and is a subsidiary of the Mano Holdings Group. It engages in a wide range of shipping activities, including various types of cargo ships, passengers ships and other services. Mano Maritime ranks among Dun’s top 100 companies in Israel.

Moshe Mano’s father Mordechai immigrated to Israel in the 1930s along with a group of pioneers who built the Port of Haifa.[citation needed] Abba Hushi, then chairman of the Haifa Workers Council, traveled to Thessaloniki with the aim of motivating Jewish workers to immigrate to he Holy Land. Among the 100 households that agreed to take the step were members of the Mano family, including Moshe Mano’s father- Mordehai Mano, who was then nine years old. Mordehai was pioneer in the Israeli Shipping already since the 1940s and was well known shipping professional in Israel and worldwide. His son, Moshe Mano was born in 1955 in Haifa, and was raised and educated in the world of shipping. While in his thirties he fulfilled his father’s dream of establishing a shipping company bearing his name – Mano Maritime. Mano Maritime became an independent company, active both in cruise and cargo shipping. Over the years the company further diversified its activities as part of the Mano Holdings Group. Mano Group also focuses on real estate, hotels, technology and other areas of activity.

Mano Maritime operates a fleet of cruise liners, including the “Golden Iris” and the “Royal Iris”. Its ships, planned from the start as floating hotels, function as recreation centers throughout the cruise. Each of Mano Maritime’s cruise liners features a spa, a fitness center, sunbathing decks, tax free shops, a hairdressing salon, a dining room, bars, clubs, a casino and a swimming pool. During the cruise season in Israel, which usually lasts from March through November, Mano Maritime operates vacation cruises along the coasts of the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and Europe. Among its destinations are: Venice, Kotor, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Santorini, Palermo, Nice, Dubrovnik, Rhodes, Crete, Larnaca etc. At all its cruise ships’ destinations, Mano Maritime organizes professional tours to touristic attractions.

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